THE PROPOSAL/C14 Chapter Fourteen
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THE PROPOSAL/C14 Chapter Fourteen
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C14 Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

Alexander POV:

I got home feeling down. I would not have done this if he had notó threatened me using the CEO position.

Even if he did not threaten, I kinda felt a thing for Fiona.

Dad wanted me to make peace with Fiona because the story of the manager's arrest and the forgery was starting to spread.

Dad felt it was going to be disastrous to his reputation and public image.

“She was shocked when she saw me." I told Dad as I got home.

"It was supposed to be. Besides, I do not want to use up the deed to raise eyebrows." Dad explained.

"I would meet her myself." He told me.

"I would be more diplomatic, no dramas." He said as he walked away.

Fiona's POV:

Whitman started avoiding me ever since Alexander stopped by the office.

I wondered if he was angry and he was just acting up. I felt like talking to him, but I later didn't.

Throughout the time, the hours I spent in the office seemed really long and sad for me and yes the office gossipers had nothing to talk about this time.

Whitman's baby mama stopped by the office again, but this time, it was not a dramatic one.

"It has been more than two hours since she got into that office." I told myself.

"What are they even talking about?" I asked again.

"That is none of your business, Fiona, besides she could be his potential fiancee." I told myself as I snapped back to reality.

Whitman's coldness towards me continued, while I tried hard to adjust but it didn't just work.

I later agreed to confront him but I decided to wait after work, to avoid the gossipers.

"Fiona, the CEO would love to see you." The secretary announced it to me.

"Finally, the time is here." I said to myself.

"I would love you to get ready for a contract proposal. It is actually a meeting." He told me as he continued working on the laptop.

My feet become heavy at once. He acted like he did not even want to see me.

We left for the meeting and it ended long after working hours. I called Veronica telling her not to bother about me as I would be leaving the office late.

We got back to the office and I hurriedly picked my things. Staying out when it gets dark, scares me especially for security.

"Get into the car." Whitman said as he parked the car beside me but I ignored.

"Get in." He repeated without even looking at me.

"I already booked a car ride and it will be here shortly." I finally answered.

"I am not asking." He said.

"And I am not begging." I replied.

"Fiona, it is not safe to be out all by yourself by this time. I am begging, get into the car." He said in the calmest tone I have ever heard him speak.

I ignored him and kept there for some minutes while he kept staring at me.

"Fiona, stop making this hard for me." He said as he got out of the vehicle.

"Oh you think I am making this hard for you." I asked.

"Oh, finally you can talk?" I said.

"After you made it look like I meant nothing and being cold towards me. I am now the problem." I asked him, agitated.

"Do you know how bad you made me feel and how..." I started to say when Whitman grabbed me and gave me a long kiss.

I immediately became speechless. I was gobsmacked to the bones.

"I am sorry." Whitman said when he realized what he had done.

I did not even bother hearing the apology that I ran to Uber.

I got home that day to text from Whitman apologizing.

"Why would you make me wait this long?" I said smiling.

I later accepted the apology and Whitman asked me to be his girlfriend, I wanted to say yes but no.. it should not come easy.

"I do not wanna get involved with a man who has a crazy baby mama." I told him.

"Pamela should not be a problem. She was not even my girlfriend. She only announced her pregnancy when I got involved with her in the club." He explained.

"I was so drunk that I saw her in my bed the next day, not remembering what happened." He narrated.

"I later agreed to take care of her and the unborn child." He said.

"I guess you would be going for DNA after the child's birth." I said.

After all the back and forth, I finally accepted to be his girlfriend.

"In love with the CEO." I said as soon as I saw the office gossipers.

That day, Veronica asked me to come home early. She needed help so I left the office early.

As I walked into the garage, then a black veil covered my face which made my screams inaudible, then I fell unconscious.

I regained consciousness and I found myself in a dark abandoned warehouse, and I felt a little bit scared.

"You little brat!" A lady yelled from behind as she poured cold water on me.

"Do not go overboard, Pam." I heard a familiar voice say.

It was Uncle Victor.

"Why do I have to go through so much suffering ever since I knew Uncle Victor?" I thought to myself.

"That is my niece." He said to her,

"But she is trying to take my man from me." She told me.

"I already told you that I would fix this." He told her.

"Go get her some dry clothes.. it is cold here." He directed her.

"Fiona, finally we meet." He told me.

"How are you faring niece.. seems you've fallen in love with a man who is bringing you so much trouble." He said.

"You are actually the person bringing me trouble.. you backstabber." I howled at him.

"I will take that as a compliment." He said laughing hysterically.

"Wear these." He threw the clothes at me.

"We will be going home soon." He told me as he left the warehouse.

"I am not going anywhere with you." I replied in anger.

He forced me into the car and we got to his house.

"I would be releasing your father's company to you but on one condition." Uncle Victor told me.

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