The Price Of Cheating/C18 STORY FIVE Chapter 2
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The Price Of Cheating/C18 STORY FIVE Chapter 2
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C18 STORY FIVE Chapter 2

STORY FIVE: After I Got Cancer, I Couldn't Bear To Part With The World

Chapter 2

This can't be hidden.

In fact, this matter could not be concealed at all. In the past, there would always be a plot in the TV series that said that the patient had an incurable disease, and the people beside him would hide it from him, and then how it would develop later on. In reality, there was no way to hide it from him at all.

I sat in the hospital for a long time, then drove home, where I had a gentle and virtuous wife, introduced by a friend, who was married in about half a year and had a very pleasant life after that, and I always thought of her as a gift from heaven, but how could I not tell her about it in a cruel way?

I made a table at home and waited for her to get off work, and when she came back she was surprised and asked me why I was getting off so early, and I said I had finished early and was coming home early.

We talked a lot at the dinner table, recalling all the years we had spent together, and there was one time when I remember having a terrible quarrel that made me blackmail all her contact details, and when I was drunk I went to her parents and cried and said she was bullying me, and who knew she was eating hotpot at home like nothing happened, and I bumped into her right in the middle of it.

I was even angrier, but it was hard to put on airs in front of the old man. I was so angry that I sat on the ground and cried. At this point, my wife also laughed and said that she had never seen such a naive person like me.

I also said yes. I don't know what happened at that time, but I felt cheated and wronged. We talked for a while, and I said to her, Yao Min, let me tell you something, don't get too excited.

"What is it? "

Maybe she thought I had something fun to share with her, like a raise or a raise or a trip I promised her long ago, but I never had time.

"I'm sick. "

I took out my medical certificate. "It's very serious. "

Many times later, I wondered if it was too cruel of me to do this. Putting a naked result in front of her, she was actually just an ordinary person.

My wife's stress response was obviously much more intense than mine. She kept asking me if it was true. She went to a few hospitals, but it was not reliable. How about we go back tomorrow? After a few hours, she finally looked at me and said, "You're only 30 years old. What should I do? "

What should we do?

I sat next to her and muttered, "What should I do? "

We didnt sleep that night. She spent the night with her medical certificate, calling people to find out what the numbers were.

The next day I was dragged around Beijing hospitals and hospitals with a lot of test sheets in my hands, each one like a nail nailed to a death rack, and I could see the nail growing out of the doctors hand and sticking inch by inch into my body.

I lived like this for three or four days, shuttling around the hospital every day, watching the doctors look at me the same way, telling them my history, knowing what she was expecting, expecting, even if they were wrong, that I wasnt a tumor, but something else, that had the same symptoms as a tumor, but not a tumor?

I finally took her hand and said, "Yao Min, stop looking for me. I am sick. I admit this fact, and you must admit it. "

She took my hand, and when she heard that, she burst into tears. I think it really takes a little time to get over this, both for me and for her.

I don't know if everyone feels like this, but the people who love you are often more excited than you are when you tell them something, and if it's a good thing, they'll be too excited to sleep for several nights, and if it's bad news, they'll sigh until next year, and you'll sleep it off.

I dont think theres anything to worry about. I came home with her and we had dinner and she wouldnt let me do anything, but I just wanted to say that I was sick-thats all.

Her attitude toward me was getting softer and softer, and she basically wouldn't let me do anything, and the people at work made the decision for me directly. Boss Liu also expressed his understanding, but I didn't understand. When I heard this news, it was like a thunderclap. She had cut off at least half of the family's financial resources.

I said to her, "Yao Min, are you crazy? Why didn't you discuss this with me in advance? ! "

She looked at me and said, "Your health doesn't allow you to work. "

"Who said I was still fine? ! "

She was silent.

"But how long can you last like this? "

After I examined this illness, Yao Min and I talked less and less. Although her work schedule was almost gone and she spent more time at home with me, I still felt that the entire family atmosphere was different. And I had to say one thing-women were really resilient. After Yao Min received this information, she had completed her role transformation in a short two to three days. From an innocent woman, she had become a woman who had a strong desire to protect.

She did not want me to go out, and even made plans for my daily schedule, for my illness required an early sleep and an early rise, so she put me to bed at nine o'clock and told me stories; I had to take a great deal of medicine every day, and she gave it to me as if I were a child.

I knew she was watching me carefully, guarding the feeling.

The monthly chemotherapy sessions, the daily handfuls of pills, kept destroying my body, and with them the complications, the pain, like an awl in my bones, made it impossible for me to sleep, impossible for me to sleep.

In fact, I could really accept the physical pain. If I really couldn't, I would just go to the hospital and get an injection of morphine. However, what happened next was the most troublesome thing

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