The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C12 Act 11. Farewell, Lyxia
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The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C12 Act 11. Farewell, Lyxia
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C12 Act 11. Farewell, Lyxia

Lyxia then looked at Rae with a scornful look in her eyes and said, "Lyxia is dead. That stupid girl is gone. Don't mention her name again. That stupid Ramona indeed had sealed me with the shards of her heart, then she lived until the end of her life without abilty to feel any emotions. She was stupid, wasn't she?"

"But she forgot one thing, that her stupid seal cannot prison me forever in that small box. This stupid girl you called Lyxia, her evil intention is very strong, attracting the attention of my servants, the black crows. This stupid girl came herself to me, then what else do I need to explain? She has awakened the power of darkness in her heart and it caused the seal that had prisoned me, finally shattered! That's great!"

Rae's tears immediately spilled after hearing that answer. She suddenly remembered the figure of Lyxia who was always happy when she danced ballet for everyone. Her dances were always beautiful and elegant, like a white swan. Lyxia too, always made people around her, seeing her dance with a happy face and their hearts are full of love.

The current Lyxia, no, but Demona, then smiled slyly at Rae who started to cry over Lyxia's death, and began to say, "You don't have to be sad, I, Demona, am back. You can seal me again, Rae. You can always, but... What? Do you have strength as strong as your grandmother, Ramona? Of course not! You're just one of her stupid descendants, hahahaha!"

Then, black mists started to surround Lyxia's beautiful body and turned her into a huge black crow with scary wings that were also big and long, making the other wizards scared.

This time, they ran around everywhere they could, trying to protect themselves. Yvoxy then swung her right hand and a beam of white light appeared from her right palm. She then threw the beam at Demona, however, Demona managed to ward it off.

"You're another stupid wizard! You think the power of your magic will be able to match this dark magic?" shouted Demona.

Then Demona flapped her wings and flew up into the sky, making the entire sky pitch black. Yvoxy could only clench her right palm. She was really very upset and sad over the death of Lyxia, her beloved student.

Yvoxy then muttered, "Damn Demona! How dare she take Lyxia's body for her own!"

Rae could only stare at Yvoxy, who was very annoyed with everything that had happened. She could also feel Yvoxy's sadness, however, she dared to say, "Yvoxy, we can't forget one more wizard who will be the next victim!"

Yvoxy immediately asked Rae "what? Who?"

Rae then replied, "Lyxia's father, Yvoxy. Demona has killed her mother and is now definitely after her father, because what Demona needs is a heart, a body and soul who is willing to sacrifice, and become a victim of her dark magic as she said before!"

Yvoxy immediately realized that Lyxia still had a father. The two of them rushed to run towards Lyxia's house even though they could use the magic door, but for some reason they did not think about using it.

After they had arrived in front of Lyxia's house, Yvoxy quickly opened the door that looked like it was still locked, however, when she opened the door, all she could see was the body of someone she knew, already lying stiff in front of her.

Rae, who had been left behind, quickly ran and arrived behind Yvoxy. She then turned her eyes into the house and saw a body was already lying stiff on the floor. It was the body of Lyxia's father.

Rae suddenly covered her mouth with her hands, and started to cry, unable to believe what had happened. Lyxia's father's rigid body suddenly turned into a black dust, then it disappeared into the air. Yvoxy then turned her head towards Rae, and saw that Rae was starting to cry.

Yvoxy then patted Rae's back, then said, "It's not your fault. It's not Ramona's fault either. We all know that a hundred years ago, all wizards in this world were like this too, whether they were black or white wizards. Demona's guild of black wizards had indeed caused chaos in this wizard world because she killed humans and even other wizards just to feed her dark magic power."

"I, and all the wizards in this world, are very grateful for a hundred years of peace, because only Ramona, your grandmother, the white wizard who gave herself to seal Demona with all the shards of her heart. It was not easy, even until the end of her life, Ramona could not feel any feelings or emotions because she lost all the shards of her heart. Rae, I don't think you need to be so sad. Ramona was a great white wizard, however, because of Lyxia's carelessness, I think this world will return to its dark past."

Rae nodded. However, sadness was very evident on her face.

She could not help but take a deep breath, then said to Yvoxy, "Lyxia was the smartest and most beautiful student in my class. All the dances she did, it's as if she understood the feelings of all the roles she played. She was like a human who has a lot of emotions and feelings, and I… I'm so sad, my heart hurts so much to see her last dance just now, but it was not Lyxia at all! She could not possibly dance with such horrific moves! Her dance was scary, her whole movement was really like a black crow waiting for its prey!"

After that, Rae cried loudly. Yvoxy then brought herself closer to Rae and once again, she patted Rae's back just to calm her down. From that day on, all the wizards who lived in the wizard world began to spread word of mouth that Demona had risen and was about to cause chaos again.

After the news spread, old wizards who were already seniors, began to gather in a building that used to be a meeting hall for white wizards a hundred years ago, which had not been used until this day finally arrived. Axell Building was the name of the building.

One hundred years ago, only this building could not be touched by Demona or her followers, because the white wizards always gathered here every day, and they also made a magical protective fortress that protected all the surroundings of the building, and that magical protective fortress would always be added magic spells to make it stronger, by the white wizards, every day.

This building had indeed not been used for a long time since Ramona managed to seal Demona and turn it into a black crystal stone, and also locked her in a blood red box which she sealed using the shards from her heart, so that she lost all feelings she had.

For the rest of her life after that incident, Ramona lived without being able to feel emotions or feelings such as love, hate, disappointment, and other feelings like normal people. She then died at the age of ninety because of her illness.

All the senior wizards who were respected by other wizards, had now gathered in the Axell Building. Yvoxy was the last wizard to enter the building, while holding Rae in her arms, forcing her to also enter the Axell Building even though Rae did not want to.

When the two of them were inside the building and closed the door, all the eyes of the senior wizards turned to them. Rae immediately broke out in a cold sweat, because for her, those stares were scary.

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