The Rise of His Little wife/C17 Why Do You Have a Problem with That
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The Rise of His Little wife/C17 Why Do You Have a Problem with That
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C17 Why Do You Have a Problem with That

When Pei Zi woke up the next morning, she saw Aunt Wu walking in with a bowl of porridge, but Shen Pu was not there.

"Miss, you're awake? I just happened to bring breakfast. Wait for me. I'll help you up." Aunt Wu put down the bowl and came over. She smiled and bent over to help Pei Zi up carefully.

Aunt Wu, I am fine. Where is uncle? " Pei Zi's voice was dry and hoarse as she asked. Before she fell asleep, Shen Pu had been guarding the bed.

"Sir called me and waited for me to come over before he left." Aunt Wu stuffed two pillows on her back, took the bowl, and sat by the bed. "He should have gone back to the army. Seeing how hurried he was, he did not look well."

... "Her expression is not good? Pei Zi did not say anything.

Her uncle must be angry with her. She did not drink too much last night. She remembered everything clearly. Hu Yao ran out in anger. He didn't answer the phone for the whole day, so he was worried that he would get into a fight and go to the hospital. He had never caused trouble and mischief, so he must have disappointed his uncle. Did she say that her uncle was very angry when she asked his uncle to marry her? Pei Zi's beautiful big eyes dimmed bit by bit. When she thought that she had become a bad child in Shen Pu's heart, she wanted to just disappear in front of everyone.

"Let's have some porridge first. I added dates and lotus seeds." Aunt Wu said as she scooped up a spoonful of porridge and brought it to Pei Zi's mouth. "I should call home when I go out with Yuan Ye! Yesterday, Sir was so anxious that he could not find you. His face was so gloomy that it was scary!"

"Where is Yuan Ye?" When mentioning Yuan Ye, Pei Zi remembered, she did not know how his injuries were.

"He left with Sir. He said he would come back to see you after school tonight."

"Oh!" It should not be a big problem to go to school. Pei Zi was relieved. After all, she thought her aunt would hate her even more if Yuan Ye had something to do with her.

Pei Zi was still worried about Yuan Ye. She remembered what Shen Pu said last night very clearly. He said he had a bright future, but how did he know that he was the one who struggled in despair after the collapse of the world?

Who was the unimportant person? It had been five years, and it seemed that no one else in the world was important to him except for his uncle, who was not related by blood. And in his uncle's heart? He was only a small part of his responsibility. The 18-year-old him was no longer important to him.

What is an uncontrollable matter... What is there that cannot be controlled other than the identity of his parents? She is just an orphan. Other than that nightmarish past, what else does she have? Pei Zi. You are ridiculous! How can you be worthy of such an outstanding and eye-catching person like uncle? Don't you feel ashamed saying such ridiculous things?

No longer having any appetite, Pei Zi closed her eyes and slid down to lie down. No matter how Aunt Wu tried to persuade her, she did not say anything. At this age, she was stubborn and conflicted. How could she understand Shen Pu's good intentions?

At this moment, Shen Pu was sitting in the office of the police chief. The one who looked at him with a smile was Shen Pu's former comrade, Zhou Hao, who became the police chief after he changed jobs.

"I say, Director Shen, are you blocking my office to ask for results because of a few hooligans?"

"What, do you have a problem with that?" Shen Pu looked up, and the red mole on his forehead moved as well. Zhou Hao was shocked by his handsome face. Damn, he was really a monster. Why did a man look so good when he had nothing to do?

"Ahem, how would I dare to have a problem with that? Drink some tea and wait for me." Zhou Hao poured some tea for Shen Pu. He went to his desk and made a phone call.

A police officer came in with a few pieces of paper. "Is the interrogation over?" Zhou Hao took the statement and looked at it.

"Chief, only one can be interrogated. The other few are still in a coma in the hospital." The policeman looked at the silent one. He clearly remembered last night. It was this chief who beat people up. Even his own mother didn't know him.

... "" Zhou Hao turned his face and looked at Shen Pu beside him. How did these people offend you? Did they beat them up to this extent?

"Tell the brothers in the hospital that they are dead. It's okay now. Go home and sleep after you finish your shift." Zhou Hao waved his hand after he finished speaking. The policeman saluted and turned around to leave.

"Take a look." Zhou Hao handed the statement to Shen Pu. Shen Pu did not finish the cup of tea and stood up.

"Throw them in. Don't miss any of them. You are not allowed to be convicted without me." After that, he grabbed the car keys and walked away. He could not be bothered to look at Zhou Hao.

... "F * ck!" Zhou Hao's eyes were wide open as he held a few notes. This kid was ruthless! He was not allowed to be convicted? If you forget about this matter, those unlucky people will not be able to come out...

For the next three days, Pei Zi stayed in the hospital. Every day, Aunt Wu came to take care of her. At night, Yuan Ye came over to give her supplementary lessons after school. Shen Pu never showed up again. Pei Zi did not ask her uncle like before. She knew that her uncle did not want to see her anymore. She was already an adult. It was time to let Shen Pu go. To live on your own.

On the fourth day, Pei Zi actually had nothing else to do. She asked the doctor to do a full body checkup and asked the doctor to be discharged. She more or less understood Shen Pu's temper. He must have said something to the doctor. If she was not good, the doctor would definitely not let her out of the hospital.

As expected, it was almost time to get off work. They had already completed the discharge procedures. He had prescribed some nutrition medicine for her in advance. Aunt Wu packed her things and took a taxi with Pei Zi. When they arrived home, it was already dark. Pei Zi, who was in low spirits and had no appetite, said that she did not want to eat and went upstairs to her room.

... "Sigh!" Aunt Wu looked at the little girl who disappeared at the stairs and shook her head. This child had a pitiful look on his face. How busy was Sir? Did he know that Miss was discharged from the hospital?

Compared to the Hantang Villa, the Shen family Mansion was much more lively. Today Yinn Peiyun came to visit Old Master Shen and Shen Peifaang also came back to accompany him. Shen Pu, who had been so busy that he did not have time to go home, also appeared at the dinner table tonight.

"Peiyun, I don't know what you like to eat. Watch it yourself!" Shen Peifaang enthusiastically called Yinn Peiyun over. She looked at her brother and then looked at Yinn Peiyun. The more she looked at Yinn Peiyun, the more satisfied she became. "Dad, look at how well this little brother and Peiyun match up. My taste is not bad, right?"

"Un, not bad. You did such a thing that makes me satisfied!" Shen Zhongtian, who was already 70 years old, looked at his younger son and the girl sitting beside him and nodded in satisfaction.

His old partner gave birth to his two daughters, but nothing happened. He thought that the Shen family might die in this life, but he didn't expect to have this old man in the end.

Shen Zhongtian had placed all his hopes on his son. Besides the fact that Shen Pu had randomly adopted a little girl five years ago, which made him very angry, there was nothing else that disappointed him. In the military school, He had learned business by himself, and had climbed to his current position step by step with his own abilities. Integrating the group, From the new layout of the ZL, in five years, Shen's's military had already become one of the top 500 international corporations in the world. This son was his pride and also the future of the Shen family!

Yinn Peiyun shyly looked at the silent man beside her. Her eyes were full of admiration. This man fell in love at first sight a few years ago. This time, she must seize the opportunity to marry into the Shen family and become the wife of the most popular diamond man in the capital...

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