The Price Of Cheating/C5 STORY TWO Chapter 2
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The Price Of Cheating/C5 STORY TWO Chapter 2
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C5 STORY TWO Chapter 2

STORY TWO: He Changed After He Got His Dream Girl.

Chapter 2

As a witness of their love, I don't believe Oswald will cheat.

Oswald had secretly fallen in love with Caroline since his sophomore year. After chasing her for two years, he finally got her love before graduating.

Those who knew them, including me, thought that Caroline was so much out of his league. He was simply not worthy of her.

Who is Caroline? She is the top student of our journalism school. She is a famous talented girl.

In her sophomore year, she took part in the national college essay contest and won the first prize from countless participating students.

In junior year she was elected as head of the propaganda department of the School League Committee.

In Senior year she applied for an assistant in the principal's office, and it is said( anyway we ordinary students don't know how the principal's office works) that Caroline participated in the writing of principal's speech several times.

In addition, she was the president of the school News agency, the deputy president of the magazine, the backbone of the school's newspapers and magazines, the provincial student of the year, the national scholarship winner, and so on.

If all of these go into her resume, it would probably be a thick stack. She didn't live in the same world as those of us who can summarize the whole college life on a single page.

Caroline could not be considered very beautiful, but she was definitely a beautiful woman with a temperament. She had the air of the female lead in the popular movie "The Girls We Chased Over the Years. "In those days, which boy did not have such a princess in his heart?

She was the dream girl for the boys of journalism school.

Oswald was a terrible student. His grades were at the bottom of his class. Even in the English exam, I needed to pass him the answer. Otherwise, he would fail the exam.

Of course, we can't measure a man by his grades, but as one of his few female friends in college, I didn't see much good in him except that he was generous to his friends.

Anyway, I will not choose a boy with such average looks, character, average grades as boyfriend.

Even an ordinary girl like me would look down on Oswald. How could a dream girl like Caroline look up to Oswald?

However, Oswald had made up his mind to chase after this girl. It was said that he was attracted to her when he saw

Caroline speaking on behalf of older students at the welcoming party.

Later, he told me about how he fell in love over and over again. "I saw Caroline talking on stage, and her whole body was glowing! She was really, really beautiful! "

Oswald fell in love with Caroline and tried his best to approach her.

At that time, Caroline had a boyfriend and was also a famous top student in the entire school. The two of them were known as the best couple of top students and became the school's legend. Oswald silently worked as a back up for more than two years.

In senior year, Caroline broke up with her boyfriend, Oswald seized the opportunity.

Caroline was writing her thoughts and feelings on her blog, and most of her friends and classmates didn't know it. For a period of time, she especially liked the novelist EiLeen Chang, especially her novels about Hong Kong. She read Hong Kong novels such as "The First Furnace Incense, ""Love Falling City. "She read them many times and often wrote about them on blog.

No idea how Oswald found her blog, the beginning of December that year, he asked Caroline to travel on New Year's Day.

"Where are we going on such a cold day? I don't want to go, "Caroline refused.

"I heard that the New Year fireworks in Victoria Harbour are very beautiful, "Oswald replied. "I have already bought you a ticket and booked a hotel. I have prepared all the itinerary guides. All you need to do is get your passport and visa and we can go. "

"Go to Hong Kong? "Caroline didn't expect Oswald to know that she liked Hong Kong and give her such a big surprise.

"That's right, I've already done the preparation. The places you like: Taiping Mountain, Repulse Bay Hotel, Victoria

Harbor, and MacLehose. As long as you want to go, we can leave as you wish, "Oswald seduced.

"This isn't good, is it? "Caroline was still hesitating.

That night, Caroline went back to her dormitory after studying. Her roommates immediately surrounded her and said enviously, "Caroline, I heard that you're going to Hong Kong. Can you purchase something for us? "

Caroline's heart trembled as she asked, "How did you know I was going to Hong Kong? "

At that moment, Caroline's cell phone rang. It was Oswald. "Caroline, tomorrow afternoon you should go back your hometown to get your visa done. "

At that time, the visa must be applied at one's hometown, Caroline needed to return to home to apply for a pass.

"I have already booked a ticket for you to go home. You don't want me to refund the ticket now, do you? There will be a deduction! "

Under Oswald's coaxing and coercion, Caroline could only compromise and go home to get a visa.

After that, everything went smoothly. Caroline eventually followed Oswald to Hong Kong for New Year's Eve. They played in Hong Kong for more than a week. If it wasn't for the final exams, the two of them might have stayed even longer.

Hong Kong trip, can not be said to be unforgettable to Caroline, but in her heart left a good impression.

She did not expect Oswald to be so romantic. He took her to see the fireworks in Victoria Harbour and took her to roam around Hong Kong by Zhang Ailing, even though things had changed a long time ago.

After returning from Hong Kong, Caroline fell into conflict.

On the one hand, she was touched by Oswald's romantic intentions. On the other hand, she vaguely felt that she did not like boys like Oswald. After all, his grades were so poor, and there was nothing particularly attractive about him.

After struggling for a while, Caroline decided to clarify things with Oswald.

She invited Oswald to the playground and told him that he was not her type, so she told him not to spend any more effort on her in the future.

Oswald listened to Caroline's refusal and remained silent for a long time before saying, "Caroline, I've spent all my time and effort on you. Other than you, I won't treat another woman like this. "

Oswald disappeared in Caroline's life, Caroline just found that she was unwittingly spoiled by Oswald, and now she couldn't get used to life without him.

She couldn't get a seat in the study room. Oswald used to help her, he had to wait in line outside the school building at five in the morning.

Oswald's school bag contained all kinds of drinks because she was not used to drinking water.

She was on duty in the principal's office until 12: 00, and the restaurant started selling at 11: 30. By the time she went to the restaurant, all the delicious food had been sold out. Oswald used to help her buy food in advance ...

Oswald was not much better. He went to Hong Kong with Caroline. He thought that the relationship between the two of them had worked out. He thought that victory would be right in front of him, but Caroline refused him.

He was in pain and often went out for a drink.

Once, on his way back to school one night after drinking, his cell phone ran out of battery and he didnt have his wallet, so he borrowed the taxi drivers cellphone to call me and ask me to take the money to the north gate of the school to pick him up.

I got him back from the driver and helped him back, and halfway there he squatted on the curb and vomited.

I took a few steps back in disgust and couldn't help but chide him, "Isn't it just because you lost her love? There are plenty more fish in the sea , why must you fall in love with Caroline alone? Other than a little talent, she isn't pretty either-"

He vomited and said nothing.

I went on, "How about I introduce you to a girl ? "

With his back to me, he put one hand on the trunk of a tree by the side of the road, leaned his head on his arm, and sat down on the ground, twitching and whimpering in his throat.

Was he crying?

I have never seen a boy cry, and it was because of the loss of love, looking at his painful appearance, it is really quite pitiful.

Originally, Oswald's crying was already shocked enough for me. I didn't expect that when I squatted in front of him to comfort him, I was just hit by Caroline who went back to her dormitory after studying.

She passed us proudly, as if we were all transparent.

However, the next day, no one knew if it was because of her low blood sugar or because she didn't get a good rest last night, she fainted in the study room.

Caroline's roommate called Oswald. At that time, Oswald was waiting for the second interview of a certain group's campus recruitment. When he received the call, he didn't even bother with the interview. He rushed to Caroline's side as quickly as possible and sent her to the infirmary.

Caroline's illness made up for the gap between the two of them, and the two of them reconciled.

Of course, I also became Caroline's first love rival. After that, Oswald and I gradually drifted apart.

Oswald's tears for Caroline still appears in front of my eyes, I would never believe Oswald will cheat.......

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