THE PROPOSAL/C11 Chapter Eleven
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THE PROPOSAL/C11 Chapter Eleven
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C11 Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven:

Fiona's POV:

"We shall see." Uncle Victor added as he left whilst his son, Alexander gave me dagger looks.

"You cannot do anything to me." I told them screaming as they turn to leave.

Before I left the agency, I told the officer that I wanted to investigate my father's death and the auto crash.

He agreed and decided to check the damaged vehicle.

Uncle Victor POV:

"That little brat..." He said as he fumed in anger.

"She has the audacity to investigate her father's company bankruptcy... I really underestimated her." He said in anger as he got into the house.

"I wish she died alongside her father that night." He added.

"But I think she can be tamed. Maybe we could threaten her a little." My son Alexander told me.

"Wow! That is a brilliant idea. I would work on that." I answered as I left the living room.

Fiona's POV:

"Fiona!" Come!.. Come." Veronica called me in a hush tone.

"We are under attack." She told me.

And behold as I looked around, I could see the shadow of men with weapons, surrounding the apartment.

"But how did they find us?" I asked as Veronica dragged me out of my room but thank goodness I took my flashdrive with me.

Veronica took me and my brother Thomas to an underground safehouse to hide, while she followed us and ensuring it was locked.

"Wow!" Thomas said in amazement.

"I feel like I am in a Hollywood movie, right now." He said with his eyes wide in excitement.

"Veronica.. this is amazing." I told her.

"What inspired this?" I asked her curious.

"After I lost my husband and I move to this place, I made sure I would keep my family safe at any cost, so I made this safehouse." Veronica explained to me.

"Be silent, they are still around." She said as they shot into the sky and we all kept mute.

After that, we fell asleep sleeping sitting on a couch. Then, we heard a loud bang on the safehouse door.

"They have finally found us." I said startled.

"Come here quickly." Veronica told us as she directed us to a tunnel.

We did not where it was leading to but I was rest assured that we were all safe.

"I hope we are safe here." I said as I got out tired from the tunnel.

We found ourselves at an in and a beautiful lady came to welcome us.

"Veronica, welcome.. it has been a while." She said as she welcome her in a warm embrace.

After all the pleasantries, we retired to bed and I slept with my eyes half opened the entire night.

The next morning, the news of the attack was everywhere. Then, the officer called me.

"We would love to assign some officers for your protection." He told me and I agree.

At this point, I was not even bothered about me but Veronica and Thomas.

We went back to pick somethings with the help of the security officers.

On getting home, we noticed that most of our belongings were destroyed including my MacBook, but I was grateful I escaped with the flashdrive.

I tried sorting my things then I got a call. It was an unknown number.

"Hi, this is Whitman.. are you okay?" He asked concerned.

"Yes.. I am doing fine." I answered.

"I heard about the incident and I tried calling to check up on you.. you know what.. you can take some days off if..." He said to me.

"No..." I said immediately after having PTSD from the last statement he made.

"Okay... Be safe." He said confused about the sudden change in tone.

We took a few things and left but we ensure we not been followed.

One thing I knew was that I would be house hunting for the whole week, because we would not be staying at the inn forever.

Three days later, we got an apartment in a much more safer area.

"How have you been faring?" The CEO asked me after staring for a long time.

I have been noticing the frequent stares but I hope it was not pity because I detest it a lot.

"Yes..." I said nodding my head as he saw how uncomfortable I felt.

"I am sorry if I overstepped my boundaries." He apologized.

"Oh no.. it's fine." I replied as he walked off.

The CEO offered to take me home that day, insisting he does not feel I would be safe going home alone.

"I thought the state was supposed to protect you?" He asked as I got into the vehicle.

"Yeah, I asked them to focus on my brother.. and my mum." I explained to him.

"But you still need to be protected by the agency." He insisted.

"Yeah.. but I can still take care of myself." I told him.

"You must be a very strong woman." He teased me.

"Yeah, daddy did not raise me average." I said with a smile.

It has been a while since I smiled, deep down I was grateful for him making me smile.

I got home and bade him goodbye. He was such a lively person, I concluded.

"Fiona, Thomas nearly got harassed in school, but thanks to the security." Veronica told me as I arrived.

"I think you should consider a change of school for the kid." She advised.

"Fiona, one of them forced this into my palms, saying I hand it over to you." Thomas said as he handed over a piece of folded paper to me.

"I would bring you, just the way I brought your family down." I read the letter out aloud.

"This people would never stop." Veronica said stumping her feet in anger.

"I would be their waterloo aunt." I told Veronica with so much courage.

"Are you still making use of the perfume, I gave you, Thomas?" I asked him as I perceived the scent from the letter.

"Yeah, I never changed it." He answered me.

"This smells familiar." I said with the paper held close to my nose.

"Are you sure?" I asked him still confused.

"Yes, I am sure, Fiona." Thomas affirmed again.

"Oh my God!" I said with my eyes wide in surprise.

"This smells like Uncle Victor." I said.

"But I hope this is from a random person..." I said in disappointment.

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