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C1 Chapter 1

*huff* *puff* "Fivvve...four...three...two...ONE!" "Ok...another...60 seconds then 25 minutes after that." I sighed heavily.

That's what I always tell myself to keep me motivated but is it just me or is jogging the first few minutes always feel like a thousand pounds is weighing me down? Yea, I think I'm just not fit enough yet.

This is torture in the form of exercise to keep my body in shape. However, I still do it because I really do enjoy the after-effects of it. As they say, one run a day keeps the piggy away. I mean, who doesn't like a nice, toned body with sore aching muscles after just a teeny weeny bit of pain? Not me.

The more pain the better. Yup, I'm masochistic like that.

Looking over my left shoulder, my father is doing the highest incline on the treadmill. Although speaking at this time would most likely make my lungs burst, I still asked him the usual question, "what's...your...calorie?" Translation: How much calorie did you burn?

"101, you?" My father replied.

"79, argh…ajjajssh!” Letting out a groan-like noise, I increased my speed from 7 to 8.

Since my weight is considerably less than my father's and therefore a lot harder to drop the calories, I've made it a competition to "catch up" to him. But so far, no luck.

Ok, I'm almost done. Just five more minutes and I'm free. Five more...

When my thirty minutes on the torturing device known to mankind as a treadmill is done. I decided to take a short walk outside the gym to cool myself off. Leaving my father to rest, I went out.

Outside, there was a slight breeze and the sun was slowly setting on the horizon. Stretching, as I walked along the path while also breathing in the cool air deeply.

Opposite the gym is the basketball court and from this distance and my short-sightedness. And based on all the hooting, I could just make out a group of boys around my age playing.

In the background, there was only the sound of cars zooming past in the streets five floors below. That's as quiet as an evening on a Sunday as it could get since Sunday's are always the busiest around the facility floor of my apartment. What with mini get-togethers at the barbecue pit or parties at the banquet hall, there's always something or another going on.

Rounding past the corner, I am fast approaching the basketball court. I wonder who's playing today. Would I know anyone? Nah, most likely not. But a little eye candy won't hurt. Cue evil smirk. Walking by the tall hedges separating the basketball court and the path, there displayed about a dozen guys and from this distance some of them do seem familiar. Dang, do they have lean muscles. Yum. Hold on, do I know any of them? I really need to wear my glasses or invest in some contact lenses at this point.

Then, one of them met my eyes. Realising too late that I was blatantly staring, I quickly averted my eyes. Suddenly, the grass growing out of the path seems really interesting as I not so subtly increased my walking speed.

His face, on the other hand, kept drawing itself in my mind and my face instantly blushed upon realising who he was. Oh, shiet.


A 'lil eye candy, huh?

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