The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C5 Act 4. Fireworks Festival
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The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C5 Act 4. Fireworks Festival
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C5 Act 4. Fireworks Festival

The portal did not take long to appear, and as soon as Lyxia managed to enter the portal and set her feet in the human world, the portal just disappeared. Lyxia then stepped with a flowery heart, walking through the beautiful forest towards the small town which was located right next to the forest.

After arriving at the edge of that small town, she immediately ran towards the market she had visited at that time, just to have a look and guess whether Mikhel still remembered her or not. Lyxia immediately ran towards a vegetable stall she visited when she first met Mikhel. When she arrived in front of the vegetable stall, her eyes suddenly opened wide, seeing a handsome man carrying a large sack of crops.

Lyxia with a big smile, as if she had found a very beautiful treasure, immediately ran towards that man while shouting, "Mikhel!"

Mikhel was surprised to hear the scream, then he turned his head to Lyxia, and smiled at her. After running too fast for some time, Lyxia now was right in front of Mikhel.

"Lyxia! I didn't expect you to come! Ah, can I help you?!" asked Mikhel. His face looked a bit sweaty from carrying heavy and big sacks into the vegetable stall.

Lyxia could only look at Mikhel with a gaze full of love without answering.

Mikhel then walked over to her, and said, "Ah, I forgot. I can't stay here too long. There is a fireworks festival in the middle of the town this evening, and everyone is preparing for it. I am joining too!"

After hearing that there would be a fireworks festival in the middle of that town, Lyxia immediately asked Mikhel, "Firework festival? Today? This evening? Where is it? What festival is it?"

Mikhel laughed at her questions.

He then replied, "You have never been to a fireworks festival? Where are you from, huh? In this small town, every year, to celebrate a bountiful harvest, we always hold a fireworks festival. There will be a lot of people gathering, in the middle of this small town. The entire residents will surely come, and dance together, there will be music, some drinks, and many delicious foods!"

After hearing Mikhel's answer, Lyxia immediately broke into a big smile.

Her mind started to say, "Party? Festival? Dance? Ah! I can attract Mikhel's attention with my dance! Fine! I will come to the festival!"

Mikhel looked at Lyxia who was smiling but was silent for a while while looking at him.

He then immediately called out, "Ehm, Lyxia, are you listening to me?"

Lyxia was a bit surprised by Mikhel's voice, then looked at Mikhel with her teary eyes, saying, "Mikhel! You will be there, won't you? That fireworks festival, right? I… I want to come!"

Mikhel suddenly smiled after that, then replied, "Sure, I'll be there, exactly six o'clock this evening. I also want to relax while watching some performances. Besides, I'm quite tired from this work. I need to entertain myself too!"

Lyxia had heard Mikhel's reply just now, immediately thought that she wanted to show her ballet dance skills to attract Mikhel's attention, however, she had not practiced for a week, so her legs felt a bit stiff.

Lyxia then lowered her head down and stared at her legs for a while, then she lifted her head again and said to Mikhel, "I will meet you at the festival later. Six o'clock in the evening, is it? I have to get permission from my parents to have fun today!"

Mikhel nodded with a smile, making Lyxia's heart flutter even more when she saw that smile.

Then, Lyxia left Mikhel alone, and walked away while trying to find a place where nobody was around. She then found an empty stall that no one paid much attention to. Hastily, she then entered the empty stall and tried to open a portal to the wizard world.

Lyxia wanted to practice dancing ballet again with her legs that were starting to get a little stiff from not practicing at all last week. So hard was her effort to create a portal to return to the wizard world, that it took her minutes, because she was not so used to it, however, as soon as she succeeded in creating a portal, she immediately entered in a hurry, and arrived right in her house. To be exact, she had arrived in her kitchen.

Lyxia immediately ran to her room, and when she had entered her room, she closed the door tightly, then sat on the floor and grabbed her feet, took off the sandals she was wearing, then she stood up quickly. She then walked towards a small cupboard in the corner of her room. Then, she opened the small cupboard, and saw a pair of en pointé shoes inside.

She took the pair of those shoes, sat on the floor again, then put them on. After that, she started to stretch her legs apart. After putting on her en pointé shoes and stretching her body a bit, she stood up and began her practice. She moved her legs and arms, then performed some basic ballet movements, such as tiptoeing, turning a little, then jumping, and balancing her body on one foot.

After doing those basic moves, Lyxia then started to dance. A dance that was not that difficult, for beginners. She began to spread her arms and twist her body, resting on her toes which were starting to feel less stiff.

Lyxia started to dance ballet again. She did many ballet dance moves that were very beautiful and graceful, after that, she started to feel her legs were no longer so stiff. Even without singing or music, she could imagine the beautiful symphonies within her mind that flowed through her whole body, and she danced gently, following the symphonies she imagined.

Her legs now began to be agile again, even though after a hard week she had not practiced. Beautiful, truly amazing ballet dance. Lyxia looked very happy when she was dancing, even though she knew there had never been a ballet performance in the wizard world for once, however, she danced because dancing was the only pleasure for her heart.

She kept on dancing, until one more loop, and another, so many dance moves, that she lost track of time. Too carried away by the atmosphere, she only realized that it was already noon when she looked out the window. Afternoon in the wizard world means it was now already evening in the human world.

She immediately stopped her dance, and tried again to open a portal to the human world. She panicked, thinking that she might be late. When she managed to open a portal to the human world, she immediately entered without a second thought.

After she had arrived in the middle of the forest, Lyxia immediately ran very fast, to the park in the middle of the town. The sun had set, and she started to run even faster. After running for so long, Lyxia finally arrived at the park. She saw that many people had gathered there. Her eyes searched for Mikhel around, until finally at one point, she found Mikhel who was standing on the edge of the garden while enjoying some cold drinks served by a woman.

A smile appeared on Lyxia's face. She kept staring at Mikhel with her heart beating fast. Suddenly, the sound of a firework being released into the air startled everyone, then several men appeared, trying to gather firewood, then placed it in the middle of the garden.

The men were trying to make a big bonfire. When the firewood was piled up very much and high, a man was then seen carrying a pail that contained fuel, while walking towards the pile of firewood that had been piled up in the middle of the park. After he arrived in front of it, he immediately poured all the contents of the pail that he brought earlier.

After he had finished pouring the fuel, the man immediately turned around and ran away. Another man was seen running while holding a burning torch, then he stopped a bit near the pile of firewood, then he threw the torch and quickly, he turned around and rushed to run away from it.

Suddenly, a huge fire started to burn and the flames began to lick upwards. Everyone rejoiced, some even started to dance, and invited their partner to dance together. Lyxia then ran to Mikhel, and asked him to dance together.

Even though Mikhel initially refused because he could not dance, Lyxia pushed him to do so. Mikhel could not refuse this time because Lyxia was a bit pushy, and he finally agreed. Lyxia then took his hand, then led him to the middle of the park, which was now very lively.

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