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With this thought in mind, Yun Weiyang got off the bed and walked towards the door, saying: "Wait a moment!" Finished speaking, he also disappeared from Feng Xue Han's sight. Feng Xue Han was stunned for a moment, then he casually picked up a book of historical records left by Yun Weiyang on the bedside and started reading.

Since Yun Weiyang's small courtyard previously did not have a servant girl serving her, she was the only one to complete all the daily necessities. Because of this, cooking food was not a problem for her. Even in her previous life, Yun Weiyang's food was basically taken care of by herself.

Yun Weiyang brought out the dumplings that she had prepared earlier on a porcelain plate, along with a small plate of chili and vinegar. She served them together. In her words, eating dumplings was a very happy thing, symbolizing reunion.

Arriving at the doorway, Yun Weiyang saw Feng Xue Han calmly reading a book under the light of the lantern. His brows were relaxed, and his lips were slightly open.

Hearing the commotion at the door, Feng Xue Han put down the book in his hands, and walked over to Yun Weiyang with graceful steps. His low voice sounded like the spring breeze, "What's wrong?"

Returning to his senses, Yun Weiyang's face had an unusual shade of red, but in her heart, she was sighing with emotion. This man was truly a demon, his picturesque appearance was even prettier than a woman's, yet she could not find the slightest hint of gentleness or gentleness, completely masculine and masculine. The two of them contradicted each other as they reprimanded each other, yet they seemed to fit each other like this as they placed the plate in their hands on the table.

After sitting down at the dining table, Feng Xuehan simply picked up his chopsticks and ate the dumplings on the plate one bite at a time.

Seeing this, Yun Weiyang couldn't help but roll her eyes. This man was so elegant even after eating a meal ?

While still in a daze, Yun Weiyang suddenly saw a dumpling appear in front of her. She looked at Feng Xue Han in confusion and said: "You can eat!"

Seeing that Feng Xue Han's hand did not move at all, Yun Weiyang lightly sighed, her red lips slightly parted as she ate the dumplings in front of her.

Seeing this, Feng Xue Han smiled in his heart. His cold voice revealed traces of warmth. "You can eat well in such an environment?"

With a raise of his eyebrows, Yun Weiyang smiled: "Yi Na told you?"

Feng Xuehan shook his head, and once again brought the cold dumpling to Yun Weiyang's mouth, and seeing her eat it, he said with a smile: "There is not only Yi Na in the general's manor." Finished speaking, Feng Xue Han frowned and looked at Yun Weiyang, and asked: "Are you unwell?"

Yun Weiyang was not a person that would stick to small details. Thinking about what happened that night, Yun Weiyang laughed: "They planted Ten Incense Soft Muscle Powder in the porridge."

Hearing this, Feng Xue Han frowned, and placed his hand on Yun Weiyang's wrist. After a while, he frowned, and looked at Yun Weiyang, and asked: "But you don't have any signs of being poisoned."

Yun Weiyang laughed: "Ordinary poisons do not have any effect on me, and this type of soft muscle powder will only take two days."

However, Yun Weiyang did not tell Feng Xuehan that the reason the poison did not work on her was because in her previous life, her body had almost grown up in the soaking of the poison. She did not expect that this characteristic did not disappear because of reincarnation, which was also an unexpected gain, so even though Yun Weiyang knew that there was a problem with the bowl of porridge, she still drank it without batting an eyelid.

Seeing that Yun Weiyang was indeed fine, Feng Xue Han's heart, which had been hanging in the air all this time, also returned to its original position. Seeing that Yun Weiyang was indeed fine, Feng Xue Han's heart, which had been hanging in the air all this time, returned to its original position.

The hand that was placed on the back of Feng Xue Han's hand tightened, and Yun Weiyang said softly: "Relax, I will definitely be careful on our trip to the Tzu Guang Temple, since they think I'm poisoned, then this show will continue."

He admired Yun Weiyang's confidence and pride very much, and he sighed lightly, and said: "I won't reject you, but you don't refuse my arrangements either, I have no way of making you take the risk by yourself."

Nodding his head, Yun Weiyang gently replied: "Okay!"

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