The Rise of His Little wife/C1 It's a Relationship with or Not
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The Rise of His Little wife/C1 It's a Relationship with or Not
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C1 It's a Relationship with or Not


"Ah... he killed someone!"

The joyous banquet hall was immediately thrown into chaos as a gunshot woman screamed.

The tall man in a tuxedo carried the blood-stained white dress in his arms as he stared angrily at a girl who was standing quietly not far away.

"Pei Zi, you actually... really dare to shoot!"

... "" The girl held a black pistol in her small white hand. A look of surprise flashed across her large eyes on her white and transparent face. When she looked into the man's eyes that were filled with anger, her beautiful eyes immediately carried a thick despair and coldness.

"Hehe! Why not? CEO Shen, how can such a grand engagement party without fresh blood match up to your noble status? "Shouldn't you thank me for adding flowers to your wedding?"

You... come! Take him away! " The man's narrow eyes were filled with pain and disappointment as he lowered his head and said, "A few security guards came over and grabbed the girl's shoulder to take her away...

"Lili, it's time for us to get off the plane!" It had been ten minutes since the plane landed. The female assistant in her thirties whispered to the silent person beside her.

... "Mhmm." The man who was leaning against the chair responded and recovered from his memories. He lifted his hand and took off the baseball cap that was on his face. He turned around and looked at her...

... "Please, don't open your eyes and release the electricity, okay? If you don't get out of the airport like this, you'll be pushed down by someone!" The female assistant shook her head.

"Aih Lee baby, you can't let me walk out with my eyes closed, right?" The man's clear voice had a hint of laziness.

... "I'm really scared of you!" Aih Lee's female assistant held her heart and shook her head helplessly. How strong was her immunity to stay by this demoness's side? She reached into her bag and took out an ink mirror. She placed it on the man's face and walked to the door of the cabin without saying anything. The man put on his hat and stood up. Behind him, the bodyguards and company followed him out...

At the same time, a group of soldiers walked out of the flight exit of the country. The tall and straight man was Shen Pu, who had just finished his inspection and returned to the capital. Behind him was his subordinate, Zheng Xu, and a group of comrades.

Shen Pu, who was walking in big strides, suddenly stopped. He looked at a group of people walking towards him from not far away. He narrowed his eyes slightly. His pair of cold and narrow eyes were like an ancient well and a deep pool that was surging with soundless undercurrents.

"Boss, what are you looking at?" Zheng Xu, who was behind him, followed his leader's gaze and looked over.

Among the group of people who were getting closer and closer was the young man who was surrounded in the middle. His black leather jacket was open. Inside was a white shirt with dark flowers. His black casual pants were polished leather boots, and he was capable and steady. There was a thick coldness and aloofness in his boots. The baseball cap, which was pressed very low, was wearing a pair of sunglasses, revealing only half of his face. He was already stunningly handsome.

The person who was very close to him seemed to not care about the greenery here at all. He walked towards the exit without stopping. Although the figure was thin, there was a hint of determination and coldness in it...

"Which celebrity is this? This is too cool! This is simply a killing spree between men and women!" Zheng Xu rubbed his nose as he stared at the man who was walking away. Damn it, just looking at this man's back was enough to make people feel numb like they had been electrocuted.

... "" Shen Pu stared at the exit where there was no one else. His eyes were wandering. So familiar! It had been five years. The long-awaited throbbing came again when he was facing a... man? That figure. That familiar feeling...

"Rieli, the press conference will be held at 8: 00 tomorrow night. Hurry up and reverse the jet lag. Tomorrow we will discuss the specific process." From the hotel at the airport, Aih Lee said thoughtfully and walked out of the room with a dozen documents.

... "" She took off her leather clothes and threw them into the sofa. The young man raised his hand and his long black hair fell down along with the wig in his hand... This scene was a little shocking.

After brushing her messy hair, she should be calling a woman now. The woman turned around and revealed a stunning beauty just like that. The corners of her lips curled into a cold smile. She bent down and took out a pack of cigarettes from her bag. She accidentally took out a small card and dropped it on the ground.

... "" She bent down and picked it up. It was an old identification card. The picture on it was almost the same as her current self. Pei Zi's daughter 199. She looked at the row of blurry words. Her big eyes were filled with coldness.

It had been five years, as though they were separated by a cycle of reincarnation. The cold and stiff nerves in the airport did not move at all. Even if that man had already carved it into his bone marrow, so what? How much more love and hate did he have?

Pei Zi had experienced so many life and death struggles in five years. Every step that the hidden enemies in the business world took was either the blood of others or their own scars. Once again stepping on this land, no one can hold your footsteps. How many of these peaceful nights will there be after you return?

Casually throwing away the card in his hand, he lit a cigarette and walked to the French window. Outside, the night sky was waning, and the night view of the capital was as beautiful as an immortal throne. Her face was indifferent like water, but her thoughts were involuntarily pulled away. Now...

Shen Pu stood in front of the window of a villa half a city away from here. The smoke in his hand was about to burn out, but he didn't know it at all. He was already immersed in the distant but clear memories.

The first chapter...

"Pei Zi, take a look for yourself. You didn't even pass the Grammar Exam. Did your parents send you to school just like that?" In the principal's office of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, The white-haired principal was throwing a tantrum with an angry look on his face. A bespectacled female teacher was sitting on the sofa. She was staring at the girl standing in the middle of the room like a toad.

"It's fine if your grades aren't good, but do you think a little girl like you would dare to rape a male classmate? What are you thinking!? Do you want to be fired? Do you know what kind of character this is? "It's a matter of legal responsibility!" The principal continued his thunderous rage.

..." "The little girl called Pei Zi stood quietly in the middle of the room. Her long black hair was tied into a ponytail behind her head.

At this moment, she lowered her head and stared at the tip of her toes without any reaction. It was as if the principal's anger was not directed at her. Her two small white hands were placed in front of her and occasionally pointed at her fingers as if nothing had happened. If not for this angry atmosphere, Pei Zi's current appearance was so cute that it made people laugh.

The school uniform of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China was designed and approved by an education officer. It was a white shirt, a blue and red tie. It was a pleated skirt that had just reached the knee. The little girl, who was brimming with vitality, wore a fitting school uniform and a well-developed body. Even without raising her head, it still made one's heart flutter. This was simply the temptation of the legendary uniform!

... "Pei Zi, the principal is asking you a question. You are deaf!" The female teacher on the sofa looked at her student who did not seem to care at all and angrily slapped the coffee table and stood up. "I have already informed your parents. Wait for you..."

"I don't have any parents." A slightly gloomy but clear voice came from the girl's mouth. The female teacher and principal looked at each other in surprise. Just as they were about to say something, a steady sound of footsteps came from the door. In less than two seconds, the door was pushed open. The two people who strode in made the people in the room look up. The girl only glanced once and then lowered her head.

... "" The first thing Shen Pu saw when he stepped in was the uniformed fairy standing in the middle of the room. The slightly stunned look indicated that he was very surprised.

... "F * ck! Who the f * ck designed this unlucky school uniform? Cough, cough..." You've blinded my dog eyes! A young man behind Shen Pu covered his eyes and took it. From the murderous look in his boss's eyes. Zheng Xu quickly pretended to cough to cover up his mistake.

"Shen, Young Master Shen?" The principal saw Shen Pu was surprised and hurried to greet him. Why did he come to school? When the female teacher saw Shen Pu, her eyes were red and her heart was relieved of all her anger.

Don't ask a high school principal how he knew Shen Pu. Shen Pu's handsome and cold face often appeared during military reports and major signing ceremonies in ZL. Everyone in the capital knew that Shen Pu was the sole successor of the Shen's Corporation, ZL's helmsman. He was the leader of the chaos in the four cities. It was not an exaggeration to say that he had tremendous power.

"I am Pei Zi's parent. What trouble did she cause?" Shen Pu looked away from the girl and nodded. He sat in the chair next to the window.

"Zi, what happened to you? Who bullied you? Tell Uncle Zheng that I will help you vent your anger." Zheng Xu looked at Shen Pu who took off his hat and bent over. His handsome face approached the little girl and gave her a big smile. The principal and the female teacher both twitched their eyes at the same time. Was he here to solve the problem or to support the child?

"Come on, let's sit aside and listen to what's going on." Zheng Xu completely ignored the pressure in the room. He pulled Pei Zi to the sofa and sat down.

"Stand there! Tell me what's going on." Shen Pu frowned and stared at Shen Pu as he walked into the house. She looked at him and said coldly.

... "There's nothing to say!" Pei Zi shook off Zheng Xu and stood there with her head lowered. She muttered to herself for a long time and was not afraid of the man who was full of coldness at all.

"That... Young Master Shen, you, you are the parent of this child?" The principal looked at her posture for a long time and asked weakly. Parent? How is that possible? Maybe he's a relative.


"No! Zheng Xu was confused. This girl had always been a good girl. Although she sometimes looked like a fake boy. But in front of Shen Pu, she had always been very timid. What kind of evil had she committed today? She was not afraid at all when she sang the opposite tune with Shen Pu. The little girl was timid!

... "" At this time, Shen Pu had already stood up. He looked at Pei Zi for a long time and did not speak. The atmosphere in the room made the principal and the female teacher at a loss for what to do.

"That principal, we, Director Shen, are the guardians of Pei Zi. What do you think is wrong with this girl? It's not a misunderstanding, is it? Our Zi is a well-behaved child that everyone knows about!" Zheng Xu looked at the two of them and quickly explained to the principal.

"Oh, it's like this!" The principal looked at Shen Pu, then at Pei Zi, and then at the female teacher. How could he be the form teacher? He didn't even know about such important news. How could he be so passive now? He had offended such a great god. Forget about him, the principal, the school would be mysteriously suspended one day!

"That what, today at noon, a classmate reported to the teacher that Pei Zi... that, that perverted male classmate, and even took a video." The principal tried to sound as calm as possible. The moment the word obscene came out of his mouth, Shen Pu and Zheng Xu's eyes widened.

... "Where's the video?" Shen Pu turned his head to look at the principal.

"Here, here." The old principal quickly turned around and handed the phone on the table to Shen Pu. He turned around and wiped the sweat off his forehead. This aura was too scary!

The white phone had a black metal pendant on it. Clearly, it was handed over by a student as evidence. Shen Pu held the phone and looked at the constantly changing scene with Zheng Xu.

"Kids fight, right? Who called just now and said that? Then... cough, cough, cough..." Looking at the picture on the phone, Zheng Xu almost choked himself in the middle of his sentence.

The background of the camera was the safe passage to the school building. Pei Zi, who was wearing her school uniform, had her back to the camera. Obviously, she did not see anyone taking pictures. The boy standing opposite her was not tall and wore a pair of glasses. He looked very nervous. At first, she couldn't hear what the two of them were saying. She only saw Pei Zi suddenly reach out and pinch the boy's chin. At this time, Pei Zi's voice was probably raised and could be heard clearly.

"Did someone sleep with you? Who slept with you? How many did you sleep with when you were young? Look at me! "Come, let me take a look!"

You, you let go! " The boy's face turned from red to white because of Pei Zi's words.

"What are you two doing?" Suddenly, the boy took the opportunity to force Pei Zi away with fear and shame on his face and quickly ran away. The video also stopped playing at this moment...

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