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"What …"

As soon as he opened his mouth, he was frightened by his own hoarse voice. He opened his eyes wide, releasing his fist, and looked at the woman in his hand who was frantically running away. When he pulled off the chain, his heart skipped a beat.

What kind of evil woman was that? Not only did she injure him, he didn't even know when she would poison him! Fengxian's hands gripped the string of bells tightly. His vision turned black, his legs went soft, and his entire body slanted to the ground. "Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu."

"Your Highness... "Your Highness..."

As for Fengxian, he felt as if someone had drugged him with a drug of sweat. Before he fell asleep, however, that mysterious woman, with a hazy purple mist surrounding her, had her blade-like eyes swaying right in front of his eyes.

Such a vicious woman from Yan Kingdom … The day you shatter Yan Guoguo is the day you die, just you wait!

"Huan Yue, what should we do?" The autumn wind took off the hood, looking at the relatively calm Huan Yue with a face full of anxiety.

Huan Yue cautiously looked around, "This is the main peak of the God's Blessing Peak. I've long heard that it is easy to be ambushed here. Let's hurry and bring your highness back to the camp!"

"If the prince is poisoned, what should we do about the war tomorrow?" The battle between the three of them would be held tomorrow. Initially, the three of them wanted to head to the peak of the main peak, but who would've thought that on their way back to the camp, they would meet that weird demoness.

"Look. If it is not possible, we can only inform the generals about the situation we are looking at, and what is important right now is what poison is in the prince! " Huan Yue said and mounted her horse. With a face full of purple, she rode her horse along with the autumn wind, galloping towards the military camp of China located outside of the Godhead Peak.

"Heh …" "Hehe …!"

After the noise of the horses' hooves had died down, from the other side of the lake, a clear luster revealed the shadows of the trees. After a moment of silence, a light laugh could be heard.

"Young Master, what are you laughing about?"

"Lan Shu, just now was truly marvelous …"

Just as he finished speaking, a white silhouette slowly floated down from the dense treetops. Moonlight flashed, as if the moon was once again shaken by this man in front of her whose face was as clear as snow.

"Young Master... This place couldn't be stayed for long. It was truly a place where crouching tigers, hidden dragons, and unfathomable dragons were hidden. That girl just now … "He's actually crossed over the Phoenix County!" From the darkness, the voice called Lan Shu's faintly traveled out, blending in with the rustling sound of the leaves. It was extremely strange.

The man stood by the water's edge and looked at the ripples on the surface of the water. He gave a gentle smile as if he was talking to air, "The God's Might Mountain is indeed a place to hide gods. We were fortunate enough to run into a goddess!"

Clang! Clang …

The old woman heard the door being opened and looked in the direction of the voice. She saw a figure stumbling into the house.


When the old woman saw who it was, she hurriedly turned around and walked out.

When she reached the door, under the dim light of the candlelight, she saw Yun Xi standing at the door. She covered her chest with her hand and stood at the entrance with a pale face.

"Grandma, you … "Why aren't you asleep yet!" It was already pretty good that she was able to endure it and run back. A few hours ago, that light man kicked her in the back, and even though she absorbed most of her strength, the other half still managed to injure her internally. Otherwise, no matter what, she would still kill that man, and not find a chance to escape.

"What? Didn't I tell you to go out and take the golden hairpin?" When Yun Bushu hastily reached out her hand to touch Yun Xi's pulse, she was stunned by Yun Xi's chaotic pulse. It was an internal injury, but there was also a powerful internal force rampaging within Yun Xi's body due to it not being able to merge with her body.

"Pfft …"

Without waiting for Yunxi to answer Yun Bushu's question, a mouthful of black blood gushed out from her mouth. Yunxi's entire body collapsed by the door as if she had lost all of her strength!

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