The Rise of His Little wife/C15 Little Girl's Uncle Is Here
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The Rise of His Little wife/C15 Little Girl's Uncle Is Here
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C15 Little Girl's Uncle Is Here

At home, Zheng Xu drank a little too much. Bao Jun helped him into the car and looked at Shen Pu, who was standing at the door. "Do you need me to look for that girl?"

"No need. I will look for her. Take Zheng Xu back." Shen Pu raised his chin and told him to leave quickly.

"Okay, call me if you need anything." Bao Jun didn't say anything more and got into the car and left.

Shen Pu saw that the car was far away. He turned around and went back to the house. He grabbed the car keys and hurried out. In fact, he had been worried for a whole day. He was worried that Pei Zi would have an accident. That girl had never run out by herself before. Previously, he only wanted her to calm down and think that it would not take long for the little girl to return by herself. But as time passed, his heart became more and more uneasy. It was not easy to wait for his comrades to leave. At this moment, Shen Pu's heart was in a mess. His intuition told him that something was about to happen.

Zi, please don't let anything happen to you! Shen Pu dialed Pei Zi's number again as he drove. The phone was switched off, which made Shen Pu even more uneasy. Why did the phone turn off? Was it out of battery or on purpose? Or did someone turn it off? The more he thought about it, the more scared he became. His face was already as black as the bottom of a pot.

On the road, there were cars. There were not many cars on the road. Shen Pu drove the car and looked out the window from time to time. When he reached the third ring, he anxiously took out his phone and was about to call the police station when the screen lit up and showed the two words "Yuan Ye.

"Hello, Yuan Ye, see..."

"Small Uncle, come to Dynasty! Zi is fighting with someone! Hurry up!" Before Shen Pu could finish his question, Yuan Ye shouted anxiously from the other side.

"Call the police immediately. I'll be there in a moment." Shen Pu didn't have time to hang up. He threw his phone to the side and stepped on the accelerator. The black off-road vehicle sped through the traffic for a while and disappeared.


"Stinky girl, are you looking for death? Today, I'll let you or I won't hang around in the Four Nine Cities anymore!" The bald-headed Brother Li's small eyes revealed a trace of ferocity as he touched the tender face of Sula. He beckoned to five or six people behind him and surrounded Pei Zi in the middle.

"Zi, stop fighting. Run!" Chang Shuai and Yuan Ye had already called the police. They helped the drunk girl to hide a little. They looked back and saw Pei Zi being surrounded by people. Chang Shuai was anxious and stamped his feet, but he had never practiced and did not dare to go up easily.

"Take her out first. Small Uncle will be here in a while. I will go and help Zi." Yuan Ye said to Chang Shuai and left them behind. He ran over to them.

"What are you doing here?" Chang Shuai asked. Take Chang Shuai and leave!" Pei Zi was a little anxious when she saw Yuan Ye. She was not afraid of Yuan Ye alone, but if Yuan Ye was injured, her aunt would blame her.

"I'll help you beat up these bastards!" Yuan Ye knew how to beat them up. He clenched his fists and stared at the people in front of him.

"Ha! Boy, save the damsel in distress! Beat her up! Beat her up! " Brother Li finished. He raised his leg and kicked Pei Zi. A few people came up and five or six people started fighting against the two of them.

The music in the bar was still playing and the people were whistling and making noise. A few security guards could not maintain order and ran to send a message to the manager. Yuan Ye and the man in red were fighting. Pei Zi was surrounded by several men alone. Even if she used all her strength, she could not resist the attacks of several men. Gradually, her movements slowed down and she was kicked in the stomach by Brother Li. Pei Zi groaned and lay on the ground. The corner of her mouth was bleeding from the punch. Before she could get up, the man who was with Red Clothes picked up a chair and smashed it on her back.

"Okay..." Pei Zi lied down again. Her back was in pain and her throat was salty. She could not hold it in and spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Zi!" Following Yuan Ye's exclamation, Shen Pu who rushed in saw this scene. A pair of narrow eyes carried a strong storm as he took a few steps forward and kicked the person who knocked Pei Zi down a dozen meters away. He did not even make a sound when he hit a table and fainted. The rest of the people looked at the tall soldier who fell from the sky and were shocked to the point that they stood there in a daze. Yuan Ye rolled over and hugged Pei Zi and turned her body around. "Zi. Are you all right?

Shen Pu came over and squatted down to check Pei Zi's injuries. He looked at the blood at the corner of her mouth and turned around. When he stood up, his eyes were already red. His stalwart body carried a thick killing intent as he slowly walked towards Brother Li and the others.

"You, who are you... Ah!" Brother Li did not wait to see the people walking over. He had already flown away. Then, when the other people did not return to their positions, they were beaten to the ground and fainted.

At this time, five or six policemen rushed over. The police chief at the back saw Shen Pu and was so scared that his face turned white. He walked over and asked, "Leading Cadre Shen, why are you here? "What happened?"

"They tried to attack me. Take them back and lock them up. I will go and interrogate them myself when I have time." Shen Pu was worried that Pei Zi would say something simple. He turned around and walked back. He squatted down and carefully picked her up.

"Girl, uncle is here. Bear with it. Let's go to the hospital." Looking down at the girl in his arms, Shen Pu frowned in pain.

"No... I'm fine." Pei Zi's face was pale. She saw Shen Pu say stubbornly. She wanted to struggle to get down but her chest and back hurt so much that she could not catch her breath.

Shen Pu's face was so cold that it could freeze. He looked at Yuan Ye who was bleeding on one side of his nose. "Come with me." With that, he carried Pei Zi and walked out.

Yuan Ye touched the blood at the corner of his mouth and ran to Chang Shuai. "Handsome, send this girl back. I need to see how Zi's injuries are."

"Ah? Oh, then call me later!" Chang Shuai had no choice but to nod and agree. He supported the girl and followed Yuan Ye out of the bar.

Shen Pu asked Yuan Ye to drive while he carried Pei Zi to the hospital. Without waiting for Shen Pu to ask, Yuan Ye told the story as he drove. He looked down at the girl who was in his arms with her eyes closed. Shen Pu did not know what to say. This was not the first time Pei Zi had seen injustice. Last year, when she was still in S Military District, When this girl saw someone stealing her phone after school, she went over and caught the thief. After half a month, when she came back from a mission and saw that her hands were wrapped in gauze, she asked. Only then did she know that the thief had stabbed her with a knife. At that time, he didn't say anything. He only told her to be careful of the wound. This girl was so nosy. One day, she would suffer a great loss. But as a soldier, he can only say that she did the right thing. He still has to express his support. This kind of struggle and depression was really not good...

On the way to the General Hospital, Shen Pu had already made a phone call. Pei Zi was pushed to do a check-up as soon as she arrived. When the results came out, Shen Pu was relieved when he saw that there was no fracture and some internal injuries were not serious.

At this moment, Yuan Ye also applied medicine. He accompanied Shen Pu to push Pei Zi into the VIP ward. Pei Zi had been looking at Yuan Ye with an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry, Yuan Ye. I dragged you into this. Aunt will definitely scold me when she sees you like this."

"You still have the heart to care about others! Hurry up and rest. I'm fine." Yuan Ye did not care at all. He grinned and rubbed Pei Zi's hair, looking like a big brother.

Seeing the two children being heartless, Shen Pu felt relieved.

"Where have you been all day? Don't you know your family is worried if you don't pick up the phone? " How old are you? "

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