The Rise of His Little wife/C14 Niuniu Has Quite a Temper
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The Rise of His Little wife/C14 Niuniu Has Quite a Temper
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C14 Niuniu Has Quite a Temper

... "" Shen Pu's silence gave them an affirmative answer.

"This girl!" Zheng Xu did not expect the obedient Pei Zi to oppose Shen Pu finding a partner.

"Zi is worried that you will not want her when you have a wife!" Bao Jun thought for a moment and said.

"Yes, the girl said she wanted to move out of the car yesterday! I said..." Zheng Xu suddenly realized something and looked at Shen Pu. "Didn't you have a good talk with her? Zi was just afraid that you don't want her anymore. After all, she doesn't have any family other than you."

..." "Shen Pu did not answer. What should he say? He also wanted to have a good talk with the little girl, but the thought of her opening her mouth was too shocking. Although he... he alone would know these things. He instinctively wanted to protect Pei Zi from the bottom of his heart.

"Sigh, did Yinn Peiyun and you already... ah? I see that she is quite familiar with you. She even cut steak for you last night! That kind of consideration. The stains... "You are so kind," he said.

"Move aside!" Shen Pu glared at him. "I just knew him before."

"Didn't you go on a date yesterday?"

"I guess so. Big Sis pulled the strings. The old man at home urged me so hard that I wanted to settle down as soon as possible."

"Can Yinn Peiyun accept Zi?" This was the first question Bao Jun asked after listening to Shen Pu.

"What does it matter if she accepts it or not? I don't believe that Zi will have nowhere to go after leaving this guy! Pu, let me tell you. It doesn't matter who you look for. I will pick Zi up tomorrow. That girl will not let her suffer a loss!" Zheng Xu's eyes were wide open as if Shen Pu had done something evil.


"Zi, you can't drink beer anymore after drinking red wine. Otherwise, you will get drunk later." Chang Shuai looked at Pei Zi who reached for the beer and snatched it away.

"I am happy. Let me drink more." Pei Zi's face was a little red, and her big eyes blinked with a cute and pitiful look.

"Let her drink some. Look at how hungry she is!" Yuan Ye looked at Pei Zi and said happily.

"No. Do you want to go back and get beaten up by Small Uncle?" Chang Shuai often heard Yuan Ye complain about his strict uncle. Thinking about Shen Pu, who he had met a few times, Chang Shuai felt scared.

"That's true. I forgot about this." Yuan Ye rubbed his nose. "Zi, it's past eight. Let's go home."

"No!" Pei Zi was a little emotional when she heard that they were going home. She stood up and looked at the two of them. "I want to move out. I'm already an adult. I don't want to trouble uncle anymore when I'm 18 years old! He has his own life. I don't want to be his burden. I want to be independent!"

"Independence? Move, move out?" Yuan Ye and Chang Shuai were shocked by Pei Zi's idea. They were going to be independent after their birthday!

"Yes! I'm going to move out and live alone... " Anyway, it's just me. " The more Pei Zi spoke, the softer her voice became. Her big eyes were misty and filled with obvious sadness.

... "" The two young men were at a loss when they saw the girl who was suddenly sad and sad. They were originally happy but now they were unhappy!

"Let's go, let's go, let's go back! If you want to move, you have to go back and pack your things, right? " Let's go, I'll bring you back to get your things! " Yuan Ye gave Chang Shuai a look. The two of them stood up and pulled Pei Zi out of the room.

Dynasty Hotel was considered a high-end entertainment club in the capital. The first floor was the second floor to the sixth floor. It was a food and beverage. Up to the twenty-eighth floor were guest rooms. Pei Zi and the rest had their meal on the third floor. They did not take the elevator and walked down the stairs. The deafening music from the first floor entered their ears.

Pei Zi supported the stairs down and stood on the last step to take a look. The crowded bar was crowded with people sitting and drinking. The men and women dancing with the music made her a little dazzled.

"Let's go, this place is too messy!" Chang Shuai said loudly and pulled Pei Zi down the stairs. Many people were already staring at Pei Zi from her appearance.

The three of them had just taken a few steps when two men dragged a seemingly drunk young lady over. "Let go of me! Who are you? Why are you pulling me?" The little girl kept struggling, her face turning pale from fright. The two men ignored her and dragged her towards the stairs on Pei Zi's side.

"What are you guys doing? Let her go!" Pei Zi did not wait for Yuan Ye and Chang Shuai to react. She went over and grabbed a man's arm.

"Get lost! Little girl, you look so damn handsome!" A man in red clothes was about to scold someone when he looked up and saw a pretty little girl. He looked at Pei Zi with a malicious smile on her face.

"Help me, I don't know them!" The girl who was caught saw someone blocking her way and quickly asked for help.

"She doesn't know you guys, why are you grabbing her? Hurry up and let go!" Pei Zi looked at the girl who was scared to tears and said. She raised her hand and accurately grabbed the man in red's wrist. Her small hand pinched the man's pulse and pulled hard. The man cried out in pain and let go of the girl's hand.

"F * ck! You're looking for trouble!" The other girl let go of the girl and slapped Pei Zi when she saw that her companion was at a disadvantage.

Before Yuan Ye and Chang Shuai could go up, Pei Zi dodged his slap and kicked the man in the stomach. She did not know how much strength Pei Zi used. In any case, the man took seven or eight steps back and plopped down on the ground.

A lot of people gathered around to watch the crowd make a fool of themselves. The two men looked at each other and rushed towards Pei Zi.

"Help her!" Pei Zi pushed the swaying girl to Yuan Ye and Chang Shuai and went up to fight with the two men.

When Pei Zi did not return to the capital, she stayed in the army and went to school in the military. Every day she got up early and went out to do exercises. She was very healthy. In addition, she also liked to stay with the soldiers. The little girl was smart and eager to learn. Zheng Xu and Bao Jun had taught her a lot of kung fu. It was more than enough to deal with the two hooligans. It didn't take long. The two of them had been beaten until their noses and mouths were bleeding, and just as they were about to run, four or five people came running behind them.

"Li, Brother Li! ... Look at our faces! That girl hit us!" The two of them covered their faces and looked at the person who came over. It was as if they had seen their parents. They went over and pointed at their faces to complain.

... "What's going on? Who hit you?" The one called Brother Li was bald. He was a big guy with a beer belly. His fat face and eyes looked like they were about to split open.

"It's her! This little girl knows a thing or two. We found a girl for you to be happy with. She meddled in other people's business and snatched her away." The two of them pointed at Pei Zi who was standing there.

... "" Brother Li raised his thick eyelids and looked at Pei Zi who was opposite him and the three people behind her walking over with a fake smile. "Little girl, Pan Er is quite pretty! Going upstairs with brother to play for a while?"

"Get lost! A good dog doesn't block the way!" Pei Zi looked at the person who came with a frosty expression.

Heh, Niuniu, your temper is quite big! " Brother Li squinted his eyes and reached out his hand to pinch Pei Zi's face. He did not want Pei Zi's face to be pinched. He slapped Brother Li's face faster than him.

Yuan Ye, who was supporting the girl from behind, saw so many people. He was afraid that Pei Zi would be at a disadvantage by herself. He held the girl with one hand and took out the phone to call Shen Pu.

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