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The sudden laughter was exceptionally clear in this place where no one spoke.

Hearing the laughter, the Southern Dynasty's Crown Prince Fu Xi withdrew the surprise in his eyes, frowned and looked at Yun Weiyang, saying solemnly: "Who are you, why did you not kneel when you saw this prince?"

Yun Weiyang did not even blink her eyelids, as her body slightly lowered her red lips: "I have been here for a long time, and have never seen anything of the world before. I hope that Your Highness will not take offense."

Although he knew that Yun Weiyang's actions were extremely rude, Huangfu Xi could do nothing about it. His snow-white clothes accentuated Yun Weiyang's temperament, making him look like a plum flower in winter. Waving his hand, Huangfu Xi said: "Forget it."

Yun Sheng stood up from the ground, walked up to Huangfu Xi, and said respectfully: "I wonder why Crown Prince is here today?"

Huangfu Xi picked up the bright yellow cloth with one hand and spread out both his hands. When everyone saw this, they hurriedly kneeled on the ground and even the reluctant Yun Weiyang had no choice but to comply with the ancient ceremony, "With the blessing of the heavens, the emperor decrees that the Marquis of Pingxi's Residence has a woman named Weiyang, who is talented and talented, and that the marriage contract with the Prime Minister Feng Xue, will be held on this day."

Clenching his teeth, Yun Weiyang lowered her head and kneeled on the ground, "Thank you, your majesty."

Handing the imperial edict to Yun Weiyang, Huangfu Xi turned to look at the man behind him and asked: "Prime Minister, are you satisfied?"

Feng Xuehan stood five steps away from the crown prince. His clear voice carried a chill, and his picturesque face was calm as he said, "Many thanks for the favor, crown prince." These were obviously polite words, but they did not seem to lower his status at all from his mouth.

Huangfu Xi waved his hand. He didn't mind and said with a smile, "The Prime Minister is too polite. I also want to make a scene and see what kind of woman is able to form a connection with the Prime Minister." After he finished speaking, he looked deeply into Yun Weiyang's eyes, and spoke with an enigmatic tone: "Not bad, not bad."

Feng Xue Han's expression was cold, and he did not answer.

Yun Weiyang was speechless, what was written on there was not the slightest bit similar to her. In terms of looks, in front of Feng Xue Han, no matter how good one's looks were, they were inferior.

Yun Weiyang had originally wanted to leave this disgusting General's House, but wouldn't that interrupt her plans? With narrowed eyes, Yun Weiyang asked: "I have already broken off my relationship with the General's Manor, so where do I start with the matter of giving me a marriage?"

It was the dream of many women to marry the prime minister of the imperial court. Who would have thought that this woman would actually refuse him? Huangfu Xi's interesting eyes looked at Yun Weiyang up and down, and said: "Below the imperial edict, do you want to disobey the imperial edict?" As he said this, he suddenly changed the topic. "Extermination ? Nine ? Race!"

Upon hearing these words, the group of people standing in the courtyard couldn't help but reveal looks of fear towards death, as well as deep pleas for Yun Weiyang from their eyes.

His heart shivered, and just as he wanted to flare up, Huangfu Xi's voice sounded again: "Even if you want to leave the General's Estate, with the Yun Family's blood on you, how can you just leave like that?"

Looking at the lady's resentful gaze, Yun Weiyang came up with an idea. With a roll of her eyes, she smiled and said: "Since that's the case, then this little girl shall carry the decree. Being able to form a connection with the current Prime Minister is my dream." No matter how strong a person was, he could not be stronger than a nation. This was something Yun Weiyang knew very well.

He didn't expect that Yun Weiyang would change so quickly, this was completely outside of Huangfu Xi's expectations. Feng Xue Han, on the other hand, walked in front of Yun Weiyang with elegant yet steady steps, and held her hand. His cold voice carried a faint smile: "Being able to get to know Weiyang, is also my greatest honor."

Yun Weiyang, who was the closest to Feng Xue Han, couldn't help but roll her eyes at the sky. Do I know you well?

After knowing Feng Xue Han, he had never seen this man's smile before. Today, he actually smiled for Yun Weiyang, this was the sun rising from the west, it seems like this Yun Weiyang was not simple, Qingcheng's beauty made Huangfu Xi feel even more regret, he covered his disappointment and looked at the person on the ground and asked: "What happened?"

The Old Ancestor did not expect that the Crown Prince would come so suddenly, and his complexion turned extremely unsightly. Wasn't he asking for it just because he knew it? He held it in in his throat, not knowing what to do, and his face turned red.

Yun Weiyang had never been the type to flee, her bright and beautiful eyes did not even look at the corpse lying on the ground, but had forgotten that her hand was still in Feng Xue Han's hand, and said: "I did it."

"Why?" Although he could see everything clearly from outside the door, it was one thing to look at it. Hearing the other party admit to something was another, "Do you know that killing people is against the law!?"

With a smirk, Yun Weiyang said: "They are the ones who want to kill me, I have no reason not to retaliate."

Sweeping his gaze towards Yun Shengli, Huangfu Xi asked, "What exactly happened?"

Yun Sheng saw the Old Ancestor nod his head slightly out of the corner of his eye, and heaved a sigh of relief, signalling for the servants to bring up the chairs. Yun Sheng said seriously, "I'm really afraid that my own reputation would be tainted by Your Highness' ears."

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