The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C10 Act 9. The Trick of The Black Swan
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The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C10 Act 9. The Trick of The Black Swan
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C10 Act 9. The Trick of The Black Swan

Lyxia had now transformed herself into Mira, using the dark magic she suddenly had. In fact, there was not a single wizard in the wizard world who could use dark magic except for the black wizard and their leader, Demona, because the source of their energy comes from darkness, from the devil.

Did not know just yet what possessed Lyxia, and what plan she had so that she turned herself into Mira, the woman who was with Mikhel last night.

She then entered Mikhel's house that was unlocked, slowly. Mikhel, who was about to take out the trash and opened the front door of his house, was suddenly surprised when he found Lyxia who was now Mira.

Mikhel was surprised when he saw 'Mira' was now standing right in front of him, but he smiled and asked, "Mira, didn't you just come home earlier? Or was there something left here?"

'Mira' then smiled at the question, and replied, "No, I just want to be with you, even though it's still dawn, how about we dance together until the morning comes?"

Mikhel was happy because 'Mira' came back to be with him again, especially this time she invited him to dance, of course he accepted the invitation with a happy heart.

Mikhel nodded with a happy face. 'Mira' was also smiling slyly, seeing Mikhel agreeing to her invitation. The two of them then went to the backyard.

After she had arrived at the backyard, 'Mira' then started in first position, and raised her right hand in front of Mikhel while asking, "Dance with me, Mikhel."

Mikhel nodded but his eyes suddenly went blank, he only focused on seeing 'Mira'. 'Mira' then began her dance, a dance move from the story of the black swan, Odile. 'Mira' started to dance with a circular motion of her body and surrounded Mikhel. After that, she started to tease Mikhel with her dance.

Mikhel began to be amazed at the dance, and while dancing as Odile, the black swan, 'Mira' said quietly to Mikhel, "Mikhel, do you love me? I want to hear it straight from your mouth."

Mikhel was fascinated by that black swan dance, then replied, "I love you, Mira. Only you, and other women are no match for you. I only love you."

'Mira' then smiled broadly at Mikhel's declaration of love just now. She then began to perform a part of the black swan dance moves, pas de deux. For some reason, Mikhel, who could not dance, suddenly started following the dance move with 'Mira'. Mikhel started moving his hands and helped 'Mira' to do all the pas de deux dance moves.

While doing a pas de deux with Mikhel, 'Mira' then asked again, "Mikhel, will you give your heart to me? Are you willing to give everything for me?"

Mikhel seemed to be hypnotized, then replied, "Okay, Mira, I'll give everything including my heart."

'Mira' then said, "Mikhel, love only me. Don't you love anyone else, give your heart only to me."

Michael nodded. The whole pas de deux moves was almost finished, Mikhel then lifted 'Mira's' body into the air, and after that, Mikhel lowered her body slowly. After both her feet landed steadily on the ground, a black crow feather then appeared in front of her and with a rush, she grabbed the crow feather with her right hand, and suddenly, that black crow feather turned into a very sharp small knife.

'Mira' immediately drew the small knife at Mikhel, and stabbed it into Mikhel's left chest, right into his heart.

Mikhel immediately realized after that small knife stabbed right into his heart, and he saw 'Mira' who had just danced with him, suddenly her body was surrounded by black mist, and a moment later, she turned into a black-haired girl with gray eyes, who wears black tutu dress and black ballet shoes. That girl was Lyxia, actually!

Mikhel was immediately surprised, however, because it happened so fast, and the small knife had stabbed right into his heart, causing his blood to start flowing out slowly. Mikhel then looked at Lyxia with a shocked expression on his face and his eyes bulged, but he started to weaken, and his body slowly fell to the ground.

Lyxia then pulled out the small knife that she stabbed into Mikhel's heart earlier, smiling a little, and said, "Mikhel, you're wrong. You confessed your love to the wrong woman. You should have confessed your love to me, so you couldn't have ended up like this. Now, you can go with peace. Let your heart and soul be the strength for me."

Mikhel then died. Lyxia then raised her hands and positioned them on top of his body. She then opened her palms, and black-red mist came out of Mikhel's body, which then entered into her hands. After all of Mikhel's energy, soul, emotions and feelings were absorbed by her, Mikhel's body instantly turned completely black, but the clothes he wore still looked intact.

She smiled slightly at her victim, and started muttering in her heart, "What a stupid human. You shouldn't confess your love to the wrong girl, see the consequences, right? And after this, I am going to rise again, then I will throw away this ugly stupid female wizard's body!"

Lyxia then opened the portal to the wizard world with both hands. After the portal opened wide and she had entered it, the portal disappeared immediately. Lyxia was now in the wizard world, then walked alone in the middle of a bright day, different from the human world which was now almost morning.

Several wizards looked at Lyxia who was walking through the rather crowded street, with her eyes empty, and all the wizards there, started to get scared. Lyxia somehow, suddenly had a terrifying aura. Black crows were also seen flying in the sky, following where Lyxia walked. All the wizards who passed by and saw her shadow on the ground, actually felt very scared.

Her shadow, not only the image of her body, but also the shadow of a pair of large black wings that could not be seen at all on Lyxia's back, but those big black wings were visible behind her shadow. Coincidentally, Lyxia's mother walked the same path as her. She then saw her daughter walking alone with empty eyes.

Lyxia's mother then shouted for her daughter, "Lyxia!"

When she heard someone calling out to her, Lyxia stopped walking, then she turned her head, seeing her mother running towards her. Lyxia stood up straight, and smiled sinisterly.

It was Lyxia's mother who walked and stood in front of her daughter then said, "Lyxia, where have you been? Let's go home soon, your father is waiting," and her mother took her daughter's hand, however, Lyxia did not want to walk at all.

Her mother then turned back and looked at Lyxia, and saw that her daughter's eyeballs were not black, but gray. She immediately released her grip from Lyxia's hand, and was silent for a moment, then looked at Lyxia from up to down her feet, and her mother immediately realized something wrong was going on.

She then covered her mouth with her right hand. Her expression showed extreme shock and fear.

"Mother, let's dance together," said Lyxia while doing the fifth position. Then she pointed her right hand in front of her mother, wanting to invite her to dance together. As if hypnotized, her mother nodded without answering.

Lyxia started to dance around her mother slowly, while asking, "Mom, do you only love me?"

"Yes, Lyxia. I only love you," replied her mother.

Lyxia asked again, "Mother, are you willing to give your body and soul to me, if you really love me?"

And her mother replied, "My daughter, I will."

Lyxia then smiled at her mother's answer. She then danced, surrounding her mother's body, while smiling cynically.

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