The Price Of Cheating/C13 STORY FOUR Chapter 1
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The Price Of Cheating/C13 STORY FOUR Chapter 1
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C13 STORY FOUR Chapter 1

STORY FOUR: I Married The Man Who Divorced Three Times

Chapter 1

Maybe he would have lied to me for the rest of his life if I hadnt had three years of childlessness and my mother-in-law and I had had a fight and let it slip.

After learning the news, Su Baosen said to me, "Zhang Beibei, don't act like this. Didn't you know that I was divorced before we got married? What do you mean by this? "

I looked at Su Baosen and the man in front of me who had been sleeping with me for three years. I subconsciously smiled. I fiercely grabbed his clothes and tried to put my face close to his breathing. I asked him in disbelief:

"Ah, yes, you did tell me that you were divorced, but you never told me that you were divorced three times and that you actually had two children outside! "

But just as I was determined to divorce him, I became pregnant.

I wasnt going to tell him that all I thought about at the time was divorce, and I didnt give a damn about the kids, either to get rid of them or to have them, and I took care of them myself, that was all.

But Sobson knew. He knelt in front of me, snot and tears running down his face, and he kept slapping his mouth and shouting abuse at himself.

I asked him, "Is that funny? "

Sobson didnt say anything. He just held my leg tight with his head down.

Later, when I was more than five months pregnant, it was Sopson who accompanied me to the maternity check-up, and the doctor said the baby was healthy, and Sopson was happy to take a picture, and I took a picture with him and sent it to my circle of friends.

When I got home that night and opened my WeChat, a few friends who knew all about it exploded.

They persuaded me to leave Su Baosen as soon as possible. Some of them were even worse. They said directly to me,

"Are you cheap? He's been divorced three times, but you still treat trash that others don't want as a treasure. "

Yeah, I'm a bitch.

I cut off all the chat logs, typed in mosaics from name to name, and sent them all to Sopson's cell phone.

The content on the phone made him blush. He stood up and asked me loudly who those people were. Looking at his furious look, I laughed and laughed at him. "So what if I told you? You only have the ability to bully me in your entire life. "

And then I went back inside and locked the door and I held the pillow and I cried。

Just like when he knelt in front of me. I dont know how many excuses I gave myself for him.

I even lied to myself that he didnt mean it, that maybe he had told me the truth, that I had forgotten, that even if he had lied to me, he still loved me, and I could accept it for the sake of my children.

I lied to myself as best I could. I covered my eyes with a strip of cloth.

But I can't stand it!

He was the liar, and I was the liar.

Sopson was really not very handsome, but he was clean, and I remember an aunt in my far room urging me to meet him.

He gave me the address of the blind date in the coffee shop under my office building. "I know you're busy, "He said. "It saves you a lot of hassle. "

He was so warm that he even brought me a present the first time we met, a piece of hand-made soap he said he had made it, which I believed, and now that I think about it, it might have come from a few dollars on some treasure.

However, in that case, I was completely blindfolded by him, I naively thought that he really good, like every day a text greeting, every day a sweet word to say.

I asked him, "Are you free every day? You always send me WeChat. "

But he said to me, "I don't know why, but whenever I see something interesting, I always want to share it with you.

In fact, at the time, his humor and humor really struck me, if not exactly like, but also not boring.

Then we fell in love, and for the first time he offered to go to my house, to see my parents, and to ask my parents for their opinion of us together.

He was really decent. The first time he came to my house, he brought a lot of things with him. He spoke very tactfully and didn't greet anyone. He ran into the kitchen with his head lowered and helped my father share the household chores.

He said to my mother, "Auntie, I won't hide it from you. I was divorced once, so I know how hard it is to get married. "

He spoke very sincerely. Even though I had mentioned it to my mother once, my mother still held Su Baosen's hand with a smile and said to him, "Bebe, I'll have to leave it to you from now on. "

When I was in love with him, I was really busy. I was extremely strong. For a project, I often stayed up late and worked overtime. The pressure of working made my head ache continuously. At this time, Su Baosen would always send me videos on WeChat without saying a word. He kept it on, even when he was fast asleep.

I asked him, "You have a mine at home, and it's so expensive? "

He smiled and said to me, "It's fine. We have Wi-Fi at home, and the electricity bill isn't worth much. Just spend it. I know you're afraid of the dark. With me around, you won't be afraid. "

Sometimes, when I got bored with the job, I would holler out of thin air, and on the other end of the video, Sopson would rub his eyes and look at me innocently and ask me what was wrong.

At that time, he was really handsome.

Only later did I realize that he had never been handsome, only that I had loved him.

He said a lot of love words to me, I remember, and the one I remember most was what he said to me on my birthday.

"You see, "He said, "There's a treasure in my name, and a shell in your name, and together we're a treasure. "

He said he would be good to me all his life, because with me his life would be precious.

I really thought I had found my destiny. I really thought I would be lucky enough to live happily ever after.

It was not until about a year after the wedding that Sopson picked up her mother that it all changed.

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