THE PROPOSAL/C30 Chapter Thirty
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THE PROPOSAL/C30 Chapter Thirty
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C30 Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty

Alexander's POV:

I stormed out of the station angry. I could not think of what to do again. At one point, it felt like a conspiracy.

"Where do I go from here?" I asked myself helplessly.

"Maybe I should just go home," I told myself as I drove off.

"Beep! Beep!" I heard Dad's phone ring.

"Whoever is calling that phone should be acquainted with what is happening," I said in disgust as the phone rang non-stop.

"Twelve missed calls," I said as I got a hold of the phone.

"It is also coming from the same person.. it could be something important this person might have to say," I told myself.

"Hello, who is this?" I asked as the same person called again.

"Alexander, I heard that Mr. Harrington got kidnapped today. I thought that you might need my help," the person said over the phone.

"I could not reach you directly and I could not come by the house. So I decided to call your father's phone," he said again.

"Who are you and what manner of job did you do for him?" I asked him.

"Sir, I do not think we have enough time on our hands to answer questions," he replied.

"The man who has your father can kill him any moment from now and he has so much influence that he is capable of evading the law," the man explained to me over the phone.

"Okay. Please, can you stop by the house, so we can talk?" I told him.

"I would be there in a jiffy," he told me and the call came to an end.

"Or can it be the influence of this man that those police officers refused to help me?" I asked myself.

"I trust that I will be getting my answer soon," I said as I waited for the man.

Uncle Victor's POV:

"Why don't you just kill me, Damian?" I asked him.

"Why would you want to have a painless death?" he asked me.

"When you killed my father that night, I made a vow that your death would not come easily," he told me.

"Then what is keeping you? Get on with it," I said yelling at him.

"Where is my father's money?" he asked me.

"I don't know," I told him.

"I would not be asking you again, where is my father's money?" he asked again, hitting me.

"You would have to kill me before you get that!" I fired back.

"Okay. I guess you are ready to lose a son too," he told me.

"Do not go after my son. He knows nothing about this," I said.

"You should have thought of that before you tried killing and taking my father's possession from me," he retorted.

"I will see you soon, Harrington," he said and spat on my face.

"Oh my God. How do I leave this place?" I asked myself helplessly as he left.

Whitman's POV:

I am back to work but everywhere feels empty. It felt like Fiona's presence had an essence here.

"Sir, news came in yesterday that your Uncle got kidnapped," my secretary told me.

"Yeah. I heard," I answered her.

"Do you have any other news?" I asked her.

"No sir," she answered.

"Get back to work now," I told her.

"Seems he is paying for everything he has done to people. I do not feel a thing for him," I muttered to myself.

"Hopeless romantic," my friend, Frank said mockingly as he entered my office.

"Why do you have that look?" he asked as he noticed my mood.

"Didn't you speak to your woman or you didn't get to reach her?" he asked me.

"Oh I did," I answered him.

"But she stood her ground," I explained.

"I feel so sorry for you man," he told me.

"You know what? I am just tired of being around this place," I said.

"But it is too early for that," he said.

"I don't care. You can come with me if you care," I told him as I left the office.

Alexander's POV:

"Welcome, you can have your seat," I told the man as he got into the house.

"I think we should go straight to business right away. But before that, what would you like to have?" I asked him.

"Water is fine," he said as we continued with the conversation.

"I know where your father is and how to get him out," he continued.

"I have worked with him for long, so I know who is the mastermind to this kidnap," the man replied.

"I only need your cooperation and go ahead," he said.

"Sure.. you have it.. and what way are you using to ensure his release?" I asked him.

"We would be breaking in," he said.

"Breaking into what? What kind of job did you say I did for my father again?" I asked bewildered.

"I did most of his dirty jobs, basically," he told me.

"Wow, okay. You can go on with the job," I told him.

"You will hear from me soon," he said as he left.

Fiona's POV:

"Mom, can I ask you a question?" I said after staying in my room for the whole day.

"Yes my love," she answered me.

"Was it hard when you dated my father?" I asked her.

"It depends on how you see, but as for me we were ready to fight for the love we shared," she told me.

"I wished I was that brave," I told her.

"You are, Fiona. Look at all the obstacles life threw at you but here you are, standing tall," Mom said.

"I wish I never left," I muttered under my breath.

"You made a choice and you can revisit it if it is not serving you anymore," she told me.

"Thank you," I said.

"Thank you for being here," I told her.

"I miss you so much. I wish you could just come back," I texted him as I dropped my phone to my bedside hoping for a reply.

I woke up the next morning to loads of text messages but I could not open them at the time.

"Fiona. Someone is here to see you," Mom called me from my room.

"Coming," I answered her, yawning.

"You came," I said as I hugged him.

"Yes! My baby is back!" I exclaimed happily and didn't let go of him.

New chapter is coming soon
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