The Rise of His Little wife/C10 What Does He Want from Us
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The Rise of His Little wife/C10 What Does He Want from Us
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C10 What Does He Want from Us

"En..." Pei Zi was knocked to the ground and fell unsteadily.

"Are you okay?" The person who collided with her pulled Pei Zi slightly to steady her.

"I'm sorry! I didn't do it on purpose." Pei Zi hurriedly apologized and looked up at the other party.

The man standing in front of her was tall and had curly brown hair. His white handsome face was... a pair of blue eyes? Foreigners? Pei Zi's mouth widened in shock.

The young man standing opposite her was also sizing Pei Zi up. Looking at her red eyes, her small nose was also glowing red like a cute little rabbit that had just been captured.

"Hehehe, little bunny, are you okay?" The man held Pei Zi's arm and asked with concern.

... "Who, who is Bunny!" Pei Zi reacted and shook off the man's hand. She was a little unhappy about the way he addressed her and glanced at him as she rushed into the bathroom.

... "" Looking at Pei Zi's back view, the foreign man suddenly thought of something. His blue eyes narrowed.

Pei Zi washed her face and looked into the mirror for a while. Tonight's matter caught her off guard. She had never thought that her uncle would one day find a girlfriend and get married. She realized this seemed to be a very serious problem.

Her uncle was dating and getting married. Isn't it very normal? Why am I so sad? Pei Zi, what's wrong with you? It was as if a man had been robbed. A man? The sudden thought gave Pei Zi a shock. She looked at herself in the mirror very seriously...

Pei Zi, do you like your uncle? Are you crazy? That's your uncle!

But you don't have anything to do with it! Even if I took care of you for a few years, it's still okay to give myself to you! If you marry uncle, then you don't have to worry about no one caring about you in the future! You won't be able to face those terrifying disasters alone!

No! What would his uncle think? He would think that you were a bad child!

What should she do? The two little people in her mind fought for a long time but did not come up with any results. Pei Zi shook her head vigorously. After hesitating for a long time, Shen Pu and the rest tidied up their clothes for too long and walked out of the washroom. But when she came back, Pei Zi was much calmer. She ate quietly and obediently until everyone was ready to leave after eating.

"Um, Auntie, Uncle Shen, goodbye." Pei Zi walked to the door and blurted out what was going on. She then got into Bao Jun's car. She did not even give a glance to Shen Pu.

Zheng Xu looked at Shen Pu's cold face and the corner of his mouth twitched. He nodded and got into the car with the two of them. Bao Jun had gotten into the car earlier. He stepped on the accelerator and the three of them left.

"I still have something to do. Can you go back by yourself?" Shen Pu stared at the car for a long time and turned back to Yinn Peiyun.

"It's okay. I drove over. Mr Shen Pu, leave me one phone number." Yinn Peiyun smiled and handed her phone over.

Shen Pu hesitated for a second before he took the phone and saved his number.

"Zi, don't think too much. Your uncle will not ignore you even if he gets married." Bao Jun could tell that Pei Zi cared a lot about that woman tonight. She tried to persuade her uncle while driving the car.

"He doesn't care, I care! Just nice to go home with me. My sister and I can still be companions!" Zheng Xu heard Bao Jun's words and turned back to comfort Pei Zi with an indifferent look.

"I didn't think too much. Uncle Bao, I am already an adult. After I get into university, I can also work and study by myself. " I won't trouble uncle and you guys anymore. " Pei Zi's expression was very calm, but she still felt a little sad as she spoke.

"What are you talking about?" she asked. What are you talking about? You grew up in front of us and we have..."

"Squeak ~" Before Bao Jun could finish his sentence, an off-road vehicle flew past them and suddenly stopped in front of them. Bao Jun hurriedly stepped on the brakes and stopped half a meter away from the car. Zheng Xu and Pei Zi quickly grabbed the handle beside them to avoid being hit by the inertia.

... "F * ck! What's going on? Who the f * ck is looking for..." Zheng Xu shouted in shock. Half of the people on the other side of the car had already arrived in front of their car. Without saying a word, he opened the door of the back seat.

"Get out of the car and go home!" Outside the car was Shen Pu, who was dressed in cold clothes. His pair of narrow eyes, which were stained with ice, were staring at Pei Zi in the back seat.

... "" Pei Zi did not say anything and obediently got out of the car. She waved at the two people who were stunned in the car and turned around to walk towards the cross road in the middle of the road.

"I will settle the score with you later!" Shen Pu fiercely threw down a sentence and turned around. He followed Pei Zi into the car and quickly turned the car around and drove away.

... "He, he wants to settle the score with us?" Zheng Xu rubbed his nose for a long time and was a little confused about the current situation.

"Pu blamed us for bringing Zi out." Bao Jun stared at the car that was getting smaller and smaller.

"He's not happy? "Why? We didn't interrupt his romantic conversation. He came to us himself!" "Let's go," Zheng Xu said. That guy is having a seizure. Ignore him." Bao Jun frowned and started the car quietly.

Shen Pu drove very fast. Pei Zi was sitting in the back seat with her backpack in one hand and her other hand tightly holding the handle. She was very nervous but did not want to remind Shen Pu to be careful. When the two of them returned home, Aunt Wu had already rested. Pei Zi changed into slippers and said to Shen Pu who was walking towards the sofa, "Good night uncle." She walked straight to the stairs.

... "You're not calling me uncle Shen anymore?" Shen Pu could not hold back his emotions after watching the girl's back for the whole night. He was very annoyed that the girl acted on her own in the restaurant. Last night, the little girl timidly asked him to accompany her. Today, he became a stranger and even changed to Uncle Shen!

"I... I'm afraid Auntie will dislike me." Pei Zi did not turn around and muttered.

... "" Shen Pu was stunned. Was it because he was worried that Yinn Peiyun would dislike him? "Zi... you think too much, we..."

... "Didn't you guys go on a date? Isn't she your girlfriend? Or is she going to be your girlfriend soon?" Pei Zi turned around and looked up at Shen Pu. "Uncle... I'm not stupid. Aunt obviously did not know that I was such a person. Uncle... I don't want to be a burden to you. I'm already an adult and can take care of myself. "Don't worry, I'll leave after the exam." Pei Zi mustered up the courage for the first time in five years to say so much to Shen Pu in one breath. Then she turned around and ran up the stairs.

... "" Shen Pu's expression was already extremely ugly. It was really good! How understanding! Such a sensible person did not want to drag him down. With just one sentence, he removed the five years of relationship! Very good, Pei Zi. I have raised a white-eyed wolf like you! The more Shen Pu thought about it, the angrier he got. He quickly took off his military uniform and collapsed on the sofa. He still did not vent his anger and beat the back of the sofa with all his strength. In his anger, Shen Pu did not think about why the little girl was like this. Why was he so angry?

Pei Zi was lying on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. The two little people started fighting again. She was very curious why such a thought suddenly popped up in her head. In the past five years, she respected Shen Pu from the bottom of her heart, but she was also very reliant on him. She did not know that her uncle had unknowingly occupied her inner world.

Pei Zi felt really uncomfortable lying down. She got up, opened the door, and went downstairs. It was dark downstairs. However, Pei Zi was not that afraid when she knew that there was someone in the house. When she entered the restaurant, she did not turn on the lights. Following her memory, she found half a bottle of Five Grain Liquid that Shen Pu had left in the cupboard a long time ago.

She sat on the floor with the bottle in her hand. She opened the lid and took a sip. The spicy taste choked her mouth. She held her breath and swallowed hard. She was in a dilemma as she drank mouthful after mouthful. She simply wanted to get drunk. If she got drunk, she could fall asleep.

No matter how she thought about it, she had to talk to Pei Zi. Shen Pu came out of the study room and saw Pei Zi's bedroom door was open. He walked in but did not see the little girl. There was no movement in the bathroom. Shen Pu turned around and went downstairs. There was no one in the living room. When he walked to the dining room, he noticed something was wrong. The room smelled of wine? He raised his hand and turned on the wall lamp. When he gathered his eyes, the scene in front of him almost blinded Shen Pu's eyes.

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