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C2 Chapter Two

Chapter Two:

Fiona's POV:

"The hospital? Why? What happened?" I asked.

"I'm guessing Mr. Lawson is your father?" He inquired, and my heart skipped a beat.

"Yes, he is," I answered almost in a whisper.

"I'm afraid he was involved in an accident," He noted.

"My father? No, this is not true. I just left him at the office; he was all well," I denied.

"Miss, I'd advise you to come to the hospital as quickly as you can get here," He advised.

"Is he well?" I asked.

"Miss, you'd find out if only you came to the hospital, I’m sending the location address to you now," He insisted and hung up the call.

I quickly checked in on Thomas to ensure he was still asleep and decided to go to the hospital.

"God, please, let him be all right. Let him be well, I need him, Thomas needs him. He's all we got, you know," I prayed silently as I made my way to the hospital.

I rushed toward the Emergency unit on arrival and began to ask for my dad. I was directed to where he was and I ran there.

"Why is he not on any oxygen?" I shouted to the nurses and doctors as I saw him.

I rushed to his side and held his hands, wanting to tell him that all was well. And that was when I noticed, his hands were cold, and he could not lift them on his own.

"What happened to my father?" I yelled.

"What happened to him? Someone please, explain it to me. Explain to me, why he looks like this and why he doesn't try to move or look at me," I continued my body becoming weak.

The health team rushed to my side to hold me as I was about to collapse.

"We are so sorry, Miss. We have tried everything we can but unfortunately, we could not save him. The injuries were severe and he was brought here late, if only he had been brought a few minutes earlier, maybe we could have done something about..." The head doctor was saying and their voices began to fade away.

My father was gone, nothing made sense to me anymore. How was I going to explain this to Thomas? How would we live? We were now without parents.

My whole world was crashing right before my eyes and there was nothing I could do to stop it.


A few days later, we were at the funeral service for my dad. A lot of dignitaries attended the service, most of them whom I could not identify or recognize.

It was a sad day for us, Thomas cried his lungs out and I tried to console him. I could not let him see me cry. It was my responsibility to care for him now.

The company decided it would be in my interest if I took a break for a month to mourn and heal.

It's ironic how they say time heals the wounds but it does not, the wounds never heal.

Thomas took it harder because it took him a few days before he could accept it. He wouldn't eat or even drink.

Dad's friend, Victor, had been God-sent as he had covered everything for the funeral services. He had told me not to worry about it.


A month later, I think I was ready to resume work. Not that I was psychologically or emotionally fit to return to work yet, but it has been a month!

One had to work to feed and cater for our needs. Thomas was in no position to help looking at his age.

I sighed deeply as I entered the company premises. For some strange reason, I felt nervous about work today.

"Must be because of Dad's absence and the one-month break," I thought to myself, brushing it off.

"Finally," I muttered. It took me about 15 minutes to get to my office door.

Lots of persons who were unable to attend the funeral or reach out were offering their condolences and asking about Thomas.

"Bunch of hypocrites," I thought.

I bet a lot of them were happy when Dad died and they didn't like his way of handling things or his management.

I planned to see to it that they were all accorded what they were due when I finally took over the management of the company.

Dad would always pretend to be oblivious to whatever they did. He'd say, "Provided they get the work done, I have no other issue with what they say about me."

"At least warn them," I'd advise.

"No, I'll let karma be the judge," He would reply.

"These people always have a way of dodging karma. We are karma," I'd insist but Dad would not hear the last of it.

A security guard was standing at my office door, and I wondered what the problem was.

"Can you move, please? This is my office and you're standing in my way," I begged.

This was only my first day at work and I wasn't ready for any surprises or trouble.

"No, ma'am. I cannot do that," He answered.

"Excuse you? Did you hear me? This is my office and I can have you fired this very minute," I warned, raising my voice.

"I'm sorry, ma'am but I have been giving strict warning not to let you or anyone else enter this office," He replied.

"And who gave you that order?" I ask.

"My employer," He answered curtly.

"Who is your employer? And why?" I ask again.

"I do not know. I have no right to ask such questions. I'm given an order, I do just that, nothing more or less," He says.

I kind of pitied him at that moment but there was no time for pity. I shook my head and before walking off to the Manager's office said, "You just keep standing right there and watch me get you to lose your job."

"Oh, Miss Lawson, I see you have resumed," The General Manager said standing as soon as he saw me.

"Yes, I am. But I'm confused," I confessed.

"Why?" He asks.

"I have a security guard at my office door and they would not let me in," I let out.

"Christ! They have assigned one to your office already?" He says in shock.

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