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"Puchi!" Thousand Shadows couldn't help but burst out laughing. This usually cold and unbecoming Bi Xian was now asking for a candy from his master. A faint feeling of grievance appeared on his carving-cold face, causing one to be unable to restrain their laughter.

She discovered that ever since Bi Xian found her big brother, he had become more and more human, unlike in the past, he was just a machine. To be able to become like this, it was very good, Yun Weiyang did not wish for the people around her to live without a trace of flavour.

"Bi Xian, you're really too cunning!" Without waiting for Yun Weiyang to speak, a voice came from afar, like a bolt of lightning striking down from the clear sky, causing everyone to be stunned for a moment.

Without waiting for everyone to see the newcomer, he only saw a gust of wind that blew past the courtyard, and the person who came was none other than Yu Ze, who belonged to the Dragon Tiger Hall. He first bowed towards Yun Weiyang, then angrily glared at Bi Xian, and saw the latter's calm and indifferent expression, as if nothing had happened. The anger on his chest suddenly shot up, and he said angrily: "Bi Xian, you are really too ungrateful, you lost your shadow halfway through the training! So many people, you want me to die from exhaustion!"

Bi Xian lazily leaned against the pillar. His eyelids slightly raised as he said carelessly, "I admit defeat."

"You ?" Yu Ze tightly clenched his fists. He wanted nothing more than to smash Bi Xian's wooden face into pieces. However, he also knew one thing. If he really did that, then his fate would be even worse.

Yun Weiyang rubbed her temples with a headache, these hall masters who were usually in high spirits usually fought like kids, but when she saw that the two of them were about to continue arguing, she quickly stopped them and laughed: "Okay, this matter ends here."

Yun Weiyang did not say anything, but the moment she said those words, Yu Ze's formation immediately aimed at her, his pair of bright eyes lightly blinking twice. Yun Weiyang watched with trepidation, because she had a bad premonition.

Sure enough, Yu Ze blinked and pouted. He said with grievance, "Master, you're too biased. Why do they all have bows and crossbows? I'm the only one who doesn't."

The corner of Yun Weiyang's mouth twitched a few times. How could she not know that the usually calm Yu Ze would act like a child and act like a spoiled child?

Bi Xiuying, who had been leaning against the pillar without speaking, raised his eyebrows and said coldly, "Yuze, first come first serve."

"Tch!" Yu Ze's mouth twitched as he said with dissatisfaction, "Who's the first to come with you? You're the first to win."

"Is that so?" He straightened his back and sneered, "Then you can snatch it from me and see who's the winner."

Only now did Thousand Shadows realize that something wasn't right. It seemed like these people were here to snatch something from her. Angry, she angrily scolded, "I say that you two men are not ashamed to steal from a girl's house. That crossbow is mine."

"Let's fight first and win first." Yu Ze challenged without fear of death.

Thousand Shadow raised his sleeves and joined the camp. He thought to himself: Okay, you people are trying to steal something from me. If I don't show you a little bit of strength, you'll think I'm easy to bully!

Ina and Xuan Ge stood to the side, helpless. If these people were crazy, then they wouldn't rest until the sky was pierced through, especially since there was Lu Zizheng among the bickering.

Sitting on the courtyard's corridor, Yun Weiyang could only feel an even greater headache coming on. Seeing that the ruckus would continue without end, Yun Weiyang's face sank as he coughed unhappily.

If one were to say that they were able to suppress these people, other than Feng Xue Han, only Yun Weiyang would be able to suppress them. Seeing that their master was unhappy, everyone obediently stood to the side, not daring to even breathe.

Yun Weiyang laughed in her heart, but her expression was serious. She looked at the people in front of her and said unhappily: "If you want to go back and cause a ruckus, then those who know will think this is the Duke of Qin's residence. Those who don't know will think this is a market!"

When everyone heard this, their heads drooped even lower.

Ina and Xuan Ge looked at each other. Although their faces were calm, their eyes were filled with a smile. These people were really ? making them hold back their laughter so painfully.

Yun Weiyang sighed lightly, and said helplessly: "As for weapons, everyone will have them, it's just that the production process is rather complicated, so everyone, don't be anxious. It's yours, so we won't be able to escape." After a pause, she instructed, "Right now, we should consider what kind of great gift the invitation would send us." She looked at Ziggy who was standing behind her.: "You are right, Ziggy!"

"Yes sir!" There was no expression on Chiger's wooden face, only loyalty and obedience.

Speaking of proper business, everyone present stopped having fun. The first one to speak up was Lu Ziqin, although he still had a happy smile on his face, his words still sounded serious, "Master, let's not talk about how good that Yue is. She is a princess of a country, so your subordinate does not think that you should underestimate her."

Yun Weiyang nodded her head as she agreed with Lu Ziqin. A skinny camel is bigger than a horse. No matter how bad of a princess she was, she would not dare to challenge her.

"Have we forgotten one more person?" Xuan Ge asked doubtfully.

"Who?" Thousand Shadows asked.

Xuan Ge looked at Yun Weiyang, and said in a deep voice: "The Emperor of Chenguo, Dongfang Yan."

"Him?" Thousand Shadow looked suspiciously at Yun Weiyang, and asked: "But the people he sent yesterday have all been taken care of by us, if that's the case, will he still take action?"

After all, she was from Chenguo, and if she was humiliated, the emperor's face would also not look good. Furthermore, all the people he sent yesterday were all dead, and the one that was left behind was also taken care of by Dongfang Yan himself, so how could he be willing to give in after suffering such a huge loss? Even his dignity wouldn't allow that.

Thinking of this, Yun Weiyang looked towards Yi Na and asked: "Yi Na, is there any movement of the Eastern Flame?"

Ina shook her head and said, "No. She's as calm as the water. But that Shen Yue has already started to make her move. Although she hasn't appeared yet, her trusted aides have set up obstacles along the way."

Yun Weiyang narrowed her eyes, and said solemnly: "The calmer you are, the more abnormal it is."

Right at that moment, a vigorous eagle flapped its powerful wings and flew towards the courtyard. Yun Weiyang's eyelids twitched, and she raised her arm slightly.

Ina cleverly stepped forward, untied the slip of paper from the eagle's leg, and passed it to Yun Weiyang.

Yun Weiyang opened the slip of paper and looked at the information written on it. She secretly clenched her fists, and her expression quickly darkened as well. She then looked at Bi Xian and Lu Zizheng. Upon seeing this, the latter hurried forward and asked: "Master, what's the matter?"

Yun Weiyang lowered her voice and said: "The Full Moon Tower was ambushed, you guys go and support them first."

"Yes sir!" The two of them replied and quickly ran in the direction of Full Moon Tower.

"Mistress, I'm going too!" Thousand Shadows hurried forward.

Yun Weiyang hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said: "Okay!" After saying that, she looked towards Yuze and instructed, "Yuze, gather the brothers from the Dragon Tiger Hall to support us."

"Yes sir!"

Yun Weiyang stood up from the veranda and looked at Yi Na, saying, "Yi Na, continue to send people to keep an eye on Jing Fu Palace. If there's any movement, report it quickly."

Ina knew that the matter was not simple, so she replied and quickly walked out.

Yun Weiyang looked at the lotus flower blooming in the middle of the lake, and for some reason, she had a bad premonition. Thinking for a moment, she asked: "Xuan Ge, has Han Xiang Palace not come back yet?"


The more Yun Weiyang thought about it, the more impatient she became. She didn't know why there was always a sense of anxiety in her heart, which made her panic, but she couldn't grab hold of it. She took a deep breath, she had to calm down, and the more she panicked, the more likely things would get out of hand, and she had to remain calm.

Xuan Ge rarely saw her like this. Seeing her like this, he worriedly asked, "Master, did something happen?"

Yun Weiyang waved her hand, and said: "Xuan Ge, send some more men over to Han's side. I don't know why but I feel uneasy."

"Yes, this subordinate will arrange it right away!"

After Xuan Ge left, Yun Weiyang looked at the white lotus in the middle of the lake and muttered: "I hope nothing bad happens to it."

The Full Moon Restaurant wasn't a meal yet, so the inside of the restaurant was cold and deserted. All the waiters were busy arranging tables and chairs. Guo Ping tidied up the counter and said to the female owner beside him, "I don't think today's business will be very good."

"Why?" Although the woman was not considered a beauty that could topple empires, she was still a beauty that could be eaten. Her eyes were bright and charming, her hair was white, her eyebrows were tightly-knit, her lips were bright, her white teeth were inside her mouth were bright, and her waist was covered with a delicate decorative pink belt. With each step she took, her graceful posture made one feel relaxed and happy.

A simple and honest smile appeared on Guo Ping's slightly darkened face. His brows revealed endless admiration and pride. He leaned over and whispered into Yun Niang's ear, "Chenguo's invitation to Princess Yue to come today at noon to fulfill the bet from that day." As he spoke, he used more strength to wipe the counter as he spoke with pride, "Our wangfei sure has great abilities."

Grand Concubine Yi gave Guo Ping a dark stare, her words containing a hint of unfamiliarity, "After all, you haven't entered the door yet, so how can you be called an imperial concubine?"

"What's the difference?" Guo Ping retorted, "No one in this world can match our Duke of Qin's unparalleled elegance. He's so aloof and godlike, yet he loves our master so much. Now that I think about it, those two standing together are a perfect match."

Guo Ping, who was talking to himself, didn't notice that Yun Niang's face was getting darker and darker.

She was too lazy to continue listening to Guo Ping's story, so she said coldly, "I'm going upstairs first."

"Hm!" You can go first! "

As soon as Mistress Cloud stepped onto the stairs, she heard some noises coming from outside.

"What are you guys doing?" The Cloud Dragon Society underling guarding outside saw the dozens of carriages approaching and was momentarily unsure if they were his own men. He stood at the entrance of the shop and shouted.

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