The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C7 Act 6. The Black Crow
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The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C7 Act 6. The Black Crow
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C7 Act 6. The Black Crow

Lyxia saw her parents were running around here and there, while they looked for her, then she suddenly grabbed Mikhel's hand, took him and led him to run to a stall that had not opened yet that morning. Lyxia then peeked at her parents from behind the stall.

Mikhel was then surprised by Lyxia's act, and asked, "Lyxia, what's wrong?"

Lyxia turned to Mikhel, then answered quietly, "My parents are both here, ah, Mikhel, I did not tell my parents that I was going to the fireworks festival yesterday, I'm sorry."

Mikhel then laughed at Lyxia's innocent answer, then replied, "Okay then, I should go first, you know where to find me. See you later, dear," then Mikhel kissed her on the lips. He walked away and left Lyxia alone.

Lyxia then peeked at her parents again from behind the stall. With nervousness all over her face, she tried to calm herself down, however, there was a fear that if her parents found out about her relationship with a human, she would definitely be severely punished, because once again, wizards were not allowed to love humans.

Innocently, Lyxia thought it should not be. Love was the right of everyone, whether he was a human or a wizard, though. After all, in her eyes, Mikhel was a good and kind human.

When Lyxia had managed to calm herself down, she then walked slowly, stepping out of the small stall where she was hiding. A moment later, her mother immediately saw Lyxia walking out of a stall, and with a happy face, she shouted, "Lyxia!!"

Lyxia immediately looked at the screaming voice as if she did not know that her parents were there for her, and just like that, her mother ran towards her, and hugged her tightly.

"Where have you been, my girl! You haven't been home since yesterday, and we were very worried! As it turns out, you are here!" cried her mother who could not hold back her tears.

Lyxia then smiled and looked at her mother and said, "I'm fine, mom. I'm just so curious about this beautiful human world, the scenery is so amazing that I forgot to come back home yesterday. I'm sorry, mom."

Her father then walked towards them, and hugged them. He also stroked Lyxia's hair, while saying, "If you really want to go to the human world, even though you can now open the portal alone, it's best if you tell your mother first, so we don't have worrying you too much like this. After all, you are our only child."

Lyxia immediately hugged her father and mother and said, "I'm sorry, I just started liking the human world and was blown away by its beauty. I'm going back now to the wizard world, with you."

Her mother smiled at her words. The three of them then walked towards the back of another stall that had not yet opened that morning, and her father then created a portal to go back to the wizard world.

The three of them then entered the portal and finally, arrived at their own house in the wizard world. After the portal disappeared, Lyxia walked over to the dining table and sat on a chair. Meanwhile, her mother rushed to the kitchen and also quickly, made her a snack that she liked. Her father then went to a place to teach the young wizards.

Lyxia then enjoyed the snacks that her mother made before. She then looked at her mother's back who was washing the dirty dishes from yesterday's dinner that had not been washed. She then asked her mother a question, "Mother, can a wizard love a human, if the human is nice and kind to her?"

Her mother, who was washing the dishes, suddenly stopped when she heard her daughter's strange question.

She then turned back and looked at Lyxia with a surprised face, then instead, her mother asked Lyxia back, "Did you find someone there, Lyxia?"

Hearing her mother's question, Lyxia immediately shook her head, saying, "Oh, no, no, I'm just asking, out of curiosity."

Her mother smiled after that, then she walked over to Lyxia, and sat on a chair in front of her, and said, "Lyxia, humans are moody. Today they may be kind and nice to you, but when they find out that you are a wizard who possesses magic power, they might turn around to intimidate you, and you have to fulfill their requests. Humans are unpredictable, Lyxia. They can't be loyal. And if you feel like you are starting to love a human, I just want you to stop now, and there is no need to return to the human world, for your own good."

Lyxia just nodded after hearing her mother's words, and her mother just smiled, then she stood up and walked back to the sink in the kitchen, where the dirty dishes she had not finished earlier.

After she finished eating all the snacks her mother made for her, Lyxia then walked to her room, then she entered, and locked the door tightly. She then walked to her bed, then lay down on it, and began to imagine Mikhel.

"No way all humans are bad," she thought, innocently.

She did not tell her parents that she had been together with a human last night. She just wanted to enjoy the feeling, the love that made her body hot and her heart pounding. Lyxia wanted to see Mikhel again, however, she was afraid that her parents would find out about everything, that she had already loved a human.

Lyxia then muttered in her heart, "If only I could rule these two worlds and unite them... I would be able to change that strange rule... Also... I can freely communicate with Mikhel, at any time. No one can stop me from loving Mikhel… If I can rule this entire world!"

After Lyxia mumbled like that, without her noticing, a small streak of dark mist that was black in color appeared from within her chest, and not long after, it disappeared.

Suddenly after she had been in the room for a while, her mother knocked on her door while saying from behind, "Lyxia, your magic teacher, Yvoxy, has just come and asked me to pass a message to you, go to the library as soon as possible, and meet her there!"

Lyxia immediately got up from her bed after hearing the request, then she exclaimed, "Okay, mom!"

She then rushed to change her clothes and unlocked the door, and immediately ran straight out of the house. Her mother just smiled at the act of her only daughter.

In fact, in her heart, Lyxia began to feel uncomfortable in her own house, ever since the question she asked her mother earlier. On her way to the library, she began to slow her pace, filling her mind with all the things that could make her smile. Her entire head, only Mikhel she was thinking about, and also, she was thinking how to return to the human world without her parents suspecting her.

After going through a long journey from her house, she finally arrived in front of the library. She then entered in a hurry, and looked for Yvoxy, her teacher, all over the room in the library, but she could not find her everywhere at all.

"Perhaps mother heard it wrong, after all, Master Yvoxy usually calls me to come to her house, why would she have to meet me at a big library like this? Besides, she has a lot of magic books in her house!" Lyxia muttered.

She then decided to leave the library, but, all of a sudden, a black crow's feather hovered in front of her, out of nowhere. Lyxia then looked at the black crow's feather curiously and for some reason, she decided to follow where the black crow's feather would fly. That black crow's feather was then hovering towards a small door which was very hidden in the corner of the library.

The small door suddenly opened on its own, and there was a long, dark passage after the door opened, which made Lyxia even more curious.

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