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He was handsome and had an evil air around him. Especially the golden red flame mark on his forehead which caused him to release a natural baleful aura, which allowed people to see that he was definitely not an ordinary person. He was the purplish-gold spear that carried a wyvern in one hand, he rode the reins, he wielded a long whip in the other, and his long legs crossed the horse as if he was a deity that was descending from the sky, charging into the quiet world.

Suddenly, a faintly discernible aura from the surroundings made his eyebrows slightly raise. His eyes that were as deep as a wolf's gaze sank as he pulled the galloping horse down the original road, breaking away from his two subordinates behind him and charging straight into the water.

At the bottom of the water, Yunxi felt that baleful aura coming closer and closer to her. She leaned out of the water and instantly, water droplets scattered like broken string beads, causing everyone present to be stunned. Was the one in the water a human or a demon?

When Yun Xi stood on the surface of the water, her long hair had long since wrapped around her body like silk. With a flip of her hand, she grabbed at the clothes that were originally placed on the rocks.

A small trick!

The man's domineering gaze darkened, and a hint of disdain appeared on his perfect line of lips. He jumped up from the horse, raised the horsewhip at the same time, and lashed towards the clothes that hadn't fallen into Yun Xi's hands.

With a ripping sound, Yun Xi's clothes were shredded into pieces by the man's whip and at the same time, the man had already jumped near Yun Xi and held her back. The two of them fell into the water almost simultaneously with a splash, creating splashes of water over tens of thousands of feet.

"Who is it?"

The man stood up from the water and let out a furious roar as he grabbed onto the overly slender wrist. When he looked closely, his sharp eyes revealed a slight confusion.

Woman? Woman!

Four pairs of eyes met, and sparks flew in all directions. When the man saw a slippery woman in his hands, he was stunned, but when he saw the woman's purple eyes, he was startled.

Woman! Even though her eyes were filled with murderous intent, she was still a soul-stirring woman!

"Be careful, Your Highness!" The lackeys on the shore seemed to sense the ice-cold aura radiating from those standing in front of the prince. They prepared to draw their swords and come forward to support their man.

"Don't come over!"

The man's voice had just fallen, and the anger in Yun Xi's eyes had reached its peak. If people don't offend me, then I won't offend them. Since you insist on offending me, don't blame me for being impolite! She shook her head, disregarding the fact that her body was exposed. A man and a woman, different from each other, spread their wrapped long hair and swept it towards the man like a steel wire.

That kind of power was enough to kill any unguarded person in the world. In a split-second, the man turned his head, and with a wave of his hand, he actually grabbed the hair that was coming straight at him.

"Tell me, who sent you to hide here?"

Only when they drew closer did he clearly see this woman's appearance. Not only did he suck in a breath of cold air, this woman's sharp aura was like a snow lotus growing in the mountains. With just a glance, one could feel how cold she was.

Why was he asking this, because while this woman was still hiding in the water, he could smell a dense and ethereal, yet profound internal energy that could be accumulated at any time. This kind of woman suddenly appeared here in the wilderness, on his way back to the summer camp, he had no choice but to doubt her goal!

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