The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C14 Act 13. Return of The Black Wizards
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The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C14 Act 13. Return of The Black Wizards
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C14 Act 13. Return of The Black Wizards

Hearing Rae's question just now, Yvoxy then answered quickly, "Lyxia has just mastered the magic spell to open a portal to the human world. We can start from there, the human world. She was in a hurry, asking me within a week to teach her, so she could master the magic spell to open that portal. You must follow me, Rae, as the granddaughter of Ramona, I expect a lot from you."

Rae nodded. They then walked together, out of the Axell Building, and went back to their own house. The sky still looked pitch dark because of the presence of Demona who had started to rule the sky in the wizard world. Seeing the sky so dark, Rae then became sad. She remembered Lyxia as a smart student.

Her dance always made people stunned and amazed. Rae continued on her way, walking towards her house which was a bit far from the Axell Building. Her eyes still looked sad over today's events.

Meanwhile, the door to an empty and dark old building located at the very end of the wizard world, suddenly opened. Someone's footsteps could be heard clearly in the old, dirty and deserted building.

It turned out, not someone's footsteps, but a huge black crow with the height that was double the size of an ordinary human, and it had large wings and beak, was entering the building. The huge and scary black crow suddenly danced, a move from a beautiful ballet dance.

However, the dance was so rough, even the insects that were all over the walls of that dirty old building, ran away from the huge black crow. After dancing until the middle of the dirty old building, the huge black crow then stopped. In an instant, black mist surrounded that huge black crow, which then turned into Demona, however, she was still using Lyxia's body.

Demona, who wore black tutu dress and a pair of en pointé ballet shoes which were also black, with gray eyes, was silent for a moment. A few moments later, she then grabbed her long black hair that rose to her waist, and stared at it for a while, however, Demona did not seem to like that hair of hers.

Her facial expression was annoyed. She then raised her right hand and in a quick, a black long sword appeared. Demona then cut off the beautiful Lyxia's long black hair with the long sword she just had, so that the black hair that was waist-length, now only reached above her chin.

The rest of the hair that had been cut off immediately fell to the floor. Demona laughed slyly, while stepping on the remnants of her black hair.

Suddenly, the front entrance of the dirty old building opened wide. There was the sound of footsteps that were a bit crowded as if they wanted to scramble into that dirty old building in a rush. Demona then turned, and saw who came from behind the door.

"My loyal followers, please come in!" she shouted.

Then, several wizards, all wearing black clothes, entered the dirty old building, after Demona invited them to. Their number was indeed not as many as the wizards who were in the Axell Building earlier. After all the wizards had entered, the entrance immediately closed itself with a bang.

An old wizard raised his head, looked at Demona, then said, "The great leader of the black wizard, our queen, Demona, has returned after a long time. We are tormented without your presence, Your Highness. White wizards and neutral wizards mock us every time. Simply just because we were black wizards, your former followers. But this time, we all feel happy and protected, because you, Your Majesty, have finally risen. We look forward to your protection, Your Highness Demona!"

All the wizards in the dark room immediately cheered, "Long live Her Highness Demona!" And they all then knelt before Demona.

Demona laughed sarcastically after hearing the cheers from her followers. She then raised her right hand, with her dark magic power, a large chair in the shape of a large black crow, appeared from underground, headed up, and penetrated the floor of the dirty old building. Demona then sat on the scary chair that now had become her throne.

She then exclaimed, "From today on, you black wizards, my loyal followers, have nothing to worry about. I'm back, and already before you, my dark magic... Now it's ready to absorb energy. The energy of the people you will bring to me. I am wishing all of you to bring a human sacrifice for me, because humans are evil, unfaithful, useless, powerless, and stupid. They are trash to this world. If humans are no longer in this world, we can rule their world too, and I am promising you a comfortable and safe place to live!"

The black wizards who listened to Demona's call earlier then cheered, and shouted, "Long live Her Highness Demona! We will carry out your orders!"

Demona then smiled and turned towards the window, and shouted again, "Hurry up you guys, go to the human world and bring them to me. I will share this dark energy with you, so that you, my followers, too, become stronger. Let the darkness and dark magic rule everyone, because their magic power can never compete with dark magic power, it is useless! Even you see, Ramona's magic power could not even seal and lock me up forever! Hahaha!"

All the black wizards present, once again, cheered, then knelt again before Demona while all exclaiming, "Very well, Your Highness!"

After that, slowly, one by one they began to walk out of the dirty old building, and when the last black wizard came out, the door immediately closed itself. Leave Demona alone. She then looked at the large window that was on the side of the room, then she crossed her legs, and began to laugh slyly. The black crows began to flock, and flew around the old building.

On the other hand, Rae was inside her house, and now she could only stare sadly at an empty room at the far end of her house. It was the room for her ballet dance class, but now she was prohibited from holding ballet dance classes again, because according to senior wizards, the dance was a dance of death.

A misunderstanding that made her sad. She then walked to the second floor of her house, and went into her room, then tried to fall asleep, however, the image of her mind about Lyxia, her beloved student, was very strong. Rae still could not believe it, however, she was very curious, what made Lyxia able to open the seal that awakened Demona just now.

Rae was very restless, she even repeatedly changed her sleeping position but did not feel comfortable at all, and she started muttering to herself, "Yvoxy asked me tomorrow to come with her, but why only me? Just because I am Ramona's granddaughter, but this is none of my business, not me! Yvoxy is so pushy, you old lady!"

After a while, she finally managed to fall asleep. In her sleep, she began to dream. She was in a very bright room, and she began to see the figure of a girl she knew very well even though she had never met. The lady was her own grandmother, Ramona, who was standing right in front of her now.

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