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C4 Chapter 4

"OMG! OMG! OMG! Char! Char! CHAR! You won't believe what happened to me over the weekend!" Megs exclaimed ecstatically as she greeted me on the way out of class when it was finally over and we could talk freely.

"What? Let me guess you got plastic surgery for your face? Oh very well done. I can't even tell that it's your ugly face beneath it." I said jokingly with a straight face. Then, burst out laughing when she dramatically pulled out her powder compact to look at her face.

Anyway, she went along with my joke. "Do I really look so pretty today? Thank you. In that case, I'll have to recommend it to Donald Trump."

"Yes, and you're welcome. So, what actually happened?" I finally said seriously.

"Oh, I saw this cute dress and I went to try it on but...", and on she babbled in true Megan style which I half-listened when my mind begins to wander and my eyes were graced with something else. I just saw Tom standing at the entrance of the school with his back leaning against the wall and his friends surrounding him. He's laughing at something they said. So far he hasn't noticed me.

Meg, finally noticing my attention elsewhere other than her, followed my gaze. "Aha! Somebody's crush is here~" She said in a sing-song voice to tease me. "I can't believe he's in the same college as us, now you guys have a chance to be together. I mean, it must be fate for you two! He could've gone to any of the local colleges here or even overseas."

"Yeah, Megs. Did I mention that he walked me here from the hall this morning?" I said deadpanned.

Megs gasps and giggles excitedly like she's watching some Korean drama.

I added saying, "he also happened to be there to help me pick up my books that the klutz I am dropped while on the way here."

Megs gasps again, I could just feel the grin on her face getting wider.

"Oh, did I also tell you that I met him at my apartment yesterday?" I said finally switching my gaze from Tom towards her to find her jaw practically breaking from her Cheshire sized grin.

Megs inhales and I prepare myself for her dramatic outburst that I knew was about to come after my "news".

"CHARLOTTE RUIZ! You better give me all the deets right now." Then Megs wriggled her eyebrows suggestively. She actually wriggled her eyebrows at me! This effectively earned her an eye roll and a slap on her back from me.

Other than Megs, I've never told anyone about my crush for obvious reasons. She's the one and only best friend I have so who else could I tell?

"Girl, I would but how am I supposed to walk out of here with that swooning spell over there? I sure as hell ain't riskin' it." I told her sassily. But inside I was all jittery and nervous. I might have grown out of my shy, timid shell but I'm always reminded of my old self whenever I'm around him.

I glanced at her and spotted an evil smirk on her face. I know full well she has something evil planned for me that would either end up in me embarrassing myself or I don't know embarrassing myself?

"Oh Char, you don't have to worry about a single thing! I got your back. Leave it to me. Come on. Let's go."

We walked towards the exit, where Tom stood with his back leaning on it. Approaching 10 feet towards the exit. 5 feet. 2 feet and we're almost out. Almost out where I can just avoid talking to him. But no. Megs just have to call out to Tom. "Oh, hey there Tom! Long time no see!"

She even has the audacity to glance at me. Really Megs? Leave it to me? Here I was thinking I could trust my best friend. But then again there's still a part of me that's glad she did what she did.

"Hey! Megan, Charlotte." Tom greeted us in a suave voice. He nodded to his group of friends and headed our way to join us. The whole time he has his gaze on me. It was intense and I had to try not to give in to my old habit of avoiding his eyes so I turned to my confident side and gave him a small smile instead.

"Pleasure meeting you again, Char."

"Oh the pleasure's mine, Tom. So, those people your course mates?" I said to make conversation, glancing briefly towards the group of guys.

"Yup, same class too."

There's a pause in our conversation and we were soon at the gate. Megs broke the silence, saying, "well, I guess we better get going. Shall we, Char? Wouldn't want to miss lunch. Oh, we'll keep in touch, yea?"

I nod, "yea, see ya!"

Before we all turned and went our separate ways, Tom mockingly said to Megs, "Oh, right! Josh says hi to you."

And Megs walked away blushing.

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