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Pow …

When the naked girl in the water slapped him, the spectator on the shore couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva when he thought of the prince's dark face. Although Miss, we have offended you on our way here, but the man in front of you is the Regent of the Da Xia Empire, a man who is stronger than tens of thousands of people. Who would dare act rashly in front of him?

"Heh …" "Hehe."

Blood was dripping from the two cat scratches on his five fingers. Fengxian stretched out his tongue to lick the blood droplets on the corner of his mouth, revealing a sinister laugh. "Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe …"

"Are all the people of China as shameless as you?" Yunxi's purple eyes were filled with rage. Her voice was calm and flat, but when she saw the man licking his blood, her captivating red lips revealed a strange sneer.

"Even the ladies of Yan are as unrestrained as you?" The Phoenix County hand slid down along the woman's silky waist, close to her buttocks, and forcefully stuck to her side. Her five fingers naturally felt the silky smooth feeling of the woman's skin and bones, but they did not pity her as they pressed on her body.

"You …" Yun Xi's eyes widened, the killing intent in her eyes once again rose. She was helpless and had failed, her acupuncture points at her waist were controlled, she was unable to use a single ounce of strength.

"Tell me, your name …"

The tip of Phoenix County's tongue almost wrapped around the ear of the woman beside her, lightly licking the red mole on the back of her ear.

"Despicable …"

While she was preparing to break free from this man's restraints, Fengxian, at this moment, let go of the tugging hair in her hand and grabbed her wrist instead.

"If you continue to circulate energy, I will break all the tendons in your body!" Phoenix County's evil aura filled Yun Xi's ears.

"Try it, and see if you die or not!" As soon as those words left Yun Xi's mouth, a glint flashed in her eyes. She spat out a silver needle from her red lips and flew towards the eyes of the Phoenix County.

This man's words were frivolous, so she would give him retribution. Since he could see through her entire body, then she would definitely make him lose his light!

Wicked woman!

When Fengxian saw that Yunxi had hidden a needle under her lip, he was startled. He let go of Yunxi and kicked her with his leg. At the same time, he used his iron wristguard to block in front of his eyes.

Ding …

The hair-like silver needle made a slight sound when it touched the iron bracers, yet Fengxian used 100% of his strength when it landed on Yun Xi's back. His handsome face revealed an expression of surprise; he didn't even have time to withdraw.


Yunxi fell into the water, causing the water to splash up for tens of thousands of feet. The surface of the water surged with a thousand ripples, and after a short while, it was as if Yunxi had also merged into the lake.

"Your Royal Highness, you can't stay here for too long. Be wary of that witch's tricks!" As the autumn wind blew along the shore, Huan Yue could smell an unusual and strange feeling, and all of them spoke in unison to remind her of this.

His eyes were deep and focused as he looked at the sparkling water surface under the moonlight. He knew that even though he used all of his strength just now, when that kick landed on the mysterious woman's back, he actually felt that his strength was absorbed by that woman's body.

This strange and mysterious woman, he wanted to capture her alive … He had never felt such a sense of danger before!

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