The Rise of His Little wife/C12 I Just Don't Want My Uncle to Marry Anyone else
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The Rise of His Little wife/C12 I Just Don't Want My Uncle to Marry Anyone else
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C12 I Just Don't Want My Uncle to Marry Anyone else

"Sunday, Sunday?" Pei Zi blinked a few times. Sunday today? But when did her uncle rest on Sunday? When she woke up, she wanted to go to school and listen to what Harano was asking about. She never thought that she wouldn't be attending classes on the weekend. She looked at Shen Pu timidly and Pei Zi slowly walked over. "Uncle. 'I forgot it was Sunday.'

"Yes..." Shen Pu looked at her stunned look and comforted her. He had forgotten everything that had happened last night. That was good. He should have a good talk with this girl. "Sit down. I have something to say to you."

"Oh." Pei Zi sat down obediently. Her backpack was tightly wrapped around her. She had never seen her uncle sitting and chatting like this before.

... "Zi, the college entrance exam is about to begin. You should focus on your revision and don't affect yourself because of other things." Shen Pu's expression was gentle, but when Pei Zi sat beside him, his heart was unusually troubled. The fragrance of the girl's body made him instantly think of last night...

"Oh." Pei Zi nodded and lowered her eyes as she replied softly.

... "That auntie last night... the one you saw, I want to be your aunt. She should be able to." Shen Pu had always thought that marriage was more of a responsibility to Shen family to him. It was the same for anyone who married without any feelings. Seeing Pei Zi calm down, he continued, "Don't worry, even if uncle gets married, he won't not care about you. This family will forever..."

"Uncle..." Pei Zi, who had been quietly listening, suddenly raised her head and interrupted Shen Pu. Her big eyes flashed a few sparkling tears without warning and just like that, they flowed out like a string. "I... I don't want you to have a girlfriend to marry!" Shen Pu's words just now reminded Pei Zi of the incident at the restaurant last night. Yinn Peiyun's gentle and beautiful face flashed through her mind. She did not know why but she could not hold back the impatience in her heart. Hot words were thrown out of her head along with tears.

... "" Shen Pu was stunned. This girl! Why did she start crying just like that?! That crystal clear teardrop was like a drop in his heart. It made him feel an indescribable pain. "Zi... getting married is also my responsibility. It is..."

"Then uncle can't marry me?" Pei Zi immediately stood up and wiped her tears. "I don't want others to marry uncle! Uncle belongs to me alone! I don't like that aunt! I just don't want uncle to marry someone else!" Pei Zi felt that if she did not say this out loud, she would suffocate to death. She did not care and did not dare to look at her uncle's expression as he carried his schoolbag and ran out.

... "!" Shen Pu sat there in shock as if he had been struck by lightning. His narrow eyes stared at the direction Pei Zi disappeared in, so deep that he could not see the end.

He thought that this girl was relying on him, but he did not want a stranger to suddenly appear in this family. He originally thought that she drank wine and did not talk nonsense to her heart. But what did this girl just say? Marry her? She was alone! Shen Pu sat in a daze for a full ten minutes. Finally, from ecstasy to calmness, he saved himself from the chaos.

He rubbed his face with his big hand and took a few deep breaths. This girl was just a child. She was impulsive and spoke without thinking. How could he not know her at his age? He should be able to understand that no matter who Shen Pu married, he would treat this girl well.

After Pei Zi left the house, she ran all the way out of the villa until she couldn't run anymore. She gradually stopped and squatted by the side of the road, gasping for breath. She must be crazy! How could she say that to her uncle? She suddenly regretted a little and scratched her messy hair in frustration. What should she do now? Go back and apologize to her uncle? Thinking about Shen Pu's scary face, she shook her head faster than her brain. Pei Zi squatted on the roadside and looked at the passing cars and pedestrians. She suddenly felt that she was homeless. That kind of loneliness and panic made her big watery eyes glazed over.

"Go forward ~ Our team is going..." The sudden sound of music made Pei Zi jump down. She flipped her bag and took out a new pink phone. This was Zheng Xu's birthday gift to her. The ringtone was also set by Uncle Zheng. Pei Zi looked at the caller ID and quickly answered the call.

"Hello, Zi, I heard about it. Let me tell you, Small Uncle..."

"Yuan Ye, come out and pick me up. I'm homeless!" Without waiting for the other party to finish, Pei Zi cried out with a sobbing tone.

"Ah? What's wrong with you?" Yuan Ye was obviously shocked.

"Stop asking. Come here. I will wait for you at the entrance of the supermarket near my house." Pei Zi hung up the phone without waiting for Yuan Ye to say anything. She got up and walked along the road to the supermarket in the distance.

Shen Pu did not look for Pei Zi who ran out. He wanted this child to calm down. A child at this age might regret it after half a day and a few hours. When he returned to the study room, he started his work. The work of the group and the military region was like a mountain. Even if he were to rest at home, he could not be idle. Shen Pu turned on his computer not long after, his phone rang. Looking at the call, he frowned and picked it up with a cold face.

"Hello, Pu, how was yesterday?" Shen Peifaang asked anxiously on the other side of the phone.

"How was what?" Shen Pu asked while sliding the mouse.

"What are you pretending to be confused about? What else can it be? What do you think about the girl from the Yinn family?" Shen Peifaang was clearly dissatisfied with her brother's attitude.

... "Sister, just her. The person you like should not be bad." Shen Pu hesitated for a moment and replied.

"What do you mean by just her? Little Pu, this is a big matter for you. You can't be careless!" Shen Peifaang heard her brother's reply and was a little worried. However, thinking that Yinn Peiyun was a good person, she relaxed her mood. "Xiao Pu. Yinn Peiyun that girl is not bad, regardless of her family background. Both of them are worthy of the Shen family. You guys should interact more with each other. Contact each other. If everything goes smoothly, At the end of the year, the marriage will be arranged. That will be good enough to go to one of Father's concerns."

"Alright, I got it. I'll hang up if there's nothing else. " Shen Pu hung up the phone in time to get impatient with his sister's nagging.

Shen Pu threw the phone on the table. He habitually pinched between his eyebrows. The turmoil in his heart made him unable to get to work. He looked at the time. There was going to be a video conference soon. Shen Pu laid on the ground and did 100 pushups consecutively. He got up and walked into the bathroom. He washed his face with cold water and looked at himself in the mirror. He shook his head and walked out and sat behind the desk.


"Why are you here?" Pei Zi finally got into Yuan Ye's car after waiting for half an hour. Surprisingly, Chang Shuai was still sitting in the passenger seat with a smile on his face.

"I'll go pick this kid up first. There's a traffic jam on his road." Yuan Ye drove the car into the traffic flow and said something. He handed her a bag. "Here, birthday present."

"Mine, and mine. Here!" Chang Shuai turned around in the passenger seat and handed a bag to Pei Zi in the back seat.

Pei Zi looked at the bag and then looked up at the two people in front of her. She suddenly remembered that today was her birthday.

... "Thank you!" She was not in a hurry to look at the gifts given to her by her two friends. After thanking them, Pei Zi's expression was a little wooden as she looked out the window.

... "Zi, what did you say on the phone just now? What happened?" Yuan Ye asked as he drove.

"Huh? Pei Zi came back to her senses. How could she tell others about her impulsive behavior?

"Did Small Uncle scold her again? It's okay. I get scolded often. I'll get used to it." Yuan Ye did not think too much about it. He turned the car to another intersection after he said that with a smile. "Let's have a good time today. I'll give you an unforgettable birthday!"

"Where are you going?" Pei Zi temporarily put down the boredom in her heart and asked curiously.

"You will know when it is your turn. Zi, 18 years old birthday! You must have a good life!" Chang Shuai turned around and winked at Pei Zi with a smile. There was a trace of mystery in his eyes...

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