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C2 Act 1. Two Worlds

There was a story, from time to time: that within this Earth, there were actually two worlds. The lowest world was the human world, which, according to the story, was a mortal world. They could be sick and die, as human beings. Humans could not, and did not have magic powers, however, there was something interesting about them.

Humans had deep feelings, emotions, and souls. Sometimes, humans would think with their hearts and feelings first, then they would think by logic. Although humans did not have any magic powers, they could still carry out daily activities, such as planting rice, farming crops, or even working as fishermen, to fulfil their daily needs.

It was undeniable that although humans were weak creatures, they were not, actually. Humans were created not only given emotions and feelings, but also reason and thoughts. Even though they did not have magic powers, humans could make anything, like bicycles to travel anywhere, or even a cart to carry and collect their crops.

It was also written in the story, that humans were the weakest creatures whose world was at the very bottom. The needs of human life were not only about food, clothing, or boards, but also entertainment. Humans loved art, such as drawing, and there was also the art of dance.

In a small town with not too many people, there was a luxurious and spacious theatre. Inside the building, every three months, it would be having a big show, a ballet dance performance, with a variety of interesting stories.

Even though it was just a dancing performance without dialogue, and even though the show was more about ballet and classical music, the audiences who attended each show can always guess the storyline.

Some people were interested in being an actor or dancer for the show, however, the requirements were not easy. They had to master ballet dance at least at an intermediate level.

Because the performance in the theatre always attracted the attention of many people, the wizards who lived in the wizard world were also interested in watching the ballet performance at the theatre. The wizard world, which was completely different from the human world, whatever they wanted, with just a snap of a finger, it would instantly appear before their eyes.

Shortcuts, as they were called.

Wizards were born with their own magic power, however, their magic power had to be honed from a very young age.

Currently, there were three classes in the wizard world, lower class wizards who still did not really understand how to control their magic power, and there were also middle-class wizards, who could already know how to control their magic power but still could not focus on it, so sometimes, the result was not what they want, and because of this, they still have to learn to focus on their own inner strength.

The highest class in the wizard world was the high-class wizard. They were already able to focus and concentrate on their own desires and already knew enough how to use their magic power for anything. Those who were already at this highest level, they could open a portal to enter the human world.

No wonder that some wizards sometimes liked to go back and forth from the magic world to the human world, just to enjoy the food or drink that only existed in the human world, there were also those who enjoy the beautiful scenery of the human world, and those who enjoy performances, such as the ballet dance performances inside the town's main theatre.

Not very often too, high class wizards could also bring their friends or relatives, or their lovers, who were still in lower-class and middle-class wizards, into the human world just for entertainment. Because wizards could not die unless killed or seriously ill, it was very common for some wizards who were already hundreds of years old but their faces still looked very young.

However, there were some rules when they wanted to enter the human world: one, the portal had not to be seen by humans, two, they had not to use their magic power in the human world, because it would be causing chaos. Humans really did not like wizards.

They would kill and burn the wizards, if found. Because according to humans, wizards were witches, a group of bad people who used magic power to enrich themselves and others easily, or doing evil deeds to other humans.

Wizards or witches made things worse, humans think. There was also a rule that the wizards had to obey on the highest priority: NEVER EVER TO FALL IN LOVE with humans.

Falling in love with humans was the most forbidden thing in the wizard world. The reason was unknown until now, however, there was one theory that most wizards believe in, that if they fell in love with a human, then they, the wizards themselves, would have great misfortune.

So, until this moment, there had not been a single wizard who seemed to love a human. And also, wizards had not to fight against their own destiny, such as healing others or themselves when they got sick, nor could playing with time, unless they only wanted to look into the past.

Let's return to the main theatre. Amazed by the ballet dance performance, some wizards then pretended to be humans, taking a ballet dance class which was always held in the theatre building. According to the wizards who had seen a ballet performance at least once, ballet dance was very elegant in its every movement.

Because not all wizards could open a portal to the human world, there was one young female wizard who really admires ballet dance, and decided to open a ballet dance class in the wizard world. And unexpectedly, she had many students not long after. This young female wizard called Rae, a high-class wizard with white hair and golden eyes.

She was one of the casts in every ballet dance performance in the main theatre for a short time, but she decided to stop after opening her own ballet class in the wizard world. Because her ballet dance skills were already very good, and she was even able to perform en pointè very well, she then decided to bring the art of ballet dance to the wizard world.

When Rae first opened a ballet dance class in the wizard world, there was only a little interest among the wizards, however, because high level wizards always enjoyed seeing ballet dance performances in the main theatre building of the human world, the ballet dance classes that Rae had opened before, became more and more popular.

Promotion by word of mouth from one wizard to another, began to spread. Small children to adults, began to learn ballet in the wizard world. When the class already got too crowded, Rae then decided to hire some wizards who have ballet dance skills on par with her, to teach the ballet class.

This ballet dance class now had been years in the wizard world. More and more wizards now were able to dance ballet well and beautifully, some even surpassing Rae herself. Proud of her students' achievements, she decided to teach younger wizards who have just joined, while her former students who had graduated were allowed to open their own ballet dance classes.

There was a very young female wizard that had caught Rae's attention. Since childhood, this young female wizard had shown extraordinary talent. She was already able to do en pointè at a very young age.

Lyxia, a child from high class wizards, whose parents were teachers for young wizards. She had beautiful black eyes and waist-length black hair. Time had flown by, and she was now already grown into a beautiful female wizard.

Lyxia herself was still a middle-class wizard, who still had to learn to control her magic power. Due to Rae's strict upbringing, Lyxia, who was getting older day by day, now had gotten used to doing difficult moves, perfectly. Rae really liked all the dances Lyxia did. Very beautiful, she was like a white swan dancing with soul.

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