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The next morning, the sky was bright and clear. Sunlight poured down from the cloudless sky without restraint. The golden light mixed with the scarlet light, bathing the entire General's House in a beautiful scene.

Along the way, the carriage passed through the bustling streets, and after about an incense stick of time, the carriage's speed gradually slowed down. The journey to the Tzu Guang Temple was extremely bumpy, surrounded by cliffs and cliffs.

The boundless morning mist gradually diffused into the air, and the mountains on all sides also felt a little gloomy. It was becoming increasingly difficult to walk amidst the mountain cliffs that were shrouded in smoke.

"Mistress, the scenery here is really good." Yi Na, who had always been in the dark, followed Yun Weiyang. From then on, she escaped the darkness and followed Yun Weiyang as a maid.

When Yun Weiyang, who was resting with her eyes closed, heard the sound, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at Ina with a faint smile: "If I let you fall down the cliff at this time, would you think that the scenery here would be good?"

Ina was surprised: "Master..."

"Shh!" Yun Weiyang's expression was leisurely as she said: "Pretending to be stupid is also a type of ability."

Jiang Yuzhen, who was sitting in the first carriage, looked out from time to time. According to her estimation, the third carriage should not be able to hold out much longer. But why had it been so long?

Looking at the frowning Jiang Yuzhen, Yun Qinxue asked, "Mother, what's wrong? "What's behind it?"

Jiang Yuzhen shook her head and tried to suppress the doubts in her heart. She smiled and said, "It's fine. Mom is just looking at the beautiful scenery outside. I can't help but take a few more glances."

"Oh!" Yun Xianxue nodded skeptically and said, "Mother, I heard that the Constellation Grandmaster of the Tzu Yun Temple has accurate divination. This time, your daughter will definitely ask him to help me with this divination."

Just like this, they safely made it to the Tzu Yun Temple. From the car, Yun Weiyang saw that Jiang Yuzhen and Lin Xixia's expressions were extremely ugly, and understood what was going on. However, she did not point it out as she slowly walked over to Jiang Yuzhen and smiled: "Second Aunt and Third Aunt have such ugly expressions, but are you feeling uncomfortable?"

Hearing this, the ugly faces of Jiang Yuzhen and Lin Xiaxia darkened even further. They glared at Yun Weiyang fiercely, and walked into the Tzu Guang Temple without a word.

Watching the group of people disappear into the distance, the corners of Yun Weiyang's mouth lifted slightly, she raised her head to look at the "Tzu Yun Temple" plaque hanging on top of the mountain gate, her eyes filled with mockery. She had never believed in the Buddha, if the Buddha really could cross over people, then how could there be any suffering in this world.

Whether it was in his previous life or in this life, she had never been to a temple. Now that she had come, Yun Weiyang decided to take a good look at the Tzu Yun Temple that everyone praised.

Walking in a circle, Yun Weiyang secretly nodded her head. The scenery of the Tzu Yun Temple was already pretty good. As soon as they arrived at the Great Treasure Hall, they heard the ear-piercing sound of Yun Qinxue.

"Elder sister is here?" The one who spoke was Yun Ruo Han, Lin Xi Xia's second daughter. Seeing Yun Weiyang come in, Yun Ruo Han happily walked in front of Yun Weiyang and said: "We've been waiting for big sister for a while."

Looking at Yun Ruo Han beside him, Yun Weiyang's eyes narrowed, and she said lightly: "I've never been to Tzu Yun Temple before, so I took a closer look."

"Humph!" Yun Qinxue let out a light snort. She just could not bear to see Yun Weiyang in such a relaxed state.

"Amitabha!" The one who opened his mouth was the Reverend Cloud Temple's Abbot Hui Guang. "The items have long been prepared. Benefactor, please follow me."

In the holy land of the buddhist faith, even Yun Qinghong who had heard the good behavior of Xue had calmed down at this moment. Under the lead of the abbot, Yun Weiyang suppressed the impatience in her heart as she followed a group of monks to pray for the general's estate.

When everything was done, the sky had already gradually darkened, bringing Yun Weiyang and the rest to the back of the temple, Hui Guang Fang called out in a low voice, "Benefactor, it is already late, the meditation room has been prepared. Please rest here." With that, Hui Guang ordered a small monk beside him, "Fa Hua, take everyone to rest."

"Yes, Master!" He bowed respectfully to the abbot, then said to Jiang Yuzhen and the others, "Benefactor, please follow me."

The group of people had already arranged their residences. When it was Yun Weiyang's turn, Fa Hua bowed to Yun Weiyang and said: "Sir, your meditation room is in the west wing. Please follow me."

"Thank you for your trouble!"

Opening the courtyard door, Fa Hua brought Yun Weiyang in, and said respectfully: "Benefactor, please rest here for a bit, the fast food will be delivered later." With that, Fa Hua closed the door and left quietly.

Hearing this, Yun Weiyang nodded her head and looked around. She discovered that this west wing was a separate courtyard, and the decorations were both exquisite and clean. Yun Weiyang understood.

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