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C5 Chapter 5

I am bored. I need a new workout routine. I don't feel like going to the gym today. The weather is quite good today, I think I'll go for a swim. It is in the late afternoon and a week after the first day of school as I prepared myself to go for a swim. I changed into my oldest pair of swimsuit which is red in colour and grabbed my goggles before heading out to the pool. This red swimsuit makes me feel confident and sexy every time I put it on. It has a plunging neckline but not too low that it makes me feel insecure but just enough to show off my curves.

Once I reached the poolside, I claimed a chaise lounge by a corner by leaving my favourite hair clip and towel there before slipping into the pool. The pool area is quiet today with me as the only swimmer and the cool breeze to accompany me. The gym overlooks the pool and from the wide ceiling to floor glass windows of the gym that weren't covered by the blinds, I could see that it was as empty as the area I'm at. Today is one of those weekdays where there's still a few more hours before the usual 9 to 5 workers get off work. When my mom and dad would come home.

The water is cool and refreshing in this hot weather as I fully immerse myself in it. I fixed my goggles and began warming up.

Swimming deliberately slowly, I focused on taking deep breaths while stretching and loosening up all my tense muscles every time I resurfaced before turning and pulling as much water away from me as possible. With each thrust, my mind began to relax and my train of thoughts wandered.

My thoughts kept circling a certain someone who I had been seeing more and more frequently. Since that first day at college, Tom has subsequently been appearing when my class ended at the end of the day or the beginning of the day. Even in between some classes sometimes. I think it depends on his class schedule.

I suspect this has something to do with Josh and Megs. Both of them have always been teasing me about it. Especially Megs. She loved shipping us together. But I don't really like him that way anymore. That crush is way in the past. Just puppy love. I only like him like how friends like each other. Yes, friends.

Oh, I hope Megs haven't given our class schedule to Tom.

Of course, she has.

Finally, I resurfaced as I reached the end of the pool. As I took a deep breath to continue on the last lap, I saw a familiar dark silhouette walking along the corridors. I dived into my next lap quickly, not wanting to get distracted when I'd almost finish my final 10th lap.

Deciding to make my last lap a fast and powerful one, I swam with all my reserved energy.

Pull, kick, pull, kick, kick, pull, kick, turn, breathe, repeat.

I repeated the routine my body and mind knew so naturally while feeling my muscles exerting themselves to the point where I'll be having sore muscles later. After this workout, I'm going to be so tired but knowing that I had my body working out to the fullest feels rewarding enough.

Eventually, I slapped the concrete wall and pulled myself up in a standing position. Panting heavily, I take off my goggles but not yet opened my eyes as I breathe in the gentle breeze blowing into my face and my wet body before shaking out the water stuck in my ears.

"Do you live here?" A familiar male voice said from somewhere above me.

Startled, I glanced up to see Tom leaning on the wall next to the chaise lounge with my belongings in it. Which happens to be right next to me in the pool right now. Great now he has managed to stalk me here in my apartment too? But my heart skipped a beat when I acknowledged his presence here with me.

"Depends on who's asking. My stalker or an old friend?"

Chuckling to himself, he teased me. "Someone's getting a little too ahead of herself now, isn't she?"

Then he added sarcastically with a smirk, "as much as you'd like to believe that. I'm just here for a swim as my attire might suggest."

Now that he's mentioned it, I don't know how I could've failed to see the eye candy that has been presented to me in the form of this gorgeous tanned skin and toned muscular limbs. He's topless so his chest and broad shoulders are bare. This allows me to ogle at his semi defined abs and he's wearing a pair of blue swimming trunks on his narrow hips.

I once again found myself gawking at him for an inappropriate amount of time but not before noticing him doing the same thing with me. His eyes lingered on my front before quickly snapping his eyes up at my face. Ha! Guess who just got caught red-handed?

The smirk on his face now got accompanied by an intense stare. "Like what you see?"

Then he descended into the pool and stood right in front of me. In my personal space.

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