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C9 Act 8. Broken Heart

Yvoxy could not help but stand with cold sweat starting to run down her face, but she said, "Lyxia, go home. We just want to make sure you're okay, because yesterday your parents visited me just to ask where you were all day, and didn't come back home."

Lyxia smiled again, and replied, "Okay, I'll be going home, thanks for worrying about me, teacher," then she started to walk out of the library building.

Yvoxy could only stare at her student with eyes filled with suspicion. Seeing Yvoxy's cold sweat running down her face and the way she looked at Lyxia, Rae immediately patted Yvoxy's shoulder and whispered, "Was that Lyxia just now?"

Yvoxy shook her head and then looked at the back of Lyxia who was walking out of the library building. Rae also turned around and looked at Lyxia's back, with a face full of confusion.

After a while, Yvoxy then replied to Rae, "Most likely, that damn black crystal stone has chosen Lyxia as its host."

With bulging eyes, Rae was immediately surprised by Yvoxy's statement, then whispered softly, "No way, Lyxia is a very – obedient child!"

The two of them then could only stare at Lyxia from a distance who was now outside the library building. After walking for a long time, Lyxia suddenly stopped in the middle of the road, and with a sharp look in her eyes, she then raised both her hands forward, and easily, she opened a portal to the human world.

When the portal had already opened, Lyxia went straight into it and the portal disappeared. Now, she was in a beautiful forest in the human world.

Her eyes were now black in color again, like before. Lyxia then mumbled to herself, "I totally forgot, where Mikhel's house is..." And she started to run towards the small town like yesterday, which was right next to the forest. She ran in all directions looking for Mikhel throughout the town, but she could not find him.

It's getting dark. Lyxia finally stopped on the side of the road, then she took a deep breath, and started muttering to herself, "Maybe it's not today that Mikhel is in this town. After all, he told me that he would only be in town every Monday to drop off the harvests."

Lyxia then walked slowly down the deserted street because it was getting late and people were already in their own homes. Lyxia, who was pensive, suddenly remembered that Mikhel's house was in the corner of this small town. With a happy face, she then ran while remembering where Mikhel's house was. Lyxia also just remembered that she spent time with Mikhel last night, in that house.

Running and running along the road, until finally from afar, she saw a small house, and she remembered, it was Mikhel's house. Lyxia heart was fluttering, and she then decided to give Mikhel a surprise that she had come all of a sudden. She walked towards the house with slow footsteps so that Mikhel could not hear a thing.

She even opened the fence of the house slowly, then she walked towards the backyard by walking through a small road located beside the house, still with very slow steps. The smile on her face could not be hidden at all. She really wanted to surprise Mikhel.

When Lyxia arrived behind a very large tree located in the backyard of the house, suddenly she saw a woman who was also in the backyard, standing while enjoying the beautiful night sky. Lyxia's steps then stopped, and she started to peek to see what was going on and who that woman was, why was she at Mikhel's house?

She then saw Mikhel coming from inside the house and gave the woman a cup of warm drink, then gave her a hug. The brown-haired woman then hugged Mikhel while carefully holding her drink cup. Lyxia's eyes, which were originally black, suddenly turned gray again, and she continued to focus on watching Mikhel and the woman from behind a large tree.

The woman asked Mikhel, "Do you miss me, Mikhel?"

Mikhel then smiled at the woman and replied, "I miss you so much, it's been three years that you haven't been back here, Mira."

The woman returned the smile and Mikhel seemed to be pleased. Lyxia heard the conversation between them earlier, then muttered in her heart, "Mira."

Lyxia then focused back on peeking and hearing Mikhel and Mira who looked like a couple in love. Mikhel then hugged Mira, and kissed her lips lovingly. The kiss was returned by Mira, she immediately hugged Mikhel tightly. Lyxia, who saw the two humans as if they were very in love, could only stay, and start clenching her right palm.

Her heart broke as soon as she saw the two of them kissing so passionately. After that, Lyxia saw Mikhel who then invited Mira into her house.

Lyxia immediately followed them with very slow steps. From behind a small window located on the side of the house, she then peeked at the two. She could only see Mikhel and Mira who were having an intercourse in the living room, with her eyes full of anger even though her facial expression looked very sad.

Suddenly, Lyxia heard a woman's voice from inside her who asked, "Humans are evil, aren't they? They can't be loyal. How about we just kill him and that woman? After all, you've already ruined yourself, haven't you? That human man, you have given him your chastity and all your body and soul, right? But it seems that the human man doesn't love you back, he just wanted to vent his lust on you!"

Lyxia nodded after hearing the mysterious woman's voice that came from inside her. She then walked backwards, then created the portal to the wizard world with both hands. She then decided to leave Mikhel's house and entered the portal, which took her back to the wizard world, to be precise, in a lonely street where there was not a single wizard in sight.

Lyxia's eyes were still gray. She just stared at the street blankly as she walked slowly down the deserted street. The black crows suddenly appeared, and flew some distance above her head.

Several wizards who saw her walking with those blank eyes, were frightened. They chose to stay away from Lyxia, however, from a distance, Rae, who was walking along the road, accidentally saw Lyxia walking with an expressionless face, but there seemed to be a very, very deep sadness in her eyes.

Rae started to feel sad after she looked at the condition of her beloved student, and hoped that Lyxia would be happy if she could dance again. Lyxia was walking non-stop, and finally arrived in front of her own house. She then went into her room, and locked the door tightly. She sat on the floor with her knees folded, trying not to cry. Her gaze was still vacant, and her eyeballs were still gray.

The chirping sounds of the black crows that were now flying above her house, did not make Lyxia wake up from her blank stare either. However, after a while, she smiled slyly, and started laughing to herself.

She then stood up straight, and looked at the window of her room which was now crowded with several black crows, and suddenly, her body began to be surrounded by black mist from the top of her hair to the tips of her feet.

Lyxia, who previously looked like a beautiful swan queen, had suddenly changed her appearance completely. She suddenly changed. Now she was wearing a black tutu dress, and she also wore a pair of ballet shoes (en pointé shoes), which were also black, and her eyes were still gray.

She then raised her hands forward, and created a portal to the human world. After the portal opened, she immediately entered, and landed right in the backyard of Mikhel's house, then the portal disappeared.

It was still dawn, that day in the human world, when Lyxia arrived at Mikhel's backyard, she then stared at the house for a while. Then, black mist began to surround her body again, from top to bottom. She now changed her appearance to Mira, the woman who was with Mikhel last night, with bad intentions, of course.

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