The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C13 Act 12. Sad Decision
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The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C13 Act 12. Sad Decision
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C13 Act 12. Sad Decision

Yvoxy then took Rae's hand, then walked towards the centre of the building, the senior wizards seemed to make way for them. There were three steps that lead to the top of a large altar which was located right in the middle of the Axell Building. Yvoxy then climbed the stairs and when she reached the altar, she then stood up straight while still holding Rae who looked a bit confused and panicked.

Yvoxy then whispered to Rae, "This is your first time, don't be so nervous, all the wizards gathered here are seniors, you don't have to be that scared."

Then, Yvoxy turned her head forward, towards those senior wizards who had been waiting for her arrival for a long time.

A senior wizard then shouted, "What happened, Yvoxy? Lyxia was your student, and how are you responsible for this?"

Another senior wizard shouted as well, "Could it be that Lyxia has fallen in love with a human and that feeling brought Demona back? Explain, Yvoxy! She was your student, and now that Demona is back, what are you going to do?"

In fact, another old wizard also shouted, "Ramona chose you to be her successor, Yvoxy, doesn't that mean you also have to do the same thing as Ramona did to reseal Demona?"

Yvoxy could not help but take a deep breath hearing all those complaints. She then cleared her throat a little, then began to speak:

"Relax, seniors! Ramona did choose me as her successor, but I myself am already one hundred and sixteen years old, and I admit, that the current system that I have established regarding lower-, middle-, and upper-class wizards, must end today, due to Demona's return, and we have to return back to the old system: the group of the black wizards and white wizards! And, as for Lyxia, she has gone... I'm sorry, I failed to take care of and educate her... I'm really sorry… But I really don't know anything about Demona's resurrection for now and the connection between Lyxia with all the chaos today! Why I cannot reseal Demona is because… I am not the descendant of Reivan, the former leader of white wizards, but Ramona!"

An old wizard suddenly pointed at Yvoxy with his left index finger, and shouted, "You must be responsible for all of this, Yvoxy! You must explain everything to us, what has happened! Why was Demona's seal broken by your student?! Don't deny! It was very clear that she has Lyxia's body just now!"

Yvoxy started to get annoyed at that statement, then she replied, "Well I can explain some of the possibilities that make Demona's seal to open, and there are only two possibilities, whether my student, Lyxia, has fallen in love with a human, or with a wizard that makes her intoxicated with such a big love? Or did she have an evil desire that made the darkness in her heart grow?"

However, an old wizard interrupted Yvoxy, "If it is because of love that Demona's seal opened, then all the wizards in this world cannot possibly love each other, get married, and then have children!"

Yvoxy immediately replied to the old wizard's statement earlier, "The one that has broken Demona's seal, was not love! Demona didn't need love to break the seal!"

Then, another wizard asked, "Then what? It was not love? Are you sure? Everyone saw that Demona killed Lyxia's parents just to absorb her victim's energy and make her dark energy to increase, then why did Demona question her victim's willingness to sacrifice himself to her, before killing him? Then what do you think of that, Yvoxy?"

With a sharp gaze, Yvoxy then looked at all the senior wizards that were standing in front of her, and exclaimed, "Evil desire, wrong ambition! Demona never seeks for love, what has made Demona's seal to open is… An evil desire! Ambition with evil intentions, for sure, has awakened the darkness in her heart and led Lyxia into the secret room, so that she could easily break the seal of the black crystal stone and awake Demona!"

All the senior wizards who listened to Yvoxy's statement before, were surprised, so one of them asked, "Then, your student, Lyxia, has a strong evil intention and it has made Demona to rise? How could she?"

Yvoxy immediately replied, "I don't know, and I will find out about this later, then I will tell you again, when I know what has actually happened!"

Rae herself was still standing timidly behind Yvoxy, then whispered, "Then why did you bring me up here, Yvoxy?"

Yvoxy then looked back, looked at Rae, and started shouting, "I will introduce you to Ramona's granddaughter, this is Rae!"

Yvoxy then looked back at the senior wizards, and continued, "I think you already know that Rae is the only wizard who has brought human culture, the beautiful, graceful and elegant art of ballet dance..."

But suddenly Yvoxy's words were cut off by an old wizard, "Hey Yvoxy! Our grandchildren also learn that stupid dance, in the class that she opened in this world!" said the old wizard, then he raised his right index finger and pointed at Rae, and continued his words, "I have seen with my own eyes, the dance that Demona performed when she was about to kill Lyxia's mother just now, it was not a dance that graceful, but a terrifying dance! A dance that brings the victim to his death!"

Rae and Yvoxy immediately fell silent, unable to refute the old wizard's words.

However, after a while, Rae mustered up all her courage to reply to the old wizard's words, and started exclaiming, "Hey old geezer! Demona's dance is not the purpose of ballet itself! I've never seen humans kill each other with a dance! Ballet dance is beautiful, graceful, and elegant, and in every dance, there are always many emotions and feelings, and also can be learned by young wizards! Ballet dance is an art, not a dance of death!"

The old wizard was apparently annoyed after hearing Rae's call just now, then replied again, "Then what dance did Demona just do when she was about to kill her victim? She actually hypnotized her victim through that stupid dance! You saw it too just then!"

And all the senior wizards who were there, began to nod in agreement and then shouted, "Stop it, stop that ballet dance class!"

Rae looked at all of them, with a face full of disappointment.

Yvoxy immediately approached Rae's ear, and whispered, "Just give up, for now. How to defeat Demona is our priority, before she looks for other victims to satisfy her dark magic."

Rae finally nodded even though her tears were starting to fall, she could not defend herself at all, so, the only thing she could do was... To give up.

Yvoxy then looked again at the old senior wizards who were gathering in front of her, then exclaimed, "Alright, the ballet dance class will be stopped from tomorrow. I will also find out what happened to Lyxia and why Demona's seal could be easily broken. Come back three more days in this building, and I will announce the results. Give me three days, please!"

All the senior wizards seemed to be discussing with each other after hearing Yvoxy's statement before, and after a while, they all agreed with her, and finally began to disperse, returning to their own house.

After all the senior wizards had left the Axell Building, Rae was still standing with Yvoxy on the altar, patted that old female wizard on the shoulder and asked, "How will you know what happened to Lyxia?"

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