The President's beloved:Sienna/C6 Episode-6||“The different hug “
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The President's beloved:Sienna/C6 Episode-6||“The different hug “
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C6 Episode-6||“The different hug “

"Sis! Oh Jesus! What a surprise!", exclaimed Anthony, hugging Grace. Sienna nodded at him who smiled and nodded in return." Bro, she is my best friend, Sienna. She works as a chef here at Anna Bar and Restaurant. "They shook hands with each other as Anthony acclaimed her," Bravo! "She chuckled and he continued, "I am pleased to hear it, dear. Can you please help me by serving a wide variety of yummy cuisines for my lunch? I fall to your feet!"

"Hey, what happened? Zara despatched your lunch to your office, right? This is so bad of you. I will complain. Note it!", rebuked his younger sister.

"But she doesn't cook good, delicious, and mouth-watering food. Don't you think I deserve it? I distributed her lunch to the maids at my office. I seriously cannot handle her boring burgers and spicy sandwiches. I too need a change", explained he. He then shrugged at Sienna, asking, "Don't you think so, dear?"

Sienna chuckled again, nodding and giving him a hi-fi. He sighed, turning his coat," However, I shouldn't blame her."

"Woah! Bro?" interrupted Grace, placing her hand on his shoulder and raising her eyebrows.

"Yeah, Grace. She is busy enough to handle our two kids who are as naughty as her. Hand-in-hand, she somehow manages her food blogging and catches up with her fans too. Great work, I must say!", concluded Anthony. He returned to consciousness and finally jumped to the point, "By the way, why are you here? Is your office so lenient? I see probably that's why you ditched the branch at Boston", judged he, laughing aloud.

Grace bet his shoulder amiably. Her bestie specified that they were in need of the last night's footage from the guard who denied it as her manager refused to permit her. Grace grabbed his hand and pleaded that they definitely needed his help in this regard.

"OH! I too came across the viral video today. It's being circulated wildly on WhatsApp groups as well...", added Anthony.

"That's okay, sir. Every little thing goes viral in a fraction of a second nowadays. My aim is to prove the gentleman innocent to the cops and get him released at the earliest. This isn't fair to arrest someone who was the good guy in the entire battle", said Sienna, pointing out her grievance.

"Yes, it's thus my aim too. We must save him. We too somehow turned out to be the indirect reasons behind his arrest. Please help us", repleaded Grace.

"Anthony sir, you are our only hope for this is the only solution available at this point in time. I hope you understand…", requested Sienna, joining her hands and with a drop of tear in her eyes.

Anthony nodded, guaranteeing, "Girls, go and carry on your work now. Leave this matter to me. I will take care and you both chill. "No sooner had they nodded and began walking towards the lawn that he called out," Grace, I need you. I need a technical person and I believe that you can be a better fit to help me out. "Grace nodded at him and stayed while Sienna waved at them and ran towards the entrance of the restaurant.

"What are we going to do now, bro?", asked Grace, bulging her eyes and shrugging with her long, thin, and red drops swinging along. He gestured for her to wait and leaned on the medium-sized brown pots of hibiscus placed behind him on the wall too tall to exceed the point of his hip. The pot fell down, on the other side and broke.

"What the fuck are you doing? What's wrong with you?", screamed his clueless younger sister.

The guard opened his door, and frowned on both sides, anticipating some suspicious attack. Anthony whispered to Grace, "Go and hide behind the bushes on the lawn right away. Disappear from here before he spots you. Go go away!", pushing her away. She shrugged; upon his further insistence, as he kept looking at her and the guard alternately and panicking, she rushed towards the lawn.

He packed his little wallet inside his pants pocket and smiled in solitaire. The guard just stepped out of his cabin he rushed towards him, crying and freaking," Sir, please help me find my wallet. It's missing. Urgh! I had a thousand dollars or so in it. Above all, it was the only sign of my dead family's last photos. Alas! How could I be so careless? Help me, please! I left it inside your hotel..."

Hiding behind the bushes, Grace threw her mouth open and placed her right palm on her dark red lipstick highlighting her sexy lips." Bro, not fair again! Did you kill all of us for such a petty thing? Zara and I will surely look after you today. Return home let's see…"

"When?", questioned the guard, filling his empty plastic bottle with water from the aquifer.

"Huh? Hmm huh...", dragged the blank guy as Grace slapped her own forehead in hiding. She thought that they would be caught red-handed then.

"Yeah, I lost it now. I had my dinner ten minutes ago and came out…", managed he, sighing and coughing again.

"Dinner in the noon?", asked the guard, checking him out.

"Oh...I meant lunch. I hail from a small town where we call lunch dinner and breakfast brunch. Weird, right?", asked he, laughing his heart aloud. He turned back and silently winked at his sister while the guard was busy chuckling and nodding at his attitude.

"Don't worry, sir. We will find it here...", convinced the guard, escorting him inside the hotel.

"No this is something to bother about. Why do I feel that your hotel lacks security? Huh! My poor wallet...", cried he, secretly gesturing for Grace to get inside the cabin. She smiled at him who had gone inside the building by then. She chuckled, thinking," Woah bro you are so fucking smart!" and ran towards the cabin.

"Thank great heavens that the other guards are busy at the special training today!", exclaimed she, sitting on the rolling chair and glancing at the live footage appearing on the desktop's screen. She quickly checked out the history and glanced through it to spot the last night's footage for the night bar. She smiled as she downloaded the videos and mailed them to herself. She sighed and sweated profusely, as she logged out of her mail and removed her account.

Meanwhile, the guard observed table after table while Anthony pretended to weep," Oh Jesus! My money! My family...urgh Ethan, Emily, Zara I love you urgh huh!" He rushed upstairs. His fake complainer stopped trembling as soon as Grace's message popped up on his phone's screen. He then peeped inside the kitchen on the way, gestured the thumbs-up, and smiled at Sienna who chuckled and smiled in return. She turned back to the frying pan and resumed frying the vegetables with an added layer of enthusiasm.

"Sir?", called out the guard, standing at the top of the staircase.

He rushed upstairs, gulping his fear and wearing a blank face once again. He suddenly pointed at a brown door having the cartoon of a lady on it and exclaimed," Yes! I remembered…I last had it here. I guess I dropped it here. Thank you!"

"Sir, but it's...", the guard tried to stop him, but all in vain, as he banged the door open and hurried inside. A young blonde was seen putting on her zip, standing in the passage of the restrooms inside the loo." You creep!", screamed she, at which he checked her out, exclaiming, "Wow cutie!"

She grabbed the little brush beside the washbasin and threw it at him, yelling again. He instantly rushed outside and took his wallet out of his pocket. Displaying it to the stunned guard, he concluded, "Thank you! I found it!" and rushed downstairs like a bullet train before the lady could come out of the loo and target him; she looked hither and thither and shrugged at the guard who shrugged in return, smiled to himself and set off downstairs.

"One plate of fried chicken and then a plate of Californian burrito and then…", ordered Anthony, at a table in the middle of the restaurant. The guard patted his shoulder, enquiring," Sir, didn't you say you just ate now? "He slammed his own head, gestured the waiter to leave, stood up, nodded, and left. "Jesus! Ain't I gifted enough to relish my dinner...urgh lunch?!", murmured he, making his way on the passage between the lawn and the building, as he headed towards the gate.

The snowy breeze enriched goosebumps on Sienna's hands and legs as she stood outside the police station, with her long brown and little curly hair dancing to the rhythm of the night breeze. She stood like a loner that night in the dark street illuminated by hardly three street lights and the bright crescent which had waxed to three-fourth of its size.

All of a sudden, she heard footsteps from behind, at which she smiled and turned back. David adjusted the full-length sleeves of his shirt, as he walked outside the police station, looking down at the ground. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she ran towards him and hugged him firmly. He blushed and hugged her back.

Massaging her hair and moving her fingers through her hair, he promised," Nancy, I am back. "The stunned girl opened her eyes and attempted to release herself from his cozy arms.

"Oh god! This seems to be weird. It's a different hug from his end", wondered she.

"Don't worry. I will always be here for you. Always, Nancy…always", he whispered in her ears.

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