The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C11 Act 10. A Needless Sacrifice
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The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C11 Act 10. A Needless Sacrifice
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C11 Act 10. A Needless Sacrifice

Lyxia began to dance beautifully, while surrounding her mother. She made her mother stunned by the beauty of every dance movement that she danced. Just some simple ballet dance moves, however, she was able to hypnotize her own mother.

The wizards who were watching the two of them were not stunned because the dance was beautiful, but rather frightened, because Lyxia's shadow was like a demon.

From a distance, Rae and Yvoxy could be seen running towards Lyxia and her mother, however, both of them immediately stopped their steps when they noticed that Lyxia was already dancing in front of her own mother.

While Rae seemed to be stunned by Lyxia's dance, Yvoxy actually saw the image of Lyxia who looked like a black crow with scary large wings, dancing in front of its prey.

Realizing that something was wrong, Yvoxy immediately ran towards Lyxia's mother while shouting, "Old lady! Wake up! This is all just manipulation!"

However, Lyxia immediately swung her right arm forward, and suddenly out of nowhere, Yvoxy was blown away and thrown some distance away by strong wind, until she fell to the ground. Rae saw what had happened, then rushed to run towards Yvoxy, knelt down and helped her up.

The two of them were still watching Lyxia who was still dancing roughly now, then, she started to swing her right hand again, and suddenly from under the ground, from under her and her mother's feet, a big tree came out, then grew high up, taking them both away from the ground.

While still dancing, Lyxia asked her mother again, "Mother, are you willing to give your whole soul to me, sincerely?"

Then her mother answered quickly, "Yes, I do, daughter."

Lyxia smiled. She then stood near her mother and while she was dancing, a black crow feather appeared from the palm of her right hand and she grabbed it fast, then without a blink of an eye, the black crow's feather turned into a very sharp small knife. Just like what happened to Mikhel before, Lyxia immediately stabbed that small knife into her mother's chest, and stabbed it right into her mother's heart.

Yvoxy saw what happened, then she immediately shouted, "Lyxia! Wake up!!"

However, the shout was too late. The small sharp knife earlier, had been stabbed into Lyxia's mother's chest, right in her heart. Yvoxy and Rae could not help but stare at the scene that had just happened so quickly. All the wizards around them, who had also seen what had happened, fell silent in fear.

Lyxia's mother was now bleeding continuously from her chest, then fell to the ground, however, her eyes bulged at her only daughter. Her lips parted as if she wanted to speak, however, she died in instan. Lyxia then pulled out the small knife she had pierced right in her mother's heart, and turned it into black dust.

Realizing that the victim had already died, Lyxia then raised her hands forward, and began to absorb all of her victim's energy. Black-red dust started to come out of her mother's body, flowing into her hands. Her mother's body, which was now stiff and blackened, suddenly turned into black dust after Lyxia had finished absorbing all her energy and soul, then slowly, that black dust disappeared in the air.

The huge tree that rose high above, which was supporting Lyxia and her mother earlier, then sucked into the ground slowly and disappeared. Lyxia's feet then landed gently on the ground, however, suddenly inside her body, there was a great fight. She started to feel pain all over her body, until she fell on her knees.

Lyxia's eyes suddenly turned black again, then she screamed, "Get out of my body! What have you done! Who are you, why did you kill my mother!!"

As if the real Lyxia was fighting someone who was possessing her body, she continued to pound her chest with all her might.

Suddenly, Lyxia's eyes turned gray again, and shouted, "Hey stupid girl! I gave you this power! You yourself wanted to make this world yours, however, such great power requires sacrifices! A person with true love is a person whose energy matches this dark power, because then, he will be willing to give his whole body and soul, and you will become the strongest wizard who will rule these two worlds!"

"No! I won't let you kill the next!" Lyxia shouted again, then, she opened her right palm, a black crow feather appeared and instantly turned into a small sharp knife like earlier.

She then drew the small knife into her own chest, however, Lyxia herself too, immediately held her own hand and shouted, "You're crazy! Killing me? No way! You're killing me is like killing yourself!"

"If it can stop you, demon!" Lyxia exclaimed after that too.

She immediately stabbed the small knife right in her own heart without thinking. Blood began to flow out, from deep within her chest. All the wizards there were shocked and the expressions on their faces became very frightened after seeing her act. Yvoxy and Rae herself did not dare to approach, despite their obvious worry, sadness, and fear that flashed across their faces.

Lyxia then fell to the ground after she committed suicide to kill the demon that possessed her. Several wizards suddenly walked backwards when they saw Lyxia's body had lied on the ground.

They tried to walk away from her body, and no one dared to approach, except for Yvoxy and Rae, they started to run towards Lyxia who was now covered in blood. They were trying to approach her.

However, after a while, Lyxia suddenly laughed, while her body was still lying on the ground. Hearing Lyxia laughed even though she was still covered in blood and looked like she had died, Yvoxy and Rae immediately stopped in their steps.

"Mmm, hahahaha! Uh, hahaha!" Lyxia laughed, with her body still lying on the ground.

Yvoxy saw Lyxia had spilled so much blood on the ground, but in an instant, all of that blood disappeared, as if being sucked back into Lyxia's body. After that, suddenly Lyxia got up, then stood in front of Yvoxy and Rae.

She laughed out loud, then said, "I've already told this stupid girl about everything. Love can cause a person to experience long-term stupidity. This girl was trying to kill herself thinking that she would kill me too if she died. This stupid wizard! Hahaha."

Lyxia continued her laughter and for some reason, she looked different now.

Yvoxy with an annoyed face then asked, "Lyxia... Is that you?"

Lyxia immediately turned to Yvoxy and looked into her teacher's eyes, then replied, "Stupid teacher. Of course, she's dead! Your beloved student is dead, you idiot! You think she can beat dark magic. Just with a stab of a small knife? You guys are so stupid!"

Rae's cold sweat began to flow clearly from her head, down onto her face.

Terrified, Rae then asked Lyxia, "Demona... Is that you? You, have you revived? There's no way. My grandmother, Ramona, has sealed you off for a long time. Why did you suddenly wake up? What have you done? What has happened, and why did you use Lyxia's body and make it your own physique?!"

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