The Price Of Cheating/C8 STORY TWO Chapter 5
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The Price Of Cheating/C8 STORY TWO Chapter 5
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C8 STORY TWO Chapter 5

STORY TWO: He Changed After He Got His Dream Girl.

Chapter 5

After Oswald and Emily's date was caught by Caroline, the two of them seemed to have decided to give up avoiding anyone.

The day before Valentine's Day, Caroline quarreled with Oswald again. She wanted to marry Oswald. The two of them had been in love for seven to eight years. Oswald had a house and a car and all conditions needed for marriage, but he did not propose to her. Caroline asked Oswald for an explanation, but Oswald said coldly, "I am not ready to get married yet. "

Caroline thought that Oswald said such words purely because he didn't want to marry her. If he really loved her, he would have married her home a long time ago. What psychological preparations did he still need to make?

They had a big row about marriage.

The next day is Valentine's Day, Oswald did not go home.

Caroline called him at 11 p.m. and asked him where he was and if he was at Emily's house. Oswald straightforwardly admitted, "Yes, I'm at Emily's house. "

Caroline dropped the phone and smashed everything she could get at home.

She kept calling Oswald as if she had gone mad, threatening him, "If you don't come back soon, I'll jump out of the building and kill myself! "

Oswald remained unmoved. Instead, he calmly said on the other end of the phone, "Let's break up. "

"I'm not going to break up with you! I can't let you two adulterers get away with this! "Caroline was so angry that she cursed out loud.

Oswald ignored her and hung up the phone.

Caroline, who was filled with resentment and had nowhere to vent it, was unwilling to let it go. She gave me a call.

I listened to her on the phone, desperate and frantic, afraid she might really get upset and jump off the balcony. I drove over to comfort her in the middle of the night.

"Men are all cheap bones. When they chase you, they treat you like a treasure in their hands and want to kneel down in front of you. Once they get you and get tired of playing, they will abandon you mercilessly in the blink of an eye. "

"A man will always get tired of his woman, even if she used to be his dream girl."

Caroline's hatred for Oswald started with a thunderstorm and rain, but later on, she sobbed indignantly.

I sat silently on the sofa and listened to her talk. When she was tired, I asked her, "What are you going to do? "

"What else can I do? "Caroline smiled bitterly. "Other than breaking up with him, do I have any other choice? "

"It doesn't matter if you break up with a scum like Oswald! "

Caroline was determined to start a new life.

"I want to break up with him. I want to work, study, work out, travel, be an interesting girl. How can I be afraid that no man will like me? I want to work hard and earn a lot of money. In the future, I want to keep a younger handsome boyfriend! "

Caroline suddenly thought of something and asked me, "Anne, does your company recruit people? "

I was in a bit of a dilemma. Although I sympathized with Caroline's plight, sympathy was sympathy. Work was work, so I couldn't mix it up. She hadn't written an article for many years. If she was recruited into the company, she probably wouldn't be able to start writing immediately.

After hesitating for a moment, I still chose to be businesslike and euphemistically rejected her. "Our company doesn't need any new people for now. "

"I see. "She was quite disappointed. "A while ago, I saw the recruitment information of your company. "

"That's for part-time writer. They only need to hand in a few articles a month. They don't need to be on duty, "I explained to her, recalling the company recruitment information a while ago.

"I see. "Caroline asked me with interest, "How much does it get paid to write a piece? "

"Depends on the reading. 200 to 1000 yuan. I'll send you the recruitment criteria later. If you're interested, you can try writing for our company. "That's all I can do for her.

Not long after, Caroline found a new house. She called me and asked me to help her move. I was too embarrassed to refuse, so I agreed.

The house she had rented was a quiet community built by a state-owned enterprise. She rented a room and a hall, bought wallpaper, plants, trinkets, exquisite cutlery, and tablecloths, and decorated it with the warmth and elegance of a castle in a fairy tale.

If the story ended here, it should be summed up this way: Caroline finally realized that no matter how much a man loved you, there might come a day when he would change his mind. She must not rely on men to support her, but rather, she must have her own profession, constantly improving her ability and becoming financially independent.

After leaving the scum men, Caroline led a new life, single, waiting for true love to come.

This is the end of an inspirational story, and reality is often crueler than fiction.

Caroline also did not live a truly independent, new life.

After breaking up with Oswald, she resigned from Oswald's company and started looking for a job again.

However, her few years of idle work in Oswald's company had made her long disconnected from the entire society.

When she started to submit her resume, she realized that she could not do any jobs that had slightly technical requirements, and no company invited her to an interview.

The companies that invited her for interviews offered jobs that she didn't care about. They were sales, administration, personnel, and jobs that exhausted people to death. All of their salaries were pitifully low. She didn't even get half of her previous salary when she worked for Oswald.

After looking around for the right job, she put all her hopes on the talent she had once prided herself on. She wanted to start as a part-time writer and earn money for writing for our company.

However, she had not written since she resigned from the Qingcheng newspaper. Her articles were too literary and artistic to be read in the new media.

I returned her manuscript and asked her to revise it. At first she would do as I suggested, but then she would just drop it and say I didnt understand her writing.

She tossed and turned to other platforms, and in the end it all went down the drain.

Then she signed up for a public page herself and wrote and ran it.

I told her not to worry and to take things one step at a time. "No matter what you do, it's a gradual process, and so is writing. You can't get a hundred thousand dollars for the first article you wrote. "

"I just want to write an article with 100,000 reads! I want to get 100,000 fans in half a year. I want to make money. I want to make a lot of money. I want to make a better living than Oswald and Mistress! "

She made a vengeful promise, boasting to herself without reserve. "I have a lot of inspiration and a lot of imagination. "

When I saw her like this, I couldn't say anything more.

Caroline was used to living a comfortable life with Oswald in the past few years. She didn't know what suffering was, and even smoothed out her tenacity and patience. She was in a hurry to become successful in the shortest amount of time and give Oswald a good revenge.

I was not on her side, and soon lost touch with her.

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