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C3 Act 2. Human Man

One day, Lyxia was seen alone in her house. Her father and mother were already out to teach the young wizards at the wizard school. Bored, Lyxia then decided to get out of her house and coincidentally from afar, she saw two old females who were high class wizards, passing some distance in front of her house.

The two of them were opening a portal to the human world. Because the only ones who could open portals to the human world were only high-class wizards, Lyxia then secretly followed them, and once they entered the portal that one of them had just created, Lyxia then quickly walked over to enter that portal as well.

She then entered the portal after those two old female wizards had entered it before. Because Lyxia's footsteps were very silent, those two old female wizards did not hear at all that someone was following them from behind. The portal disappeared as soon as Lyxia and the old female wizards had entered it.

The portal took Lyxia and those two female wizards, inside a forest where sunlight could penetrate all the trees. There was a river where the water was clear and flowing fast, but there was not a single human in sight around.

Amazed by the natural beauty of the human world, Lyxia then mumbled softly, "How beautiful..."

However, Lyxia's soft voice had made the two old female wizards in front of her, startled. They looked back, and were very surprised when they saw Lyxia was already behind them.

One of them then approached Lyxia, and said, "Since when have you been behind us?! What are you doing here? Did you follow us through the portal just now? Ouch, later your parents will find out that you are with us, and they are going to scold you! You should better go back to the wizard world, Lyxia!"

However, Lyxia did not hear the old female wizard at all. She was still in awe of the beautiful scenery of the forest, then muttered again, "How do I open the portal to the human world? I really want to be able to see this beautiful view, whenever I want!"

Another old female wizard then approached Lyxia and said, "No way. You are still a middle-class wizard. Only high-class wizards can open portals to this human world. Besides, the rules here are very strict. We are not allowed to use magic powers here. If the humans know that wizards enter their world, they will burn us down. We are enemies to humans, and that is why we must always be careful while using our magic powers. You better return to the wizard world before your parents find you."

Lyxia shook her head, then suddenly hugged one of them tightly, and said, "I don't want to go back just yet, I still want to enjoy this world. It's so beautiful! Please!"

She kept asking, and begging them to let her travel around the human world. At first, they did not allow Lyxia to come along, but because she was so persistent, finally one of them said, "Okay, but you have to stay with us. Don't disappear or leave without us knowing."

Lyxia was overjoyed to hear that. The two old female wizards finally allowed her to follow them from behind. While walking, Lyxia also looked at the whole world around her with focus.

Out of curiosity, Lyxia started asking, "Where are we going?"

One of the old female wizards replied, "We are going to the market. Humans have a lot of things they are selling in the market. Incidentally, we are eager to enjoy some fresh food and drink. Ah, you know, there is no such food and drink in our world."

Lyxia nodded even though she did not really understand what they meant. The three of them then walked down the river, and after walking for some time, they arrived at a small town.

Right in the middle of the town, there was a very busy and crowded market. Lyxia was amazed, there were so many people in the market who seemed to be doing their own thing. There were several sellers and buyers who were bargaining for an item, there were also children running around, and some people were also seen carrying big sacks into a stall.

Lyxia followed wherever the two old female wizards went, while looking for eye-catching items throughout the market, and not to forget, they also bought some items that caught their eyes. After they had arrived in front of a shoe stall, the two old female wizards stopped for a moment while looking at the things that belonged to the shoe seller.

Lyxia was starting to feel bored by following them, then looked left and right, saw many people passing by, and suddenly, a human man from a distance, stole her attention. The man was very handsome. He was seen carrying a large sack, which she did not know what was in it, into a stall owned by a vegetable trader.

Lyxia immediately walked towards the vegetable stall with slow steps, and even the two old female wizards could not hear the sound of her footsteps. After she had arrived in front of the cart that belonged to the handsome man, Lyxia then stopped for a moment, then looked at the man with teary eyes.

The man realized that he was being watched by Lyxia, he then turned his head to her, while asking, "Miss, is there anything I can help you with?"

Lyxia was still looking at the handsome man with a blush on her face, and replied, "Ah, I just moved here from the big town next to this small town. However, this is the first time I visit the market within this town. Very interesting! And, what are you doing?"

The man smiled, and replied, "Miss, I am a farmer, and these are the crops from a few days ago, which have been collected and wrapped in big sacks, and after that, my job is to bring them here to be sold by the vegetable seller in this stall."

Lyxia was still in focus, however, what she admired was the man's posture. She never saw such a man in the wizard world.

"Ah, my name is Lyxia. If I may ask, what is your name?" Lyxia asked the man.

"Me? People here call me Muscle Man, but my real name is Mikhel. Nice to meet you, Miss Lyxia! If there's anything else I can help you with, you can come see me straight away," the man replied with a smile at her.

For some reason, Lyxia's heart was pounding at the sight of Mikhel's smile, while her face was red. Suddenly, Lyxia's arm was pulled by someone. Apparently, one of the old female wizards who was with her earlier, had been looking for her, who suddenly disappeared, and found her here, at the vegetable stall.

"You, I told you not to go too far without us! We better go home now! It's dangerous for you, Lyxia!" whispered the old female wizard who pulled her arm before.

Lyxia still looked at Mikhel, then smiled, and asked, "Mikhel. Can we still meet again?"

Mikhel chuckled, and replied, "I will always be here every Monday morning, because I have to deliver my crops every week for this vegetable stall!"

The annoyed old female wizard then grabbed Lyxia's arm again, and whispered softly, "Let's hurry!"

Lyxia, who was still staring at Mikhel, was forced to obey them to go back home. The old female wizard then led Lyxia to the back of an empty stall, then with her right hand, she opened a portal to return to the wizard world.

She then pushed Lyxia's body into the portal, and after Lyxia entered it, the old female wizard hastily closed the portal. Even though Lyxia had returned to the wizard world, she still stood frozen, recalling Mikhel's face and physique that captured her heart.

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