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If Feng Xue Han was awake, he would probably ridicule her for talking so much today.

"Don't disappoint me, and don't make me worry, okay?" With a flash of light in his eyes, Yun Weiyang said as she looked towards the door.

Everyone who was standing outside the door was stunned.

"Come in." An ice-cold voice rang out from within the room. The few of them opened the door with heavy hearts and walked in. He saw Yun Weiyang, who was sitting beside the bed with a face as heavy as water, and Feng Xuehan, who was still unconscious.

It was unknown if it was because they were worried about what was about to happen, or because they were intimidated by the aura Yun Weiyang was emitting, but none of them spoke, and only stood silently at the side.

"Dongfang Yan, Imperial Concubine Yu!" Yun Weiyang's red lips slightly parted, coldly spitting out the names of two people. Stopping her words, she looked at Yi Na and asked coldly: "Have you found out who Imperial Concubine Yu is close to?"

Yi Na had never seen Yun Weiyang like this, she was so malicious that it caused people to be afraid of her, but she knew the reason behind causing her master to be like this. She steadied her mind, walked out from the group of people, stood directly in front of Yun Weiyang, bowed and said: "Insiders reported that there are no special people associated with Imperial Concubine Yu, it is just one person."

"Who?" Yun Weiyang raised her eyebrows and asked.

"Minister Zuo." Ina continued, "The Minister of the Left doesn't have any interactions with Imperial Concubine Yu. The two of them don't have any interactions either, but these two people have met each other twice recently. Although it's nothing in the eyes of outsiders, it's just an ordinary encounter." Stopping, she looked at Yun Weiyang, and asked: "Master, do you think we made a mistake?"

Because of Li Yang's relationship, the people on the right side started to use Li Yang's matter to impeach the left-wing officials, and the officials on the left side naturally could not sit still, so they thought of sending another person to investigate Li Yang's case, and in order to investigate Li Yang's case, they had to move themselves, and if they wanted to move themselves, they had to make Feng Xue Han disappear, but it was impossible for the people on the left side to fight against the Duke of Qin's household, let alone the forces in their hands, so these people had to join forces with the Eastern Flame to deal with Feng Xue Han, and even if they could not get rid of him, he would not be able to do anything in the recent few days.

These series of events were linked together by a link. It could be said that they were linked together by a link.

Seeing that Yun Weiyang was silent, Xuan Ge was somewhat indignant, and said: "Mistress, the opponents were originally unable to do anything to us, and with the strength of those people, they are not our match. Furthermore, everyone knows the strength of our prince, the originally great situation is already leaning towards our side, but suddenly five black-cloaked men in black cloaks appeared out of nowhere."

"What man in black?" Yun Weiyang asked.

Xuan Ge shook his head and said, "Those men in black were fighting in a very unique way. Initially, they weren't a match for the prince, but in the end, the five of them exploded and their bodies died. Then, the prince unknowingly fell to the ground."

Forbidden arts? While feeling puzzled, she continued to ask: "Then how do you know that they are people sent by Dongfang Yan?"

"I found the word 'Chen' embroidered on the back of those clothes, so I guessed that it might be someone sent by Dongfang Yan. Last time, Chenguo suffered a huge setback in the Southern Dynasty, so it's not impossible to hold a grudge." Xuan Ge recounted all of his guesses.

For some reason, Yun Weiyang felt that this matter was not that simple. No matter how stupid the king of Chenguo was, if he sent assassins, would he be stupid enough to let the enemies find out that he was on their side?

Shaking his head, Yun Weiyang said: "I keep having the feeling that this matter is not simple, but the most important thing right now is to solve the problem in front of us." This time, the other party was approaching in full fury. If this matter was not resolved, then the next person to be settled would most likely be him, not to mention those black-clothed men.

"Master commands!" Several people said in unison.

Yun Weiyang said: "To the Residence of the Right Premier."

"But it's already so late ?" Ina looked at the sky and hesitated.

"Since those old geezers from the right faction don't want us to have a peaceful sleep, how can I let them have a good night's sleep?!" Yun Weiyang said with an ugly expression.

"Yes sir!" Your subordinate will prepare a carriage.

She secretly heaved a sigh of relief, stared at Feng Xue Han who was still unconscious, and softly said: "I believe in you, you make me wait, I'll wait, and when you wake up, everything will be fine. I won't let go of any of those who harm us." He leaned over and lightly kissed Feng Xue Han's pale cheek. Then, he stood up and walked towards the door with steady steps.

It was already very late at night and the streets were empty. There were only bits of starlight in the dark night. The moon was bright and clear, but even the bright moonlight could not cover up the thick black clouds.

The street was very quiet, even the people yawning couldn't help but to yawn. In the dark night, in the quiet street, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of a carriage speeding by. The speed of the horse was so fast that even the bell hanging from its neck was almost covered.

With such a fast speed, it could be seen that the driver was very anxious.

Finally, the carriage stopped in front of a mansion. The driver of the carriage was a very beautiful woman, with big eyes, white skin, a high nose, and small lips. Her clothes were very simple, but they weren't simple.

The girl got down from the carriage and quickly walked to the entrance of the mansion. No one would be in a good mood to come here so late at night, and the girl was no exception. No one knew what she said to the guard, but the man's expression changed as he ran towards the back.

Not long after, a middle-aged man ran out to the door and bowed to the beautiful woman. The girl did not even look at the middle-aged man as she turned around and walked towards the carriage.

"Master, the Right Premier is waiting in the living room!" Ina whispered.

"Yes!" Just as he finished speaking, Yun Weiyang walked out from the inside, raising her head to look at the door's plaque, her lips slightly raised, as she walked in steadily.

"I didn't know that wangfei would come to visit, please forgive me!" Our master is already waiting in the antechamber. " The middle-aged butler said this while leading the way for Yun Weiyang.

Yun Weiyang nodded her head, and gave her an answer.

The middle-aged butler by her side was secretly alarmed. Leaving aside the background of this girl, just her calmness was enough to make people respect her. He didn't believe her before, but now it seemed that this woman was not simple at all.

When they arrived at the front hall, the right Prime Minister Lu Zan who was already waiting to the side saw Yun Weiyang's figure from afar and hurriedly got up to greet her: "I do not know how long Princess Hua-Yang will take. Please come inside quickly."

Yun Weiyang naturally noticed this, but she did not expose it, and smiled: "Right Minister, I am really sorry to disturb you at such a late hour."

Lu Zan secretly groaned. At this time, no one's tone of voice would be any better, and he was no exception. Moreover, the other party must have come late at night for an important matter, because of the other party's identity, he had to smile and say, "Princess, tell me, what is it?"

"Do you all know about Li Yang's corruption?"

"Of course! Such a huge thing happened, how could we not know! "

"Did you use this to attack the Minister of the Left?"

"Of course! You know the relationship between us and the Left Premier! "Li Yang was transferred to the capital by the Minister of the Left, who has met with a problem. The Minister of the Left will not be able to escape his responsibility, so how can we let go of this opportunity?!" Lu Zan knew the relationship between this woman and the Duke of Qin, so he spoke without reserve, afraid of offending this aunt.

Yun Weiyang sighed, and said faintly: "Then do you know who caused Li Yang's corruption?"

Lu Zhen laughed and said: "If there are no surprises, of course it would be the famous Young Master Yun. You did a good job this time, and we, the Right Faction, have also taken it out on you."

"Enough!" Don't talk about all that useless stuff! " Yun Weiyang said in a low voice: "Since you know that I was the one who did it, and you still dare to attack the Zuo Xiang Sect, do you think that the Minister of the Left will just sit back and wait for death?"

"What is it? What happened? " Lu Xun asked.

Yun Weiyang said: "The Left Prime Minister has already sent people to investigate this matter. What do you think I should do?"

Lu Zan didn't know much about the inner workings of the Left Premier's faction. After hearing this, he frowned and murmured, "Such a thing actually happened!" After a moment of silence, he immediately said nervously, "Princess, you have to clean up this matter first, don't let others find any loopholes. Otherwise, we won't be able to save you, and we will also implicate the Duke of Qin.

Yun Weiyang was so angry that she almost burst into laughter. Well, nothing happened yet, Lu Chen was already anxious to break off all ties with her and the Duke of Qin's household.

She snorted with laughter and said, "If the Duke of Qin and I have anything to do, none of us will be fine. So you should just stay here and pray that we're safe and sound!" Finished speaking, Yun Weiyang stood up and walked towards the door, not giving Lu Zan any time to think about it.

There were some words that did not need to be said directly, the right side would be worried. She gave the right side a pressure, the right side would give the left side a pressure, and as long as the left side got off the stage, everything would be settled.

After leaving the Prime Minister's Residence, Yun Weiyang said coldly: "Those bastards from the Right Faction!"

Ina understood the gist of it and asked worriedly, "Master, is the Minister Zuo going to send someone to investigate Li Yang's corruption?"

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