The Price Of Cheating/C14 STORY FOUR Chapter 2
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The Price Of Cheating/C14 STORY FOUR Chapter 2
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C14 STORY FOUR Chapter 2

STORY FOUR: I Married The Man Who Divorced Three Times

Chapter 2

When my distant aunt introduced Su Baosen to me, she told me, "This child is very filial. She lost her father when she was young, and her mother raised her hard. This child is also very successful. She went to college and even went to graduate school. She is very good to her mother. "

It was because of this that I, who had always resented blind dates, went to see Sopson for the first time and even married him.

My mother always said that filial piety is always kind.

However, my mother forgot to tell me that filial piety is never dependent on parents, but can be worthy of parents to rely on.

However, Su Baosen was the former. Rather than being a filial person, he was more like a child who had not been weaned.

Without even asking, if I fell in the water with his mother, he wouldnt hesitate to choose his mother over me.

The first few times we met were really nothing. My mother-in-law was also very good to me. She had a kind expression on her face. But when we really lived together, everything changed.

Sopson told me how lonely her mother was, and how she wanted to come and live with us, and how it would help us both, and at first I disagreed, and I resisted, but his mother came anyway.

My mother-in-law seemed to have a lot of opinions about me ever since we got married. She told me, "My heart aches for my son. It's not easy for him. From now on, don't let him work at home. You have to help him with the housework. "

I said, "Okay. "

But when I got home, I felt like I was losing my mind. I didn't want to do anything but sit there on the couch, and when my mother-in-law saw me, her mouth was full of thoughts.

At first I was embarrassed, too, and forced myself to get up and mop and do the housework, but once I came to work and it hurt so bad that when I got home I went back to bed without dinner.

I told Su Baosen, I said, "I feel bad, you clean up the dishes today. "

My mother-in-law was displeased when she heard that. She leaned against the door and pointed at me and said some bitter words. Her core idea was that I was"Lazy and pretentious. "

She talked about me for a long time, maybe half an hour. I was really in pain and was in a terrible mood. I just got up and said, "Mom, I really feel bad today. "

Su Baosen immediately turned around and said to me, "Who are you throwing your face at? This is my mother! "

I looked incredulously at Su Bausen's face. I hadn't said anything, I just felt terrible pain. He knew all this, but he was still angry with me.

I don't want to fight, I turn around and lie down, and I pull the covers up, and I tell myself that Sopson did it to make sure his mom doesn't know what to do,

But the door was open, and Sue sat in the living room with her mother-in-law, telling me off, bit by bit, until Sue came back to bed and fell asleep without a word.

It was the first time I felt a wave of sadness deep down.

Another time, I liked to throw the clothes into the washing machine. My mother-in-law said I had to wash them by hand, but I didnt say anything. I lowered my head and washed them one by one with soap.

But when she told me I wasnt clean enough to rinse again, and I said I was coming, my mother-in-law gave me a look of disgust and pushed me aside.

In the evening, I heard my mother-in-law say to Su Baosen, "Your daughter-in-law, my waist hurts from washing my clothes today. She just stood there and watched. She even moved my waist. "

I was stunned, but Sopson believed me, and he came back into the house and had a big fight with me, and we argued for about forty minutes, and his mother just kept rubbing her rag at the door for forty minutes, bit by bit, pretending to work.

I asked Su Baosen, "Does your mother believe everything she says? "

"Yes, that's my mom. She couldn't have lied to me, "He said.

But I was still your wife, Sopson, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, and you didnt believe a word I said.

It's not like I haven't had a fight with my mother-in-law.

That summer, I went shopping with some of my best friends and bought some beautiful dresses. After I went home to wash them, I hung them up and prepared to wear them in a few days. Later, I had something to do. When I got home, the clothes disappeared. I thought that my mother-in-law had put them away and didn't ask.

But a few days later, when my girlfriends asked me to go shopping again and wear the sisters' clothes I bought at that time, I couldn't find those clothes.

I asked my mother-in-law, but she told me very openly, "I threw it away. "

I looked surprised and asked her why.

But she put on a"You have the face to ask"Look and said to me: "That dress is so revealing, you wear it out to show who to show it to? "

When I told her that the cheapest piece of clothing cost six or seven hundred yuan, my mother-in-law was completely hysterical. She called me"Prodigal, "Saying that I didn't know how to live, that his son was working hard outside and it wasn't easy to earn that little money in a month, and all I knew was disaster.

I felt so wronged that I told my mother-in-law, "Your son earns 4,000 a month, I earn 8,000 a month, your son gets off work nine to five, and I have to work overtime like a dog every day. Who is not easy for me and him? "

My mother-in-law did not speak. Instead, she called Su Baosen and said that she was wronged. She said that I was not filial and bullied her.

After hearing this, Su Baosen came back not long after. He came up and scolded me without saying anything. I asked Su

Baosen and told him, "I was right. Why can't you listen to what I have to say? "

Su Baosen smiled and said to me, "Listen to what? Anyway, my mom is an old man. It's not easy for her to raise me. Why can't you let her? "

What else do you want me to do with her?

I told Su Baosen, "You don't have a house. You rented the house we live in. I married you purely for you. Otherwise, what do I want? Do you have money? "

Su Baosen's face turned red. He stammered for a long time, but he couldn't say a word. When Grandma saw this, she didn't like it. Instead, she scolded me loudly. She said:

"You still have the nerve to say that? When we got married, your father agreed to buy a car and said that he would get two hundred thousand yuan for my Bao Sen. In the end, he insisted on borrowing it and even asked my son to write a promissory note. What do you think of my family? "

She was very excited. She pointed at me and jumped up and down, scolding me. I asked her, "If your family didn't lie first and say that your family bought the house, if your family didn't lie first and say that they would return the money as a dowry, would my dad do that? If he bought the car, what about the dowry? When will you give it to him? "

"Money, money, money. All you know is money. You are a very bad woman. You only know how to squander! "

I closed the front door, the last thing I heard my mother-in-law say before I closed it. I didnt go home that night, not to his rented house, but to my mother-in-law's.

My father asked me what was wrong and I cried.

I cried all night and my parents looked at me all night, and I didnt know what I had thought, how I had married him in such a trance, whether the future he promised me was too good or the dreams he made for me were too happy, I didnt know anything at that moment, I only knew that at that moment I was really blinded, and I was desperate to marry him.

A few days later, Su Bao Sen came to my house to pick me up. My dad scolded him a lot. He didn't say anything. He just listened modestly. Finally, he told me, "My mom was wrong. She admitted her mistake. "

In the end, I chose to go home with him, and I told him that I had just talked my way out of it that day, that her mother had meant nothing by it but to feel sorry for her son, and that Sopson had only been a little too filial.

I had been lying to myself. I even felt blind not only in the eyes, but in the heart as well.

I asked him not to be so biased. I was his wife, not an outsider, not an enemy.

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