THE PROPOSAL/C7 Chapter Seven
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THE PROPOSAL/C7 Chapter Seven
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C7 Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven:

Fiona's POV:

"Ok. Okay." I said in a broken tone as I stepped backwards gently.

"Stop!" I screamed as he held my hands firmly.

"No, I won't stop.. I have always wanted this." He told me smiling in a wicked manner.

"You are hurting me." I said as he pinned me to the wall.

"Thomas!" I called my brother for help.

"Shut up!" He said as he hit me across my face.

"Stop.. stop.. please." I begged him as I fell to the floor.

"Fiona." Thomas said as he picked up a chair to hit Anderson but fell to the ground.

"Nobody is coming to safe you." He said as he lifted my skirt.

"What is happening here?" Uncle Victor asked with a loud voice as he opened the door.

"He tried to rape me." I told him in tears.

"That a lie, Dad." Anderson lied.

"They lured me into this room and she tried to seduce me." He said pointing at me and and my brother, Thomas.

"What!" Uncle Victor exclaimed in fury.

"So, this has been your motive all along, Fiona." He continued.

"It is a lie, Uncle." I answered him in tears.

"Look how he hurt me." I said showing him my face Anderson hit.

"She is lying Dad.. the chair hit her when her brother tried to hit with me." Anderson told him.

"I know my son.. so is this how you repay me after all I have done for you.. just because I did not give you a job you did not need..." Uncle Victor said.

"I think you are tired of your stay here.. you two can leave now.. you have over- stayed your welcome." Uncle Victor said as he walked out of the room.

"I am saying the truth!" I said screaming as I fell to the ground.

"I believe you, Fiona." Thomas told me as he embraced me.

"So where are we going now?" He asked me.

"I don't know.. I don't... know." I replied sobbing.

"Let us get our things together." I told my brother as I got up from the floor.

"Or.. we can just apologize to him, so we can stay here at least." Thomas suggested.

"No.. we are not doing that. I just got accused wrongly.. staying here would make us feel like slaves." I told him.

"Where are we going now?" He asked again.

"I don't know, maybe we would probably drive around and get a shelter to stay in." I answered.

"I would have said an hotel but we have money." I added.

**We were done packing, so we left Uncle Victor home.**

"We've been driving around this town like forever, how about the shelter you talked about?" Thomas enquired.

"Hm..." I exclaimed silently.

"What are we doing in a garage?" Thomas asked me startled.

"We.. we would be staying here for the night." I told him as I tried to resist my tears.

"I hate this." I said feeling a surge of disappointment.

"I'm so sorry, Thomas." I told him in tears.

"Dad will be disappointed in me anywhere he is now." I added.

"He wouldn't be, sis. He would be so proud of you and how hard you have fought." Thomas told me as he embraced me.

**We cried holding each other for hours, till we fell asleep.**

I woke up when I felt a sharp pain in my spin which was as a result of sleeping position.

"It's morning already." I muttered to myself as I heard my phone beep.

"Yes!" I said in excitement as I read the email.

"What is it Fiona?" Thomas asked fully awake.

"I have been asked to come for an interview today." I told him.

"Phew!" I exclaimed.

"Yes! Finally." Thomas said in excitement.

"Let us get ready for the day.. you have had a long weekend. Let us get you ready for school." I told Thomas as we got ready.

"Drive safe sister." Thomas said as he alighted from the vehicle.

"And good luck with your interview." He added.

"I love you." I told him and drove off.

"Mrs Lawson?" A middle aged woman asked as I walked into the building.

"Yes." I answered her swiftly.

"She must be the receptionist." I thought.

"You can have your seat here. The interviewer would be here shortly." She said as directing me to my seat.

"Thanks." I said as she left.

"We are quite.. a lot." I said to myself after I met other interviewees.

"The rich also cry." I heard someone say from behind but I ignored.

"Even principled people get locked out of their own companies." Another echoed laughing hysterically.

"It's how people we look up to fall for these kind of scam and keep mute.. I would never look up to any public figure.. never again." The lady emphasized.

"This shouldn't be happening now." I said to myself almost in tears.

"I know who you are Dad." I said to myself in tears as I ran off to the restroom.

"You are strong, Fiona.. you are." I said to myself looking into the mirror.

"You can do this." I said as I walked out of there.

"The interviewers would be here in twenty minutes." The receptionist announced to us.

"Miss Lawson, you're next." The lady told me.

"Thank you." I said as I walked into the meeting room.

"Good morning." Said a group of interviewers made up of one woman and two men.

"This is impressive." The lady said as she went through my curriculum vitae.

"Why is he staring?" I asked myself quietly as I noticed one of the men staring.

"You have the qualities we need in a financial administrator." The woman added.

"But it shows here that you work at Lawson Real Estate. What happened?" The lady asked concerned.

"Are you the late Mr. Lawson's daughter?" The man who has been staring at her cut in.

"Yes." I answered a little bit startled.

"Why should we trust as a financial administrator of this big company, when you could not handle your father's." He asked me sternly sounding mean.

"My father's company did not go bankrupt.. they are just lying .. believe me." I told him trying not to break down.

"This is what anyone in your shoes would say." He said.

"I'm sorry, Miss Lawson, we cannot hire you." He added as the other interviewers looked at him in surprise.

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