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"This... Your subordinate doesn't know why the Duke of Qin let you go so easily either! " Since ancient times, he had accompanied Jun Wu Yi like a tiger. Chen Hui Emperor must have suspected something when he asked him this question. Without a good explanation, the Emperor would never let him off the hook.

"Humph!" Chen Huidi snorted, his narrowed eyes unable to block the cold light coming from within. "Don't know? Did the Duke of Qin already bribe you to let you come back and be a spy? "

Hearing this, the guard panicked. He kowtowed on the ground and explained, "I dare not. Even if I were given ten guts, I would not dare to betray the king or Chenguo." Plop plop plop! The sound could be clearly heard in the hall. Not long after, the marble floor was dyed red with blood.

Emperor Chen Huidi, who was sitting on the throne, looked at the people kneeling in the hall with cold eyes. After being silent for a moment, he waved his hand and said, "Enough, stop kowtowing." Looking at the dark guard whose face was covered in blood, his frown disappeared for a moment. His voice was not as cold as before, but it had a hint of gentleness to it, "I believe that you will not betray the Kingdom of Chen. You have followed me for so long, so the few of you still understand your true nature."

Hearing this, the shadow guard's body trembled and said in fear, "Your subordinate is absolutely loyal to the emperor."

ChenHui Emperor nodded his head. He took out a handkerchief and handed it to the dark guard. "Wipe it!"

The guard trembled in fear and replied, "Your subordinate would not dare."

"This is an order."

"Yes sir!" The guard took the handkerchief carefully and wiped the blood off his forehead silently. He felt touched.

"Puchi!" It was the sound of a sharp blade piercing through flesh.

The dark guard held the handkerchief tightly in his hand and held the tip of the sword protruding from his chest. The pain on his body caused his face to twist a little. He turned his head with great difficulty and said in disbelief, "Your majesty, why, why?"

ChenHui Emperor smiled icily as a sinister light flashed across his eyes. He snorted coldly, "There's no doubt about it. No doubt about it. Whether or not you have been bribed by the Duke of Qin, he will not let you live." As he spoke, he drew back the sword in his hand. He frowned in disgust as he looked at the bloody ground.

He should not have come back, and he should not have believed in his own master. Everyone in the world knew that a king was lacking in emotion, and his mistake was that he trusted his master too much, and ended up like this.

With a plop, it was the sound of a corpse falling to the ground. Before it died, the shadow guard's eyes were all wide open, unable to rest in peace.

"Men, drag him out." ChenHui Di said expressionlessly, as if what fell in front of him was not a person, but air.

The side hall of the Jing Fu Palace ? "What? You mean all the people you sent out are dead? " Jieyue had a look of disbelief on his face.

"That's right. The Duke of Qin had already expected us to take action, so he made ample preparations to wait for us." One of Shen Yue's trusted subordinates, Shang Ji, reported back expressionlessly.

Ji Yue sat in a daze on the chair, unable to recover from the shock. How was this possible? The people that royal father had sent were first-rate experts, even if that Yun Weiyang had made preparations, he would not have lost all his troops! Thinking about the bet at noon tomorrow, she lost all her self-control. Could it be that she had to obediently wash her head and give it to Yun Weiyang to slaughter? No, she didn't!

Xi Yue rubbed her temples with a headache, and said in a weak voice, "Shang Ji, what do you think we should do now? Do you want me to just watch Yun Weiyang act arrogantly in front of me while we don't resist at all? "

Shang, who was standing below, did not react at all when he heard the question. After a moment of silence, he asked, "What do you think we should do, Princess?"

Jiyue impatiently stood up from her chair, walked around the hall, and finally stopped in front of Shang. She impatiently said, "I don't know what to do, even the people my father sent have been taken care of."

Shang looked at Moon, who seemed to be in a hurry as if someone had set a fire behind her. His lips curled up into an almost unnoticeable sneer as he rolled his eyes and asked, "Princess, what are your motives?"

Jia Yue stopped in her tracks, raised her eyebrows and looked at Shang, asking curiously, "What do you mean?"

Shang Duo smiled faintly, "It will definitely be unrealistic to send people to assassinate the Duke of Qin's household. Forget about Yun Weiyang, even the Duke of Qin's trial will not be enough."

"What do you mean?"

Shang's lips curled up into a sly smile, and said faintly: "The princess' goal is to stop Yun Weiyang from going up to the arena, so as long as we can set up a barrier, wouldn't that be enough?"

Princess Chenyue's eyes lit up when she heard this. She clapped her hands and looked at Shang with glee, praising, "That's right, why didn't I think of this?" As she spoke, she changed from her earlier depressed state to happy. "I shall leave this matter to you, Shang."

Shang saluted with both hands and said respectfully, "As you command."

The night was silent and without wind, just like the beautiful face covered by a veil. There was a little more mystery, a little more serenity, and a ray of clear moonlight.

The night was like a cold fog that permeated the room, and it fell drop by drop like drops onto the heart. Outside the hall, the insects were chirping together, and countless of fireflies were dancing in the trees. Dongfang Zi Zhao quietly listened to the reports from his subordinates, and even after they were done, he still looked out the window at the night, and did not make a sound for a long time.

"Master, it seems like this subordinate should take the opportunity to solve the problem, it isn't a good idea to keep circling around like this." The eyes of the masked man in black were filled with impatience.

Hearing this, Dongfang Zichao turned around, and the faint moonlight shone on his black clothing, reflecting a warm afterglow, just like the Moon God. It was gentle and cold, elegant and noble, and his golden eyes no longer had the gentleness and alienation from before, but were undisguised cold. Looking at the man in black standing next to him, the corner of his mouth raised into a bewitching smile, and he gently said: "What are you anxious about, people, the higher you fall, the harder you fall, I am not anxious, what are you in a hurry for?"

The man in black scratched his head and said helplessly, "I am not in a hurry either. I am just afraid that there might be something wrong with that 'Invitation Month'."

Dong Fang Zhirong turned around again, his gaze still on the crescent moon in the night sky. The corners of his lips curled slightly as he revealed a mocking smile. "A grasshopper is after all a grasshopper, it won't be long before they spring up again." With that, he smiled at the man in black and said gently, "I've let you down, but you have to stay in front of Invitation Moon."

"I can't say I'm wronged!" The man in black answered truthfully.

"You can come back to me when this is over." Dongfang Zichao said lightly.

"Yes sir!" The black clothed man's face lit up as he hastily replied.

Yun Weiyang looked at the message in her hands, a thick smile appearing on her face. She passed the slip of paper to Feng Xue Han, and said in amusement: "Han, take a look."

Hearing this, Feng Xue Han took the paper slip and glanced at the message on it, saying sarcastically: "A clown won't be able to make it to the stage after all."

Yun Weiyang laid back down on the bed with both her hands tightly wrapped around Feng Xuehan's waist, and took a deep breath of the faint plum fragrance that was being emitted from Feng Xuehan's body. Yun Weiyang had a face full of satisfaction, and said with a faint smile: "Since that Xi Yue wants to play, then we will accompany her to the end."

Feng Xue Han clenched his fists tightly, and pulled Yun Weiyang into a more comfortable position. His voice became less ice-cold, and also more gentle, "The news has already spread out, tomorrow will definitely be very lively!"

The next day ? ? After breakfast, Yun Weiyang was adjusting her stance with the crossbow. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Ina hurrying over. With a smirk, she said: "Did Yue Ying make a move?"

Ina was stunned: "Master, you have god-like foresight!"

Yun Weiyang gave the crossbow in her hand to Thousand Shadows, saying: "Try it, you can shoot seven arrows in a row."

Thousand Shadows took the crossbow and shot an arrow at a target not too far away. Just as the arrow shot out, Thousand Shadows was pushed back two steps by the backlash and he did not know where the arrow went. Thousand Shadows played with the crossbow in his hand and said unwillingly, "I think it's very easy for Xuan Ge to use it. Why is it not easy for me?"

At this moment, Xuan Ge walked over and took the crossbow from Thousand Shadows. "This item requires the strength of your arms and wrists. It looks simple, but it's actually very difficult."

Yun Weiyang gave them a modified version of the crossbow, and although it was impossible to produce a handgun in the ancient times, she clearly understood the structure of the crossbow, the first thing she did was to give it to Xuan Ge.

Yun Weiyang looked at the crossbow in the middle of the singer, and narrowed her eyes, saying in a deep voice: "Do not let this thing fall into the hands of others, if you really can't protect it, then it will be destroyed, do you understand?" If the enemy were to know of the production process, then there would be endless troubles in the future.

"Yes, this subordinate understands!"

At this time, Lu Zizheng sloppily walked over with a blade of grass in her mouth. Taking the crossbow from the Mysterious Singer, she turned on the light switch and shot an arrow at the target in the distance. After the arrow was shot out, it accurately nailed itself at the center of the target. Surprise flashed across Lu Zizheng's eyes. He looked back and forth at the crossbow in his hand and praised, "This thing is really useful." Saying that, he looked at Yun Weiyang and asked: "Master, can you give me one as well?"

With a faint smile in his eyes, Yun Weiyang nodded and said: "Okay, no problem."

"Master, and me!" Bi Xian suddenly said.

"Oh my god! Where did you come from? Can you not scare people in broad daylight?!" Lu Zizheng rubbed his thumping chest as he complained: "I say, can you make some moves next time you come out!"

Bi Xian did not even look at Lu Ziguang who was currently clamoring. His eyes stared straight at the crossbow in Lu Ziguang's hand, then he turned to look at Yun Weiyang and said: "Master, I want one too!"

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