The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C4 Act 3. Go to the Next Level
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The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C4 Act 3. Go to the Next Level
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C4 Act 3. Go to the Next Level

Lyxia immediately ran to her house. Her parents seemed to have just returned from the wizard school. The three of them then stood up, and faced each other in front of the door.

Lyxia directly faced her mother, and said pleadingly, "Mother, I want to become a high-class wizard as soon as possible!"

Her mother was surprised by her request, then she smiled and replied, "You still have to learn about your power. What you are doing until now is not studying magic, but dancing, Lyxia! Every morning and every day, you can only dance! Can you focus if you continue like that?"

Lyxia then smiled, and replied to her mother, "I will study magic more and more. I will show you that I can focus on doing both, and I will prove it to you!"

Her mother just laughed lightly while stroking Lyxia's head, then she entered the house with her father. Lyxia then immediately rushed to the library, to meet her magic teacher, an old female wizard named Yvoxy. She had gray hair with white eyes.

When Lyxia arrived at the library, she entered in a hurry while looking for her magic teacher. At last, she found Yvoxy who was sitting while reading a book in the corner of the library. Lyxia then immediately ran to her and stood in front of her.

Yvoxy heard the sound of Lyxia's footsteps, immediately turned her head to Lyxia and whispered, "This is the library. Don't run so hard! It looks like you have a wish that needs to be fulfilled quickly. Tell me, what do you want?"

Lyxia immediately replied quietly, "Teacher, can I become a high-class wizard, within one week? I won't be dancing for a week, I'll just focus on learning magic!"

Yvoxy smiled at Lyxia's strange request, then replied, "You can. I really believe you can, more than capable. Didn't you master ballet in just a short time at such a young age? You are now a middle-class wizard, just a bit more to become a high-class wizard."

Lyxia was immediately pleased to hear her teacher's answer just now.

However, Yvoxy seemed to sense that there was something unusual about Lyxia's request, so she asked, "What is it with you, that you want to learn high level magic so bad?"

Lyxia then approached her teacher, and whispered, "I want to go to the human world. They have good food, hot drinks, and beautiful music and scenery! Please, teacher! Teach me to open the portal!"

Yvoxy could not help but laugh at Lyxia's plea, which she thought was innocent. However, she did not know that it was just an excuse made up by Lyxia, to be able to open a portal to the human world and meet Mikhel, next Monday.

Thinking that Lyxia was innocent, wanted to go to the human world just for fun, Yvoxy then invited Lyxia into her house by opening a magic door that appeared with Yvoxy's magic power.

The two of them then entered the door and arrived at Yvoxy's house, and Lyxia started to tell stories, about how she had followed two female wizards who were opening a portal to the human world before, and saw many beautiful sights and interesting market snacks, however, Lyxia did not tell her teacher about meeting with Mikhel at all, because she knew it was a dangerous fact to tell, so she decided to keep it a secret.

Yvoxy just smiled after hearing Lyxia's whole story, and started asking, "Haven't you ever wondered why your parents asked me to teach you magic?"

Lyxia was silent for a moment, then shook her head, and looked at Yvoxy with a confused expression on her face.

Yvoxy then replied, "Your parents, even though they teach magic to the other young wizards, however, because you are the only child for them, they decided that I should teach you. They are just afraid that other young wizards will think of you as special, just because you are their biological child. However, if you are taught by others like me, then it will be just fine. After all, this wizard world does not need a leader. It's good like this as always. The people can decide for themselves, and there is no need for a leader to manage this and that. It's very different from the human world."

Full of curiosity, Lyxia then asked her, "Do humans have a leader, teacher?"

Yvoxy immediately nodded, and said again, "Humans have a leader. Whatever they are called as the mayor, president, minister, or whatever, obviously, they have a lot of leaders. That one alone already makes me dizzy. Well, we have arrived at my house. I will teach you how to open the portal, however, you yourself must be able to focus and concentrate fully to release magic power… From your inner body into your hands."

After hearing Yvoxy's words just now, firmly, Lyxia decided to learn the magic power to open a portal to the human world, but in her heart, she was only thinking about how to meet Mikhel next Monday, of course nobody knew about it. For a full week, Lyxia really did study magic very diligently, and she did not even dance once, until her legs felt stiff after a week, for not warming up.

However, the deadline was only a day ahead. Whether she could graduate and became a high-class wizard or not, it depended on whether she could or not, opening the portal to the human world, by focusing all of her magical power that flowed from her inner body into her hands, and after practicing for a whole week, there should be a result, of course.

Lyxia woke up so early today. She immediately got out of bed and without eating her breakfast, she immediately ran out of her house, and went directly to Yvoxy's house. Her parents had already left that morning to teach young wizards elsewhere, so Lyxia could freely just leave.

For some reason, instead of creating a magic door to Yvoxy's house, she preferred to just… Run. Yvoxy seemed to have been waiting for Lyxia all along, in her front yard.

That old female wizard suddenly heard the sound of heavy footsteps, and the sound of gasping for breath. Yvoxy then turned towards the voices and looked at Lyxia who was already standing some distance away from her while taking a deep breath, tired from running all the way.

Lyxia then smiled at her teacher, Yvoxy, then said, "I'm ready!"

Yvoxy immediately replied, "Oh, why didn't you just open a magic door to get here? Ah, okay, because you are here now, in that case, please open a portal to the human world, right now! It is a test!"

Lyxia nodded. She then raised her hands forward, and closed her eyes, then tried to focus on gathering all her magic energies that flowed within her body, so that it could be flowing through her hands.

Suddenly, streaks of light began to appear, little by little. Lyxia then started to open her eyes and smiled. For a second afterwards, the light got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. A portal has been created successfully. In front of Lyxia and Yvoxy, a portal to the human world was clearly opened. Yvoxy immediately smiled after looking at the portal that Lyxia had made.

Lyxia immediately entered the portal, and said to her teacher, "I have managed to create a portal to the human world, haven't I, teacher?"

Yvoxy smiled widely, and replied, "Finally! Lyxia! You did it! This time you are officially a high-class wizard, however, I hope that in the future, you can focus and control your power directly and quickly, so you don't have to close your eyes anymore just to create that portal!"

Lyxia nodded, and just like that, she entered the portal, which then led her to the human world. The portal led her to the forest that she had seen before.

It was a very beautiful sight, but there was no one there at all. Ah, yes, when Lyxia entered the portal, the portal immediately disappeared in a second. Lyxia now had arrived, alone, in the human world.

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