THE PROPOSAL/C16 Chapter Sixteen
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THE PROPOSAL/C16 Chapter Sixteen
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C16 Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen

Fiona's POV:

"It's nobody." Thomas answered in defense.

"No, Thomas. I heard you call that person Uncle." I told him.

"Okay, fine. I was on the phone with Uncle Victor." He told me.

"What!" I said in surprise.

"Thomas, you had the guts to speak to Uncle Victor after all he has done to your family?" I asked him in anger.

"Yes, I know he did all of that but also remember that he has the ticket of bringing us out of this kind of life that we are living." He told me.

"Are you tired of all of these, Fiona?" He asked me.

"Are you not tired of having to wake up every morning to go to work and I am also tired of having to work at the coffee shop everyday after school." He said.

"Thomas, are you really saying all of these?" I asked him in disbelief.

"I thought you were happy doing all of that." I said.

"No sister, I only wanted to make you happy." Thomas replied.

"We get dad's company back and we live the kind of lives we used to." Thomas added.

"You are kidding huh?" I asked.

"I never knew that my brother would one day turn his back on me and dine with backstabbers." I told him.

"Do not touch me." I said as Thomas tried to hold me.

I left there in disbelief and wondered throughout the night, Thomas was capable of doing such things to me.

I woke up feeling gloomy. I felt like the whole world was against me, particularly my family.

"I hope you slept well. You do not look like your normal self this morning." Veronica asked me the next morning.

"Yeah, mom." I answered.

"I feel betrayed and alone." I told her as I let down a tear.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Veronica asked me.

"Yesterday..." I started by pulling out a chair to sit on.

"I heard Thomas speaking with someone over the phone. He was speaking like he was hiding something." I told her.

"After questioning him for several minutes, he opened up saying that he has been talking to Uncle Victor." I said.

"Why will he do such a thing?"Veronica asked me in surprise.

"He said something like he was tired of the kind of life he is living and me having to go work everyday." I told her.

"Fiona." Veronica said as she held my hands.

"Do not let your emotions get the best of you sweetheart." Veronica said.

"I know you to be a logical thinker and a strong, relentless woman." She added.

"Do what you think would be best for you and your family." She said again.

"But never give up." Veronica said as she bade me goodbye to work.

I got ready for the day's job, as soon as I settled down.

"Fiona, I need to see you in my office now." Whitman said hesitantly.

Whitman gave me a letter he got from the bank. The letter talked about the company owing the bank and its pending loan.

"So they mean that they will be taking over this business in the next three months." I said in amazement.

"My Uncle should be able to help me with this." Whitman said as he picked his phone to make a call.

"Hi, Uncle." He greeted me.

"Just help me with this Uncle Victor." He said over the phone pleading.

"Uncle Victor. What a coincidence." I thought.

"Thanks for your time, Uncle." He thanked him and hung up.

"I do not think Uncle Victor is capable of helping me now. He says he is out of town at the moment." Whitman said in disappointment.

"Uncle Victor must be really influential to help with this." I said.

"Yeah, he is and he is famous." He told me.

"He is one of the most respected businessmen in the country.. Victor Harrington." He said.

"Oh really." I said, trying to hide my shock.

"How I tell him that Uncle Victor could be the conspirator in this.. just as he did to my father." I thought.

"I think you should apply more pressure on Uncle Victor, he would comply, maybe." I told him before we heard noises by the door side.

"I think I saw someone eavesdropping." I told Whitman as I opened the door.

"Do you have cameras in here?" I asked him.

"No." He answered me.

"I think you can get someone to search the whole office. I think you are being watched." I told him.

"Yes and I would bring you two down." I got a text message from Uncle Victor immediately after I made that statement.

That very day, tons of secret cameras were recovered from Whitman's office and the whole building.

I got scared that I felt Uncle Victor was going to send his goons after me, since I spearheaded the whole thing.

I made sure Whitman took me home that day, since I felt I was a lot safer with him.

I met Thomas looking at me with a straight face when I arrived but I was not even ready to indulge him.

"I hope you are aware that what you did was capable of jeopardizing your dream of getting dad's company's back?" Thomas asked me while I ignored.

I was not ready for his shenanigans.

"I am not ready to live this kind of life for the rest of my life." He said.

"Then you go get married to Alexander so you get Dad's company back since you are all grown and capable of handling the company." I blurted out angrily.

"That is exactly what I would have done if I had the chance and let you live the rest of your life suffering." He fired back.

"You are so ungrateful, Thomas. After all we have been through and all I have done for you, you decide to repay this way?" I asked in anger.

"Stop acting like I have not been there for you but just stop being irrational now." Thomas replied.

"Just make peace with Uncle Victor and you get everything back boom and everything gets back to normal and we can go back home." Thomas insisted.

"How do you even trust such a person?" I asked Thomas in disbelief.

"It's worth the risk. He promised me a thousand dollars so you know I am not going to let that slip away." Thomas said.

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