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Thinking of Yun Weiyang's emotionless and cold-blooded actions, Lin Xixi's legs were still trembling. If this person did not get rid of her, he would definitely become a huge threat to her, so she intentionally said with a trembling voice: "Mother, think about it, when did Yun Weiyang train in martial arts? Forget killing people, she would not even want to trample an ant to death, but now, her hands, that clean technique, can simply be compared to an expert."

If it were not for the many years of experience they had, they would not have had such a fierce look in their eyes. No matter what Yun Weiyang was, as the one who treated her today, she had threatened to take revenge on her.

Thinking of this, the Old Ancestor nodded and looked at Jiang Yuzhen, who was in charge of all the family matters. His deep voice sounded, "Then, how do you think we should settle this?"

Jiang Yuzhen was secretly delighted, but she did not show it on her face. She made a gesture of rubbing her neck and said, "Mother, Yun Weiyang is possessed by an evil being, and my wife is a mortal. What can she do?"

"Evil being?"

"Could it be that Yun Weiyang is possessed by a demon?"

For a moment, the entire hall was in an uproar. That terrified expression made it seem as if Yun Weiyang was really a monster.

"Alright!" The old ancestor who was holding onto a cane knocked on the ground a few times, looking at everyone with a dissatisfied expression, "Such a ruckus, how unbecoming."

Although the Old Ancestor handed over the power to Jiang Yuzhen, the position of the Old Ancestor was still there. With that said, the entire hall became silent. All of them looked at the Old Ancestor with fear and trepidation.

The Old Ancestor pondered for a moment, then said in a deep voice: "After all, Yun Weiyang was bestowed the marriage by the Emperor to be the Prime Minister." A brilliant light flashed through the Old Ancestor's eyes. "If something goes wrong, it's not something that we can afford."

Remembering that the Yun Illusory Butterfly that was lying on the bed had longed for Feng Xue Han all along, but was now snatched away by that seductive Yun Weiyang. Lin Xi Xia became extremely angry and said: "Mother, you're wrong.

The Old Ancestor seemed to be deep in thought. Just as he was about to speak, he saw her eldest son, Yun Sheng, quickly walk in.

Walking in, Yun Sheng bowed deeply to the Old Ancestor and said, "Mother."

Seeing her eldest son, the Old Ancestor revealed a rare look of gratification. "Hurry and get up."

"Yes sir!" Raising his body, Yun Sheng walked forward. When he saw that his mother was fine, he asked, "Mother, are you alright?" Yun Sheng was very clear on how Yun Weiyang had treated the Old Ancestor. He was not afraid that something would happen to his mother, and rushed over with the doctor.

"No worries!" The Old Ancestor was very pleased with his son's filial piety. Out of the corner of his eye, he inadvertently winked at Jiang Yuzhen.

Jiang Yuzhen, who had been by the Old Ancestor's side all year, naturally understood what he meant. She walked forward and asked softly: "Master, how are you going to deal with Weiyang?"

"How do we deal with what?" Yun Sheng didn't understand what Jiang Yuzhen meant.

"Are you not curious about where Yun Weiyang's martial arts came from?" Having lived with Yun Sheng for so many years, Jiang Yuzhen could more or less guess what he was thinking. Otherwise, the power of the family would not fall into her hands.

Thinking of Yun Weiyang's powerful skills, her every move echoed in Yun Sheng's mind. How could he not know that Yun Weiyang had such a powerful skill?

Yun Sheng knit his brows tightly together as he asked in a heavy voice, "What do you want to say?"

Lin Xixi who had suddenly opened her mouth sneered, "Big brother, that day when Yun Weiyang slipped and fell into the water, the doctor diagnosed that she was already dead but she is now alive and well ?"

"What do you mean?"

Lin Xixi's face was gloomy as she said, "Big brother, your daughter, Yun Weiyang, is already dead. She must have been bent over by something when she appeared in front of us."

"Impossible!" Yun Sheng replied straightforwardly, but his heart felt like it was being clawed by a cat. Recalling Yun Weiyang's abnormality, his heart skipped a beat, could it be true?

Seeing Yun Sheng was about to waver, Lin Xi Xia casually said, "It might not be possible, big brother, you know what to do."

After pondering for a moment, Yun Sheng looked at the Old Ancestor and asked, "Mother? What do you think? " He could not finish his sentence. After all, Yun Weiyang was his daughter.

Yun Weiyang was the beginning of the disaster, and he had to do it. With a light sigh, the Old Ancestor nodded and said: "Mother also felt that something was amiss."

He did not expect that his mother would say such things. The last remaining hope in Yun Sheng's heart was all but gone.

"Ah, my son, how many times have you met the enlightened master of the Tzu Guang Temple? Can you ask for his help?"

"Master, the Great Master of Tzu Guang Temple is not an ordinary monk. I heard that Great Master Ran is not only skilled in Buddhist arts, but also knows good fortune." Jiang Yuzhen looked at Yun Sheng and said, "If Grandmaster Ran is willing to show his face, he will be able to solve our confusion."

The Tzu Guang Temple was built in the outskirts of the capital and was the first Buddhist temple of the Southern Dynasty. It was built on a rocky peak with thousands of peaks.

It was already dusk when Yun Sheng arrived at the Tzu Guang Temple. The setting sun hung halfway up the precipitous cliff face, and the blood-red color of the sun seemed as if it was about to bleed.

The boundless twilight gradually spread out like mist, and the mountains on all sides also seemed to be gloomy. Under the shadow of the majestic pine trees, the ancient halberd sounds of ringing bells and the smoke rising into the air were heard.

While Yun Sheng was observing intently, a young monk walked out. He sized Yun Sheng up and asked, "May I ask if you are Yun Sheng's benefactor?"

"That's me!" Yun Sheng nodded emphatically and asked, "How did young benefactor know I was coming?"

The little monk bowed and said, "Yes, Grandmaster Zhe Ran knew that you were coming and wanted me to wait here." With that, the little monk gestured for Yun Sheng to follow him.

Yun Sheng nodded his head and followed the young monk around the main hall and side hall of the Tzu Guang Temple. After walking for a while, they saw a small room. The young monk led Yun Sheng in and said, "Master, Benefactor Yun has arrived."

An old monk in his fifties was knocking on the door rhythmically with a wooden fish in his hand. When he heard the commotion at the door, he stopped and said slowly, "You may leave!"

"Yes sir!" After the young monk said this, he closed the door and lightly walked out.

Yun Sheng, who was standing at the door, bowed deeply towards the grand master and said respectfully, "Grandmaster."

"Amitabha!" Putting the wooden fish aside, Grandmaster Qing Ran slowly stood up and turned around, "Benefactor Yun, please take a seat."

Hearing this, Yun Sheng sat on the chair, neither haughty nor humble. After hesitating for a moment, Fang said, "Master, since you have already predicted that I will come today, I believe you understand why I have come."

The Great Master nodded, but did not speak.

"Then, Master, can you answer my question?"

The grand master's clear eyes looked up into the sky, and the soft sigh was especially clear in this quiet space, "These few days, I have been observing the sky. I have discovered that the planet has turned from grey to glowing."

"So, my little girl?"

Grandmaster Zhaoge clasped his hands and said, "Buddha's Day is something that cannot be said."

Yun Sheng did not understand what Master Ye meant and said anxiously: "Now that my daughter, Yun Weiyang's, temperament has changed greatly, everyone in the residence suspects that my daughter has been possessed by someone. May I ask Master, what do I do now?"

"You can't leak it." Grandmaster Qing Qing replied calmly, "Yes and no, she is your daughter."

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