The Rise of His Little wife/C16 And You Still Have the Face to Cry
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The Rise of His Little wife/C16 And You Still Have the Face to Cry
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C16 And You Still Have the Face to Cry

... "" Yuan Ye was so scared that he lowered his head and did not dare to make a sound. Pei Zi lowered her eyelids and did not say anything.

... "Little Ye, stay here tonight and don't go back. Your mother will be scared to death if she sees this. Go, go to bed in the outer room!" Shen Pu looked at his nephew and waved at him.

... "Oh, Zi, have a good rest. I will guard you outside!" Yuan Ye felt like he had received a special pardon. He whispered to Pei Zi and walked out with his tail between his legs.

... "" Pei Zi watched Yuan Ye go out and lower his eyelids. She did not look at Shen Pu. She saw that the corner of her mouth was purple. Shen Pu was not in a hurry to speak. He got up and went to the washroom to wet the towel. He sat by the bed and carefully wiped her.

"Hiss..." The pain at the corner of her mouth made Pei Zi take a breath.

"Pain?" Shen Pu's grip became lighter.

"Yes," he said. This time Pei Zi lifted her eyes. The dense air in her big eyes became thicker and thicker. Finally, she sniffed her nose and tears flowed down her face.

... "You still have the face to cry." Shen Pu really wanted to hug her in his arms, but he resisted the urge and said with a gloomy face, "What kind of hero are you? Are you good at fighting? " Don't you know what the police are for? "If you want to save someone and make a phone call to the police, won't that be the end?"

... "The police might not necessarily care, but that girl will definitely be in danger." Although Pei Zi did not want to speak, she still wanted to explain clearly that her actions were right.

Shen Pu took the ointment and dipped it into a cotton swab for her to carefully smear on her chin and the corner of her mouth. "You are quite reasonable. If you rush forward like this, you will not be able to save others. You will also suffer along with her. You need to learn how to think, what is your brain used for?"

Pei Zi did not say anything. She felt that she was right. Was it wrong to save people?

"Why don't you answer the phone? Do you know how worried I am?" Shen Pu wiped his hands with a towel. There was nothing else this time. He wanted to have a good talk with the girl.

"I don't want to answer it." Pei Zi muttered. Actually, she did not hear Aunt Wu's call at first and did not want to answer when she saw it. She did not care and ran out after saying that. She did not know how to face Shen Pu when she went back. Now that Shen Pu had drawn out the problem, she did not want to face it anymore.

... "Zi, you are a good child. Uncle knows that you have always been very forward. Study well. Uncle's matter will not affect you. You have a bright future and have not left yet. Don't waste your energy on unimportant people and matters."

"Uncle, are you also an unimportant person? Pei Zi felt a wave of sadness in her heart. What her uncle said about not important was unique to her. From the moment Shen Pu held her hand and walked into the military camp, he became the most important and only existence in her life.

"Little girl, uncle will not ignore you just because of marriage. Isn't it good to have an extra person to take care of you after marrying your aunt?" Shen Pu wanted to make Pei Zi happy and get rid of the worry in her heart. At this moment, the haze on his face turned into a smile. He looked down at the girl who was lying quietly.

... "Uncle, can you guarantee that aunt likes Zi? Can it be decided that Zi also likes aunt? Uncle... Am I very annoying to you? Am I very disobedient and... " The tears that Pei Zi had just retracted flowed out along with her words. Her little nose was red like a pitiful abandoned puppy.

"Nonsense, why do you think so? You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. No matter who it is, they will like Zi." You are a good girl that can be branded into one's heart with just a glance. Shen Pu reached out his hand to wipe away her tears. His gentle tone made Pei Zi feel even more sad.

"Zi." Shen Pu looked at her little appearance and really wanted to tell her that he did not care about anything. Girl, I also like you. I really like you very much. I really want to keep you by my side for the rest of your life. But his rationality still changed the meaning of what he was about to say.

" I am your uncle. Although we are not related by blood, we are the closest people in the world. Uncle will never abandon you."

"I am already 18 years old. I am an adult... I know uncle will also have his own life, I... I don't want to be the extra one! "I, I just want to know if I can marry you!" Pei Zi bit her lips and still asked. She felt that she would die if she did not ask this clearly.

... "" Shen Pu pinched the space between his eyebrows. What's wrong with this girl? If this continued, he really couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't let her go.

"Zi, some things aren't as simple as you think. Uncle is not someone who can control everything. At that time, he might hurt you."

... "Uncle feels that I am not good enough. I am not worthy of you. I know. " Pei Zi was sensitive beyond Shen Pu's imagination. She looked at the silent Shen Pu and got the answer from his flickering eyes. She bit her lips and turned her head to the side and closed her eyes in disappointment.

... "Zi, I did not mean that. You think too much." Seeing the girl's star-like eyes clearly dim and were finally covered by her thick eyelashes. Shen Pu reached out and held Pei Zi's small hand. "You are so beautiful and advanced and you have such a sense of justice. Who doesn't praise you in the army? It is your uncle who is not worthy of you. How can uncle be with you at such an old age? This is not fair to you. Be good. Let's not talk about this anymore. Have a good rest. Tomorrow, I will apply for leave from the school. Now, sleep in peace! " Shen Pu saw that Pei Zi still did not say anything and covered her with the blanket. Just as he was about to let go of her hand, That small hand quickly turned its wrist and grabbed his big hand.

... "" Shen Pu raised his eyes. The girl still had her eyes closed. Her long eyelashes trembled lightly like a feather gently sweeping across Shen Pu's heart.

... "" Without taking his hand back, Shen Pu allowed Pei Zi to hold him and quietly sit by the bed. His narrow eyes could not bear to leave that small face that was as beautiful as a picture for a moment.

Yuan Ye called his home first and told him that he would not go back with Small Uncle. Shen Peifaang was relieved when she heard that her son and brother were together. She told him to go to bed early and hung up the phone.

Yuan Ye was lying on the sofa. He was worried that Pei Zi was afraid that Small Uncle would tidy up tomorrow and toss and turn him around so that he would not be able to sleep. After drinking a cup of water, he wanted to see how Pei Zi was doing. He quietly pushed open the door to the inner room and leaned against the door. He was stunned as he looked inside.

In the room, Pei Zi seemed to have fallen asleep on the bed. In the dark room, Small Uncle's tall figure was sitting on the edge of the bed. His arms were supporting his knees and his hands were holding Pei Zi's hand by his cheek. He did not move at all. He could not see the expression on his face. Even if Yuan Ye did not enter the room, he still felt a strong warmth and an atmosphere that he could not describe.

Small Uncle must have felt sorry for this girl. He looked at the fierce Small Uncle. In fact, he was quite good to this girl. He had adopted her for five years. Although he did not know how the two of them got along, he could tell how much Pei Zi valued Small Uncle from time to time.

Yuan Ye slowly closed the door and crept back to the sofa. Sigh, the relationship between the two of them was pretty good. Small Uncle actually cared so much for others. He had never seen him feel so bad even when he beat him up!

The current Yuan Ye did not know what kind of shock and disappointment he felt when he saw Pei Zi holding Small Uncle's arm and walking onto the red carpet a few years later on television.

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