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Ning Xi didn't have the time to waste on her. She angrily said, "If you don't say anything, I'll crush your neck!"

The woman could no longer speak. She could not suppress the redness on her cheeks. She extended her finger and pointed shakily at the little house inside.

When Ning Guan saw this, he pushed the woman aside, then flung his head towards his subordinates and rushed straight to the house. When he got close, he first held the blade in his hand, then gestured a few times to his men, and then suddenly kicked the door of the house.

The small door was made of thin wood, so how could it withstand Ning Guan's heavy kick? With a "dong" sound, the small door opened and Ning Guan and a few other members of the Fire Dragon Gang rushed in.

"Young Master Yun, let's see where you can run to!" "What happened to you today?" Ning Xi paused halfway through her sentence. The small room was originally empty. Apart from some simple furniture, there was no one else.

The room was so big, it was impossible to hide from others. The woman was already scared silly and could not lie. In reality, Yun Weiyang was not here.

What was going on? As he pondered this, he no doubt looked up and saw that there was a large hole in the roof. Sunlight shone through the roof of the hut.

"Aiya!" Ning Guan cried out in alarm. Everything was clear now. Yun Weiyang and Bi Xian must have fled using the roof.

Thinking of this, he jumped up in anger, his entire body trembling as he kicked hard at the bed. He turned around and cursed, "F * ck, Young Master Yun has run away! What are you all doing here? Hurry up and chase after them! "

The Fire Dragon Gang were so scared that they didn't even dare to breathe when they saw Ning Xi's flustered and exasperated appearance. They all turned around and ran out of the small house and started searching along the street.

When he saw her, he got angrier and angrier. With a fierce glint in his eyes, he slowly walked step by step to the front of the woman and coldly said, "If you had told me that they were here from the beginning, they wouldn't have been able to escape!"

When has the woman ever seen such a formation? She stammered with a trembling voice, "I ? "I ?"

"So, you deserve to die!" As she spoke, she drew back her longsword and, without warning, slashed viciously at the woman's stomach, a fatal cut.


The woman's eyes were wide open as she looked at Ning Guan in disbelief. She had also slowly fallen down, but her hands were still tightly grasping Ning Guan's sleeves.

Ning Guan kicked the woman away and walked out of the hut to search for Yun Weiyang. However, there were only people living here. It was too difficult to find one or two people, not to mention the person they were looking for was the cunning Young Master Yun.

In the end, when they heard the people from the yamen arrived, they helplessly left. The search also came to an end, but the people from the Fire Dragon Gang did not leave. The large group of gang members were all standing guard here, staring with their eyes wide open, staring at the people that came in and out of the yamen.

After Ning Guan and the others left the hut, a small movement suddenly occurred in a pile of grass in the backyard of the fence. Then, with a whoosh, two people suddenly stood up from the pile of grass.

It turned out that the two of them did not escape from the roof of the cottage. When Ning Guan questioned the woman, although she couldn't see clearly what was going on, she could already sense that something was amiss. Originally, she seemed to have escaped from the rooftop, but the key problem was, even if they managed to escape, the people outside were still people from Ning Guan. They were still unable to escape.

First, she opened up a piece of the roof, giving off the impression that she had already escaped from the top of the roof. Then, she and Bi Xian stealthily slipped out of the window and hid in a pile of grass outside the window, covering themselves with grass.

This was just a small trick, but at the crucial moment, it played a vital role and successfully saved her and Bi Xian's lives.

At this moment, Bi Xian heaved a sigh of relief. He felt as if he had just survived a great calamity.

Yun Weiyang and Bi Xian carefully slipped in through the window. By this time, all of the Fire Dragon Gang members had left, leaving only the woman in the room. She was lying in a pool of blood, also dead.

Looking at her corpse, Yun Weiyang took a deep breath, frowning deeply as sorrow filled her eyes. She had nothing to do with this matter, but she died a terrible death because of him ? While thinking, Yun Weiyang took a piece of clothing from the side, squatted down, and covered the woman's face.

Bi Xian, who was at the side, was both upset and angry. He gritted his teeth and said, "Master, we should leave this place immediately."

Yun Weiyang shook her head, and said: "Changan, I'm afraid this is the safest place!"

"Then we ?"

"Wait here!"

"Waiting for who?"

Yun Weiyang smiled, and took out some tools from her pocket. Bi Xian opened his eyes wide, looking at Yun Weiyang in disbelief, he stammered: "Master ? "Master ?"

"Shh!" Yun Weiyang placed a finger on her lips, and said softly: "Be quiet!"

After a short while, Yun Weiyang and Bi Xian had already properly tidied themselves up. Looking at his reflection in the water basin, Yun Weiyang smiled and exchanged a glance with Bi Xian. The two of them first slipped out of the cottage, and then swaggered their way under the nose of the Fire Dragon Gang.

Xuan Ge and the rest, who had been waiting impatiently in the stronghold, saw two strangers walking in and asked cautiously, "Who are you?"

Yun Weiyang ripped the mask off her face, and replied with a smile: "What? You don't even know me anymore? "

Seeing Yun Weiyang appear in front of everyone, everyone was excited and excited. Qian Ying and Yi Na all walked forward, and then carefully sized Yun Weiyang up. After confirming that Yun Weiyang was fine, they said excitedly: "Master, we're worried about you!"

Yun Weiyang patted both of their shoulders, her cold voice carried a hint of gentleness and warmth: "Aren't I standing right in front of you?"

Yun Weiyang had burned down a branch of the Fire Dragon Gang with the price of over a hundred of her brothers. It was hard to say if this was a good deal or not, but the balance of superiority was tilting towards this side.

It was not a small matter for a branch of the Fire Dragon Gang to be attacked and burned down, causing a huge uproar in the capital. It was only now that most of the gangs believed that Young Master Yun did indeed have the strength to defeat the Fire Dragon Gang. If they could defeat even the branch of the Fire Dragon Gang, then the other bases of the Fire Dragon Gang wouldn't be a problem.

With the branch burnt, the loss of the Fire Dragon Gang's financial resources was negligible. However, the loss of prestige was just too huge.

Very quickly, the number of gangs and organizations showing goodwill to Yun Weiyang increased rapidly, and in turn, the number of gangs close to the Fire Dragon Gang decreased.

It was human nature to remain aloof from worldly affairs. When you are at the peak of your life, everyone is trying to curry favor with you. However, once you are in a difficult situation, you don't need to expect others to be stingy when you reach the bottom. After all, this was how the world worked. There were few who provided timely assistance, and there were many who added insult to injury.

Just when the Fire Dragon Gang was in a difficult situation and the two parties were at odds with each other, the situation suddenly turned for the better. The senior official sent by the Left Prime Minister, Cui Zhuang Xian, had arrived.

Upon hearing this news, the bystanders didn't feel too good about it, but Meng Caidong and Lan Ce's spirits were lifted. Both of them knew very well that Young Master Yun had the Duke of Qin backing him, while the Duke of Qin had the right side backing him. Both of them knew very well that Young Master Yun had the Duke of Qin behind him, and the right side had the right side backing him.

As long as he had a good relationship with Cui Chengxian, the imperial government would not make things difficult for him in the future. Without the threat from the government, they no longer had to fear Young Master Yun.

On the night of Cui Zhuang Xian's arrival in Chang'an, Meng Caidong sent a message saying that he wanted to visit. After hearing his message, Cui Zhuang Xian immediately understood what he meant, and without further thought, nodded his head in agreement.

Meng Caidong didn't know Cui Xianzi, nor had he ever met him before. In his mind, since he was someone close to the Left Premier and also a person of great status, he definitely wouldn't be young in terms of age, but after meeting him, he discovered that Cui Xianxian looked very young, not even in his thirties or forties. He had neat facial features, and although he wasn't very handsome, he didn't hate it, but the noble temperament he exuded could still leave a deep impression.

"In my impression, Brother Meng is a very busy man. How did he suddenly have the time to visit me?" After exchanging a few pleasantries, Cui Chengxian asked with a smile.

Meng Caidong didn't mince words and didn't beat around the bush. He went straight to the point, "I'm here for Young Master Yun!"


"I have the same goal and goal as Guardian Cui, so we should work together more. This way, it will benefit both of us. What do you think, Guardian Cui?"

"Ha ha!" Cui Zhuang Xian waved his hand with a smile and said, "Brother Meng, please have some tea. I heard that you guys have a rule in the underworld that you can be considered friends after finishing the tea!"

Meng Caidong had come uninvited, this was exactly what Cui Zhuang Xian had in mind. The reason he had come here this time was to investigate the Li Yang case, to clarify the matter, to wash away the guilt of having the Minister of the Left being misused. Furthermore, he had specially come to find the evidence of Young Master Yun's crimes, planning to do what he was told, to use Young Master Yun to attack the Right Faction.

Cui Zhenxian felt that it would be difficult to achieve this with just his own strength. The cooperation of his sworn enemy, Meng Yandong, was a good choice, but before he could even find him, Meng Yandong had actually come.

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