The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C8 Act 7. The Awakening of The Black Demon
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The Red Swan (The Demon vs A Dancer)/C8 Act 7. The Awakening of The Black Demon
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C8 Act 7. The Awakening of The Black Demon

After Lyxia entered the dark passageway that was dark, suddenly, the small door closed by itself. Lyxia did not seem to hear the sound of the door at all, and as if hypnotized, she was even more curious where the black crow's feather would take her. The black crow's feather then began to fly low and further away from her, and Lyxia started running to catch up to the black crow's feather.

After running for a while, she finally arrived at a room at the end of the passageway. The black crow's feather continued to float, then the door of the room opened by itself. That black crow's feather then entered the room, followed by Lyxia.

The black crow's feather finally landed on a cupboard that looked very old. Lyxia then slowly opened that old cupboard. It was a dark room, but somehow Lyxia could see a gray light bouncing towards the old cupboard so she continued to open it.

After opening the old cupboard, Lyxia then saw a small blood red box. Out of curiosity, she then took the box, then opened it, and saw a small, black crystal stone inside.

The small blood red box began to fly above her hand, and the light that appeared from outside the box was bright red. Suddenly, the box broke into shards on Lyxia's hand, but those shards did not hurt her hand. Those shards then turned into dust, while the small black crystal stone that was inside the blood red box earlier, began to glow, then floated in the air. Lyxia's two black eyes suddenly turned gray as she stared intently at the black crystal stone.

As if hypnotized, suddenly she heard a woman's voice, who was asking her out of nowhere, "Lyxia, did you fall in love with a human?"

Lyxia replied, "Yes. I love him, and that love was at first sight..."

The mysterious woman's voice then asked again, "There's nothing wrong with loving a human, right?"

Lyxia nodded, and this time, the mysterious woman's voice asked for the third time, "Lyxia, do you want this whole world to be yours, so that you are free to do whatever you want? And do you really want to control both worlds?"

Lyxia looked like she was under hypnosis, immediately nodded after hearing the third question, then she said, "I want a world that doesn't restrict me, I want to rule this world. I want to be free to do anything without strange rules. I want to return to the human world, and meet Mikhel, without any worries. These two worlds... Must be mine!"

The mysterious woman's voice suddenly disappeared, no longer asking or replying. The black crystal stone that was floating earlier, now shone even more brightly, and slowly, that black crystal stone entered Lyxia's chest, and fused with her body. She, herself, was still silent, with her eyes blank.

Outside the library building, suddenly a lot of black crows from nowhere, gathered and flew over the library building. Lots of black crows were gathering and making sounds that hurt the ears of all wizards there.

The wizards who were around the library building, began to be surprised to see a lot of black crows that mysteriously appeared from nowhere, however, some wizards actually began to feel scared to see the black crows. From a distance, Yvoxy who was walking leisurely along a deserted street, accidentally saw a lot of black crows flying above a building.

"That's the library!" Yvoxy exclaimed, then she immediately ran towards the library building in a panic.

After she had arrived in front of the library building, she then looked up, then saw more and more black crows flying over and around the library building.

"Oh my. Who has taken the black crystal stone out of its box? Wasn't that black crystal stone already sealed by Ramona, a hundred years ago? I made sure to hide that blood red box without anyone knowing its existence, but... Why did the black crows reappear? Has Demona awakened yet?" Yvoxy muttered in her heart.

She was still staring at the flock of black crows flying above the library building, with a troubled facial expression.

After seeing a flock of black crows had started to fly again above the sky in the wizard world, Rae who was standing in front of her house, suddenly started to run, following a black crow.

And while passing through a lonely road, she looked up at the sky, seeing the black crows that kept appearing out of nowhere. She kept running until finally those black crows took her to the library building. She then saw Yvoxy, and stood beside Yvoxy.

With a troubled expression, Rae asked, "Is this Demona's resurrection? Has the seal that my grandmother created for sealing her, been opened?"

Yvoxy then nodded, but she still kept her eyes on the increasing number of black crows above.

Rae also looked at the black crows, then she said again to Yvoxy, "My grandmother sealed Demona a hundred years ago, and she was willing to lose all the shards of her heart, making her ability to feel all emotions and feelings like love, affection, and other feelings, was lost, just to seal the damn demon, then she lived with a blank stare and a blank face, without being able to feel any feelings anymore, my parents said. Then, now, who is the wizard who dares to break the seal?"

Yvoxy just took a deep breath, then replied to Rae, "There is someone with such a strong evil intention, who has opened the blood red box. Demona could have risen stronger after this, and the war will start again soon. We have to find out who that wizard is. It is very dangerous, and if we can, we must kill that person, no, that wizard. We must kill that wizard who has opened Demona's seal! Demona has no body of her own, it is indeed she will possess that wizard!"

On the other hand, in a dark hidden room, Lyxia was still staring blankly at the walls of the room.

Suddenly, the mysterious woman's voice was heard again, and said to Lyxia, "Your heart, your love, is sincere yet full of ambition. Your ambition to change this world is just for you and him, alone, right? Your ambition will be bigger and come true after here, follow my word, and I will reward you, this world."

Lyxia then nodded with a straight face. Her eyeballs have now turned gray instead of the black they used to be. Outside the library building, the black crows that had been flying around the top of the building, now slowly flew away somewhere and just disappeared.

All the wizards who saw what happened were shocked, and there were also those who were relieved to see the black crows had gone and disappeared, but there were also some wizards who began to wonder what had happened.

Yvoxy and Rae immediately ran into the library building, then they started to look for someone who had opened the seal of the black crystal stone. However, they saw Lyxia, who was reading a book at the end of the library.

Lyxia heard the sound of Yvoxy and Rae's footsteps, immediately turned to them, and smiled, then looked at them with a scornful look, and asked, "Hi, my teachers. What are you two doing together in this library? Why are you so surprised? Have you ever once seen me like this?"

Yvoxy immediately noticed that Lyxia's eyes were no longer black, but now gray. Yvoxy's cold sweat immediately ran down her face, when she saw Lyxia who was in front of her… Not the usual Lyxia before.

Lyxia then closed the book she had just read, and stood up from her chair, and walked slowly towards her two teachers who had been looking at her with confused and suspicious eyes.

Lyxia then walked over to them, then she stopped in front of them, and started asking again, "Is there something wrong with me, that you guys are looking at me so suspiciously?"

Rae spontaneously replied, "Lyxia, no, we just wanted to find a magic book in this library, but were also surprised to find you here. It's not usually that you're in the library reading books. Usually, you only think about dancing."

Lyxia smiled at that answer, then replied, "Ah, I'm just bored at home and always lonely, my parents, they always leave so early in the morning just to teach, and will come home at night, and I'm getting tired of dancing, so I think, better go to this library just to read a book."

Lyxia then turned to Yvoxy and looked at her teacher with a sneer, then said again, "Is there anything you suspect, teacher?"

Yvoxy's cold sweat started to flow more, and her body started to tremble as she looked into Lyxia's – unusually – eyeballs.

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