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"Huh?" Chen Guang opened his mouth with a face full of shock. He muttered: "Why ?" How could this be?

That's right, how could it be like this? Xu Yi also could not understand, once he left the stronghold, the Cloud Dragon Gang would send people to attack, how could there be such a coincidence in this world? However, if Yun Weiyang had planned all this beforehand, then something was wrong. Even if Yun Weiyang could command them to move the river, how could she command Chen Guanghui to move the river?

There was definitely a problem, but the problem was there. Xu Fu couldn't figure it out for a while, so he frowned and was about to walk out when he said, "I have to go back to the stronghold immediately."

Chen Guang hurriedly extended his hand to stop him.

Xu Fu was stunned, he frowned, looking at him puzzledly.

Chen Guang said seriously: "Old Xu, if you go back now, you might not be able to get ahead of Yun Weiyang. If you only bring a few people with you, the consequences would be unimaginable if you run into Yun Weiyang's people!"

The foothold that he was guarding is very important, once it is taken away by Yun Weiyang, it will have a huge impact on our side. He patted Chen Guang on the shoulder, and said gratefully: "The foothold is very important, we cannot lose it, Brother Chen, I will return to the foothold now, you must immediately report this to Big Brother Meng and have him send his brothers to help us!"

"Alright!" Chen Guang agreed straightforwardly, but he had no intention of giving way.

Xu Yi was getting impatient. Right now, the longer he stayed, the more danger he would be in. He didn't have time to waste time here so he anxiously said, "I'm leaving first!" While speaking, he took a step forward, intending to overtake Chen Guang. But who would have thought that although his movements were fast, Chen Guang's movements were even faster, blocking his path.

At this time, Xu Fei was truly angered, her face turning dark as she shouted, "Brother Chen, this is ?"

"Old Xu, let me send you on your way!" As he spoke, a dagger shining with cold light suddenly fell out from Chen Guang's sleeve. Without any warning, it stabbed down with all its strength towards allow foil's lower abdomen.

Too fast, too sudden, the death blow was out of everyone's expectations, of course, with the exception of Jiang Feng.

Never in his wildest dreams would Xu Fei have thought that after joining the gang for more than twenty years, his brothers who had been with him for more than ten years would actually try to kill him.

If it was someone else, they would probably not even have the chance to react before dying on the spot.

When the dagger was already close by and was about to touch his clothes, he exerted strength into his waist and eyes, and his body twisted to the side as much as possible. With a 'puchi' sound, although Chen Guang's knife did not pierce his lower abdomen, it still pierced deep into his left rib.

"Aiya ?" Xu Fu cried out in pain, using his palm as a blade and chopping down at Chen Guang's head.

Chen Guanghui saw Xu Fu avoid his vital points and had the power to retaliate, so he hastily retreated in fright.

As he stepped back, Xu Tianyi also fell back until he reached the table. As he supported himself on the table, he finally managed to stabilize himself. He looked down again and saw that the blade of the dagger had completely disappeared into his body, leaving only the handle outside. Blood dripped down his shirt.

"You ? "Why are you doing this?" Xu Tianyi was angry and in pain, his facial features were distorted as he roared loudly.

"Why? "Haha ?"

Chen Guang laughed crazily at the top of his head, and only after a while did he stop laughing and angrily shouted: "I've been in the gang for over twenty years, what did I get? For Meng Juedong to be able to become the head elder brother, I have done a great service. For the gang to have had such a great service, I have done a great service. But what the hell did I get? You, Lan Ce, these juniors can order me to do something. You said that your abilities are stronger than mine, that's good, I'll accept it, but your orders have repeatedly failed me. You don't feel ashamed about it, but have you considered where I should put my face? All you care about is yourselves, you've never thought about me before, and you still call me brother, what kind of bullshit brother are you? "Although the Cloud Dragon Gang is our enemy, they treated me with respect and treated me with utmost respect. They have never felt sad for me and compared to this enemy of the Cloud Dragon Gang, don't you so-called brothers feel embarrassed?"

At this point, Chen Guang was ready to throw caution to the wind. He let out all the depression and dissatisfaction in his heart.

Xu Fei was stupefied. He had never known that Chen Guang had so much resentment in his heart. He repeatedly shook his head and said: "These words, you have never said them before ?"

"I want to say! But what's the use of saying it? Who would listen? If I say it out loud, it will only become a source of ridicule for you! "

"We never laughed at you."

"That's enough, Xu Fu, don't pretend to be a hypocritical saint. To tell you the truth, I've had enough of the Fire Dragon Gang, I'm now a member of the Cloud Dragon Gang, Young Master Yun is my boss!"

Hearing this, the wound under his ribs hurt, but Xu Fu felt even more pain in his heart. He was originally brothers from the same sect, and had fought together for so many years. He swayed and could not stand. Xu Fu's over ten underlings reacted and went forward together to support him. Soon after, they all pulled out the people on their bodies, their eyes spewing fire, glowering at Chen Guang, wanting to pounce over and bite him a few times.

"Bro Xu, let's hurry up and leave!" A young man said anxiously.

Xu Fu gently swung her hand, shook her head, and said to Chen Guang: "Brother Chen, although you stabbed me once, I can pretend that it never happened. You are currently lost, and you can still make it in time, or else you will die, the brothers of the gang will not let you go, Young Master Yun will not let you go, she will not sincerely accept you, please wake up ?"

"Bullshit!" Without waiting for Xu Fu to finish speaking, Chen Guanghui roared in anger and handed it over to him: "My life was given to you by Young Master Yun, if he wanted to kill me, he would have already done so, why wait until today, Xu Fu, today you are unable to escape, seeing that we have known each other for so many years, I will point out a path for you, you immediately surrender, Young Master Yun is happy, maybe he won't kill you, on the other hand, you will die without a burial ground."

Xu Tianyi sighed, and silently said that he was finished! He didn't say that he was finished, but that Chen Guanghui was finished. Chen Guang had already made up his mind to betray the gang after being bewitched by Young Master Yun. Right now, he was no longer his brother, but a traitor who was even more terrifying than the enemy.

Just then, Jiang Yu who was sitting at the side laughed out loud, he slowly stood up and pulled at the front of his clothes, his back was straight and smooth as he said to Chen Guang: "Brother Chen, why talk so much nonsense with him, let's quickly do it, we still need to go to Young Master Yun's place to collect our merits!" With that, he raised his arm high up and waved it downwards, shouting loudly, "Brothers, attack!"

Along with his voice, the back door of the restaurant and the doors of the rooms in the inner rooms all opened at the same time, and countless of hooligans rushed out, these people were all underlings of the Jiang Hu, although they did not have strong battle prowess, they had many people, and they all carried the same type of blades in their hands. After coming out, they screamed and rushed towards Xu Yi and the others.

"Aiya, Bro Xu, there's still an ambush in the restaurant."

Xu Fu's underling was so shocked that his face changed color, and he continuously retreated while protecting Xu Fu.

Under the orders of Yun Weiyang, Jiang Yu had already made complete arrangements, the back door of the restaurant was already occupied by dozens of hooligans, while the front door was even more chaotic, the subordinates of Jiang Yu were fighting with the Fire Dragon Gang members brought by Xu Yu, countless of the enemy troops were blocking the front door tightly shut, and now the situation had turned out as Chen Guang had said, it was impossible for Xu Fu and the rest to escape even if they had wings.

"Kill!" With a loud shout, a youth was the first to rush in front of Xu Fei and his group. Without a second word, he swung his saber. Even though these hooligans didn't have any other skills, they were vicious in their attacks. It didn't matter if they were weak or not, as long as they could hit their opponent, they were considered victorious.

Clang! The young man snorted and bounced back half a meter, abandoning his knife. His face was pale as he held his stomach with both of his hands and knelt on the ground, unable to get up for a long time.

This was just the beginning. As the young man fell to the ground, a large number of Jiang Hu's men had already arrived. They wielded their blades and without any pattern, they arrived in front of him and started chopping at him.

Xu Yi's group of ten or so trusted brothers could all be considered brave and battling experts, but having two fists that could not match four hands was difficult, the good tigers could not handle too many hungry wolves, in addition to the fact that Xu Yi was severely injured, he even sent people out to protect him, thus, it was very passive. The fighting did not last long, and everyone felt that they could not block it at all, and they could only defend and take a step back.

A man with sharp eyes saw that there was no one at the stairway leading upstairs. He shouted, "Brothers, quickly retreat upstairs!"

All they could see was an enemy, they couldn't charge out. Everyone had nowhere to go, so the only way out was to go upstairs. But just as they pushed their way to the staircase, before they could even go up, they heard a strange cry, followed by more than 20 other youths rushing out. They had finally made it here, and they had no choice but to brace themselves and fight.

At this time, although the situation was critical, the ratio of enemies to friends was very different, but the Fire Dragon Gang members did not appear to be panicking, the four big men blocked the staircase, preventing the large group of enemies from chasing after them. There were another four big men protecting Xu Fu, and the last four big men raised their steel blades to meet the enemies coming down from the stairs.

"Kill!" There was no fear in the four people's faces as they all shouted in unison. They raised their blades and began to fight against the twenty or so youths.

Both sides fought on the stairs. Both sides encountered each other in a narrow path as short soldiers clashed. Under such circumstances, fighting was not a waste of time, it was a real hard battle. Blades flashed, blood spurted in all directions as screams and howls rose one after another.

At the end of the fight, both sides were fighting with bloodshot eyes, and their hands and feet were on edge the moment they lost their swords. Although few people were involved in the fight, the level of bloodlust in the battlefield was not any less than in a large-scale battle.

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