THE PROPOSAL/C8 Chapter Eight
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THE PROPOSAL/C8 Chapter Eight
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C8 Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight:

Fiona POV:

"Good night, guys." Veronica added.

"What does she mean by the statement she made?" I wondered throughout the night.

"I need answers. My father's company would not be forgotten. I am getting to the root of this." I said to myself as i went to bed.

"You scared me, Fiona." Veronica said as she met me awake very early in the morning.

"I am so sorry. Good morning Mrs. Veronica." I greeted her.

"Good morning, child." She answered.

"Have you checked on your brother today?" She asked me.

"Yeah, I did but he is still fast asleep. I thought of going to his school to report to the authorities." I told her.

"Yeah. I agree with you. Bullying should never be condoned." Veronica replied.

"Uh. Veronica, do you know family?" I asked her.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"You said something yesterday about some people wanting to see my family and it left me confused throughout the night." I told her earnestly.

"Fiona. you are brave woman but surrounded by devourers..." Veronica said as she held my hands.

"I lost my husband to those people..." She said.

"My husband owned one of the biggest companies in the whole of this country." She told me.

"He was a principled man and did not get involved in anything shady." Veronica continued.

"Then then one day he died in an auto crash. I felt like my whole world crashed." Veronica narrated.

"The came after me and my children and made sure we were not going to investigate the crash..." She told me.

"I became so scared that we moved out if that city and lay low." She continued.

"I do not think your father's death was natural. Do not relent Fiona, try harder." Veronica told me as she let down a tear.

We left to work after we went to see Thomas's school principal. It was a long were, but we were glad it came to an and the perpetrators were suspended.

"I used to be a friend to your mom before she got married but the last time, I heard about her was after her death." Veronica told me.

"I wished I kept in touch with her before passed." Veronica added painfully.

"Really?" I asked with my eyes wide in surprise.

"Anybody would have done that; you were trying to save yourself and your children." I told her.

"Yes. And talking of children, you have not really said anything about them." I said to her.

"Oh. My first daughter is ongoing her master at Kings University, while her brother is in the military..." She replied.

"Oh! That is nice." I said.

"My son joined the army after high School. He said it was his passion." Veronica told me amidst giggling.

"We are here." She said as we pulled up at the coffee shop.

We were done for the day.

"It was a productive one." I told myself as we got back.

For some weird reason, which I could not decipher why I could not sleep at night.

"No! I am going to get those documents myself." I told myself as I got up to dress.

I got dressed in black pants and a black hoodie.

"This would be needful." I told myself as I got my taser device.

I got into the vehicle as I zoomed of to my father's company. Yes! It is still his company till I get to the root of all of these.

When I arrived, I saw the security man at the entrance. He was pacing to and from like he was expecting something, I had no option than to use the taser.

"I'm sorry." I said in regret because he was the target.

I got into the elevator and reached the final floor, then I caught glance of the general manager.

"What is he still doing in the office by now?" I asked myself.

"Backstabber. Had it been my dad still run this company, he would have been out of here a long while." I told myself in anger.

"Haha. She called me sometime asking for her father's company's financial documents for the past six months, but I turned her down." The manager said laughing hysterically.

"She can do nothing. She is still a child. Besides, she knows nothing about her father's business." He told someone over the phone.

At this point, I knew the manager and the person over the phone were referring to me and my father.

"I will make sure I show them that I am a product of my father's loins." I told myself with my mind made up.

I sneaked into the office immediately he got out. I was on a mission to lay hold on anything important with tangible information to exonerate me and my family.

I went straight to the safe in the office. It has been there since my dad oversaw the affair of the company.

"Boom!" I exclaimed in excitement as I opened the safe.

The safe password was same with the one we had in my father's mansion.

I got all the files there without distinguishing and it all went under my hoodie.

"How do I get out of this place now?" I thought to myself. The manager now was standing directly the office door.

"Yeah! The taser." I said as the idea popped into my head.

"You'd definitely be fine." I said to the manager lying unconscious on the floor.

I quickly escape through the elevator and avoided the camera.

"Grateful that was successful." I said to myself as I hid the documents under my bed.

"Seems everyone is asleep. I would not be answering any question in the morning.

I got my phone and immediately I switched on my internet, the news was everywhere already.

The manager and the security were narrating their ordeal.

"That was quick." I told myself as I listened to what they had to say.

"Jokers." I said laughing after the manager was asked how the culprit gained access.

As I scrolled through and kept my phone aside to sleep, then it beeped and as soon as I got up. My taser was nowhere to be found.

I got enveloped with fear.

"Have I been caught?" I said as so many thoughts ran through my head.

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