The Rise of His Little wife/C18 What Are You Going to Fight for
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The Rise of His Little wife/C18 What Are You Going to Fight for
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C18 What Are You Going to Fight for

Shen Pu ignored what was happening outside the window and ate his meal. He did not dislike or like Yinn Peiyun who was beside him. Although Yinn Peiyun was very beautiful, in his eyes, she was just a person he knew. Since he had to find a wife, since the responsibility required him to take on the great responsibility of Shen family's successor, Since... then, it would be the same for meaningless marriage to marry anyone.

It had been four days, and he hadn't returned for a month. He wouldn't think much if he didn't see that girl, but now it's only four days. He had already experienced what it meant to have missed her. Not going back, not calling, he wanted Pei Zi to calm down. To be precise, he wanted himself to calm down.

But as he endured it day by day, he realized that... That girl really poisoned herself, and her heart that was not calm became more and more filled with longing. More and more anxiety made him not in a good mood for a few days. Zheng Xu that kid said he was surrounded by his low pressure. Everyone worked hard like never before. Even the training record had broken a few times. He really did not know whether he should be happy or helplessly facepalmed.

In the morning, Dean Piao called and said Pei Zi wanted to leave the hospital. He was worried. He only nodded in agreement after he saw the results of all the tests with his own eyes. He even asked Li Zi to bring some nutrition when she left. He had been hesitating between returning and not returning for the entire afternoon. A phone call from Big Sis before work actually gave him a sense of relief. Let's wait a little longer. I hope that girl can figure it out herself. He's just her adopted son, although he's not related to her by blood, but he's also her uncle who she called him for five years...

Pei Zi was lying on the bed. The lights were switched on early in the morning. She was afraid of the dark. From the time she was rescued until now, she would wake up every night even if the lights were turned off when she was sleeping. That abnormal fear of the darkness was the biggest side effect left by the earthquake.

It had been four days. Her uncle had not made a phone call or gone to the hospital to see her. She had been discharged from the hospital and he had not come back today. The family had returned to how it used to be, but something seemed to have changed. Pei Zi got up and went to the washroom. She washed her face and stared at herself in the mirror. She did not move at all.

"Pei Zi, you are so silly. Why should I like you? Who are you? What right do you have to marry an orphan girl who needs his care?" The girl in the mirror stared at her mockingly.

"Why can't I like uncle just because I have nothing? I'm very beautiful. Do I really not deserve uncle? " This was her own voice.

"Tch! Pretty? There are many beautiful women. Wasn't the woman with uncle pretty that day? Other than this face that you think is pretty, what else do you have? "You really overestimate yourself and humiliate yourself!" The disdain on the faces of the people in the mirror grew more and more.

"Don't say anymore! I don't want to listen to your nonsense! I will try my best to improve, I, I will fight..."

Ha! Advance? Work hard? Pei Zi, you are too naive. Will making good progress change your background? Work hard to give you the identity of Shen family? You are just a poor man who has nothing to rely on. What are you going to use to fight for it? "What are you going to fight for?"

"Stop talking. Stop talking!" Pei Zi suddenly reached out and covered the mirror in front of her. She did not want to see the hateful smile on the person's face in the mirror. She did not want to listen to her nonsense. Uncle cared about her and liked her. Otherwise, why did he take care of her for five years instead of sending her to the welfare institute?

When Pei Zi regained consciousness, her small face was as white as paper and her entire body was drenched in sweat. She took off her pajamas and took a shower on the spot. She felt that she had regained some clarity and returned to the bed to sit. She stared at her fingers and did not move...

In the kitchen, Aunt Wu put the dishes that Pei Zi had not touched into a thermos and placed them in a conspicuous position on the table. She was afraid that Pei Zi would not know when she would be hungry so that she would be able to see them.

After cleaning up and looking at the time, Aunt Wu walked to the living room and hesitated for a long time before she picked up the phone and called Shen Pu.

The young lady had not eaten much since she was hospitalized. She saw that her palm-sized face had become thinner by more than two times. Except when Young Master Yuan Ye came for supplementary lessons, she would smile. Her big eyes these few days did not have any luster. She, as a maid, felt her heart ache when she saw this, but she did not know what to say. The poor young lady must have missed her mother at this time. Give the mister a call, or else she wouldn't be able to bear anything...


"Mr Shen Pu, you must be very busy when you are just transferred back. Big sister said she won't be able to see you twice in a month." After dinner, Shen Pu drove Yinn Peiyun home. Yinn Peiyun, who was sitting in the passenger seat, seemed very happy. She chatted with Shen Pu along the way.

"Yes, I am very busy." Shen Pu nodded indifferently. He answered Yinn Peiyun's questions and did not say anything else.

"My uncle is also a soldier. I often hear aunt complain that meeting uncle is harder than meeting the leader of the country. " But they are also very happy. "

"It is not easy to be a military wife." Shen Pu, who was driving the car, said those words very sincerely. No one knew better than him what a soldier needed to shoulder and bear. Those glittering military medals were not just the contributions and sacrifices of a soldier.

"But being a military wife is very honorable. I have always regretted not being a soldier. I have a unique plot... for a soldier." Yinn Peiyun was very good at talking. She did not speak abruptly but also very implicitly expressed her feelings for Shen Pu.

... "A soldier is worthy of everyone's respect..." Before Shen Pu could finish his words, his phone rang at the side.

"Hello." Shen Pu picked up the phone with one hand on the steering wheel. "Yes. I know... it's okay. You can rest first. I'll be back in a bit."

Yinn Peiyun could faintly hear the other party's female voice. By the time Shen Pu hung up the phone, a lot of thoughts had already passed through her mind a thousand times.

With Shen Pu's identity and age, many thoughts had already passed through his mind. There must have been women out there with him all these years. Which prince of a wealthy family didn't have such a thing? However, Yinn Peiyun didn't think much of it. The fact that she was able to sit in the Shen family and eat this meal meant that the woman's identity and background couldn't enter the gates of the Shen family. Shen Pu also understood this principle, right? It was good that he understood. Yinn Peiyun was the most suitable person to stand beside him, right? It wouldn't take long. I will make you truly like me. When that day comes, There is no need for me to do anything personally, you will send that woman away yourself!

"That... Peiyun, I am very sorry. I have an urgent matter that I cannot send you home." Yinn Peiyun was still lost in her thoughts when Shen Pu stopped the car by the side.

"What?" Yinn Peiyun asked. Oh, it's nothing. Go ahead and do what you need to do. I can go home by myself." Yinn Peiyun gave Shen Pu a very magnanimous and tolerant smile. She opened the door and walked out of the car with her bag. Before she could wave goodbye to someone, the car had already left.

She was in such a hurry to meet her lover! Yinn Peiyun tightly grabbed her handbag with a gloomy expression. Even if she did not do anything now, should she follow her to investigate the enemy's situation...

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