The President's beloved:Sienna/C8 Episode-8||“Merdo “
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The President's beloved:Sienna/C8 Episode-8||“Merdo “
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C8 Episode-8||“Merdo “

"What!", exclaimed David, enquiring, "Where do you live then?"

"Luna's ladies' hostel Western Avenue", replied she.

David nodded and smiled at the windscreen as he drove. He asked her, "Where is your native?", as he took a left turn.

"Los Angeles. I have been here ever since my birth.", answered she.

He turned at her only to catch her smiling at him. He frowned yet, asking, "How come no home then? Where do your parents or siblings stay?"

She smiled again, elaborating, "I am an orphan. I studied from the orphanage's little investments and the Government's scholarships which I managed to earn through my hard work."

For the first time, she noticed a drop of tear in his brown eyes which otherwise frowned at her like a strict professor. "Sorry to hear that, Sienna.", said he, at which she shook her head and faked a smile. She looked outside through the window glass and grew engrossed in swallowing her tears. Although the road was busy with cars and buses almost in every direction one could turn one's head, the scene of a red car hitting a tree flashed in front of her eyes.

She closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat. The scene faded deep inside her eyes, after a couple of seconds. She sighed and opened her eyes to witness their car being trapped in the middle of a traffic jam." Oh shit! Traffic!" exclaimed she, at him who was busy tapping the steering wheel and shaking his legs.

"Huh! Why doesn't he respond? Such a weird guy!", wondered she, turning back at the window glass. She yawned and looked back at him who was then busy gazing at the traffic lights. She sighed, wondering, "Why is he so damn silent? He acts like a kid at times."

"When will the jam clear? When will I reach home? OH! This is the most boring ride ever.", judged she, yawning again; this time, her eyes had reddened with tears rolling down her cheeks. She took out her handkerchief from her pants pocket and cleaned her face. Her eyes began to shut. She shook her head and reminded herself," Sienna, what the fuck? What are you doing? How could you sleep, sitting beside the driver? Control, silly girl!"

Her eyes shut and she leaned back relaxedly on her seat. A truck honked at which she opened her eyes. She slapped herself and decided," Oh shit! I cannot handle the situation. Let me initiate the conversation with this guy."

"So, David! What are you?", asked she, displaying a wide grin at him.

"I am the President of Johnsons Medical Instruments", introduced he, driving a bit as a few cars in the front of the jam crossed it.

"Nice!", complimented she, introducing herself, "I am a chef at…"

"Nah! Grace told me about you", interrupted he.

She turned away from him, frowning at the glass window and wondering," Huh! So, what if I repeat and introduce myself? His eardrums won't blast. Such a meano and weirdo-merdo he is." She smiled at him who was busy staring at the traffic light. She turned back at the window and staring at the mall outside, came to the point," Sienna, whatever you do, don't sleep. I need to do something or the other to keep myself awake. What shall I do?"

As she shook her legs and sighed looking outside, she suddenly felt someone's hand on her left leg. She screamed and turned to only see David catching her leg. He removed his hand and smiled as she shrugged, dragging and asking," What? "He chuckled and shook his head.

"Why are you so scared?", enquired he.

"Anyone would be if someone suddenly touches them like that. It's reflex. You are such a well-educated man. I can't believe that you are asking me such a basic question. Ha-ha!", replied she, faking a burst of laughter.

He pointed his hand at her and laughed aloud. "What happened? Why are you laughing?", questioned she, at which he laughed more.

"You are so cute and funny, Nancy.", complimented he, laughing yet. She smiled as he leaned back on his seat and laughed, displaying his clean white teeth as he looked up at the car's black ceiling; his stomach shook and he closed his eyes at times. She frowned at him, thinking, "Nancy again? Who is she and why is he repeatedly taking her name especially when he is with me?"

"Who is Nancy again?", asked she, at which he stopped laughing. He sat straight and frowned at her. As the vehicles in front of their car began moving, he too resumed driving.

"I just wanted to say not to shake your legs. It's considered bad and ill-mannered when a girl shakes her legs. That's all!", concluded he, driving.

She shrugged at his non-responsiveness and turned back at the window. She grabbed her phone from her handbag and called Alice twice, but all in vain, for the latter was said to be out of reach.

Sienna thought of dialing Grace but then guessed that she might be busy after her long day. She kept on yawning for the next couple of minutes until her eyes shut again and she dozed off.

He turned towards her as her head slid down her seat; she slept, lying towards him like a baby on the slang. He grabbed a small plastic water bottle from his drawer. He parked the vehicle, opened the bottle, and splashed almost all the water on her face.

"Oh shit!", exclaimed she, waking up, at once. She saw the emptied water bottle in his hand and followed it to see him bulging his eyes at her. "What's wrong with you?", asked she.

"Sorry, I cannot concentrate if the person beside me sleeps while I drive my car", emphasized he, peeping outside and throwing the bottle properly into the bin three feet away as if he targeted it!

While he continued driving, "Huh! Such a merdo!" thought she, shrinking her eyes at him. She defended herself," Oh David! Listen to me-I cannot sit silently for such a long time. "Her eyes went over the blank screen of the audio system in front of her.

"Let me at least play songs!", she exclaimed and smiled, extending her hand to press the button.

"Stop!", yelled he, catching her hand. "Neither can I concentrate with songs being played in the background. Distractions over distractions. It's annoying. Can't you stay quiet for at least a minute?", he screwed her, as he drove, looking front. She tried to release her hand from his which held hers firmly.

"My hand", said she.

"What?", shouted he, without looking at her.

"David, can you please leave my hand?", asked her. He looked at her with his meek and hesitant eyes. Her timid eyes were all on her hand attempting to free itself from his captivity. He followed her eyes and left her hand.

She grinned at him, concluding, "Okay, I got it. So, I think you can still concentrate if we talk. No problem! Let's just speak."

He ignored her and continued driving while she emphasized, "Tell me who Nancy is. Didn't you mention her name just now and even when you hugged me at the station and even during our first meeting at the Anna night bar? Something is definitely there…Why do you remember her so much? Above all, I want to know why you call me by her name? Tell me...feel free to share anything with me…"

"Shut up and get out", said he, interrupting her, as he stopped the car.

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