The Rise of His Little wife/C2 It's Natural to be Cold Alright
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The Rise of His Little wife/C2 It's Natural to be Cold Alright
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C2 It's Natural to be Cold Alright

"This, this is called molestation?" There was not a single image that he imagined! Although the girl said something like that, Zheng Xu straightened his back and wiped his face. He looked at the principal unhappily. "What do you mean by molestation? Ah? There's something wrong with this video." Then he walked to Pei Zi and held her shoulder. "Zi, tell Uncle Zheng. What's going on? We don't need to be afraid. Tell him everything."

... "No. If they say obscene, then so be it." You came rather quickly with a phone call from the other party! Didn't you not see anyone in a month?! Li Zhi said lightly. She glanced at Shen Pu, who hadn't made a sound yet, out of the corner of her eye. Her casual attitude had completely ignited Shen Pu's anger.

"Pei Zi! What kind of attitude is this? It simply makes me too disappointed! If I had known that you would be so disappointing, five years ago... "

Pu! What the hell are you talking about? Zi would never do anything out of line. Calm down! Don't you know what kind of girl she is? " Zheng Xu held the girl's hand and clearly felt her body stiffen. He hurriedly wanted to stop his angry friend, but Shen Pu did not finish his sentence. The meaning was clear. Shen Pu also realized that he had said something wrong.

"Why wouldn't I do it? How do you know I can't do it?" Suddenly, Pei Zi raised her head and questioned Zheng Xu. Then she turned to look at Shen Pu.

... "" Shen Pu, who had been watching her all this time, felt something hit his heart the moment Li Zhi raised her head. That feeling was something he had never forgotten for the rest of his life.

The girl's little face was a little pale. Although her facial features were still very young, they were very delicate. Her eyebrows were neither shallow nor deep, like drawing near a mountain. Her eyelashes fluttered like a butterfly's wings. Her large watery eyes were clearly black and white, but at this moment, there was an inexplicable sense of coldness that made one's heart ache. Under the upturned nose bridge, the red lips were tightly pressed together, and even the small and exquisite chin was taut with muscles.

Pei Zi was 1.65 meters tall and looked small and slender. Her body was stiff at the moment and her small hands were tightly clenched. Zheng Xu and Shen Pu, who were scouts, could feel her body trembling slightly.

"Are you disappointed? Then just throw me away! I already begged you to send me to the welfare institute, why didn't you agree? You regret it... I also regret it very much. I regret why I was saved by you back then!" At the very least, I can stay by my mother's side. I can have someone protecting and caring at all times! I won't be forgotten by others and I won't be doubted by you without any trust. After Pei Zi shouted, she pushed Zheng Xu who was standing beside her and quickly ran out.

... "catch her and send her home to wait for me." After a few seconds of being stunned, Shen Pu replied. He looked at Zheng Xu.

"Got it!" Zheng Xu ran after Pei Zi. He thought of something and turned around. "Pu, find out what's going on. Zi is not that kind of child." He quickly disappeared at the door.

... "Young Master Shen, look at this... children nowadays are really hard to manage." The principal was also shocked by what just happened. He looked at Shen Pu who was silent and said carefully.

"Please invite the student who took the video and the person who did it. I want to know the situation." Shen Pu lowered his eyes and calmed down for a minute. When he looked up at the principal, his eyes were already covered with a layer of frost. What Zheng Xu said was not without reason. No matter how naughty the girl who had always been obedient was, she would not do something like molesting a male classmate. Furthermore, Pei Zi's words in the video clearly had a precondition... Just now, I really said it was heavy on her. Thinking back to Pei Zi's cold gaze just now, Shen Pu's heart was as painful as if someone had ruthlessly pinched it...

"Zi, Uncle Zheng will accompany you to eat something before going home." It was not easy to catch the little girl who ran out of the school gate. Zheng Xu was a little out of breath. This damn child, could he not run so fast? He almost caught up to a rabbit. He was a man with long legs. If he didn't use a bit of strength, he would really make her run away without a shadow!

... "" Li Zhi, who was being held tightly, lowered her head and did not speak. No matter what Zheng Xu said, she did not cooperate with him as she moved her feet.

"Zi and Uncle Zheng believe that you will not do anything bad. There must be a reason, right? Come, let's go home. I will get you some good food from Shun Fu House."

... "" Pei Zi still did not move.

"Don't be stubborn. You can only make the enemy more arrogant like this. Those who are close to you and those who hate you, hurry up and you don't understand!" Zheng Xu, a big old man, was quite patient. He bent over and lowered his head to persuade her in a soft voice.

... "If you don't want to go back, then go to Uncle Zheng's place, okay? I know Zi's birthday is coming and I even specially bought you a present!"

When she heard that it was her birthday, Pei Zi slowly raised her head. Zheng Xu wanted to say something but was shocked by the little girl whose face was full of tears.

"Girl, what's wrong? Uncle Zheng. Don't cry or cry. Be good! Your uncle might regret it now! Let's ignore him. He is so anxious! How dare he anger us, Zi! When we get back, I will give him a good beating! " This change in the plot was a little sudden. Just now, he was covered in thorns all over his body. Why did he suddenly become a spongy baby? The tears had caught him off guard. Zheng Xu sighed quietly. He felt a little sad as he hugged Pei Zi and patted her gently on the back to comfort her.

Pei Zi was a child rescued by Shen Pu five years ago during a disaster rescue mission. At that time, she was only twelve or thirteen years old. Pei Zi's mother was dying in order to protect her daughter. Shen Pu, who had requested to save her mother and daughter, took in this girl who did not have a father since she was young. After confirming that the child really did not have any relatives, Shen Pu, who was only 23 years old back then, really completed the adoption procedure and became Pei Zi's guardian.

In a flash, five years passed. This child changed guards with the army in two places. He had always been very obedient, sensible, and cheerful. The soldiers knew that she had a pitiful background and loved this little girl very much. It could be said that this child had grown up in the army.

"Sigh! Your uncle isn't easy either. A man bringing you along is afraid that you will grow crooked. You are still young. I don't know how tired he is. " Worry more. Let's just be angry, let's go. "Uncle will bring you something good to eat!" After half a day, Zheng Xu felt the girl in his arms relax. He pulled her onto the military car by the road.

In a villa in the western suburbs of Beijing, under the moonlight, the trees were swaying and the lights in the house were bright. Zheng Xu was sitting in the living room looking at the little girl who was dancing and talking with joy. He laughed from time to time.

"Uncle Zheng, you don't know. That Feng guy is disgusting! What did he say? You followed me to make you eat and drink spicy food. Living in a villa and sleeping in a big bed, and he also said that he will ensure that I can go to university. Just like how he is the crown prince who fell from the sky! He is so arrogant that there is nothing in the world that he can't handle. Later, I said it was okay! If you want me to follow you, I have to see if you can take the beating! I have a habit. I want to beat people up every day. If you can take it, I'll follow you! " At this time, Pei Zi changed out of her school uniform and changed into a T-shirt and shorts. Her long hair was tied into a bun and tied behind her head. She was sitting cross-legged in front of Zheng Xu.

"He just stood there and let you hit him when he was done?" Zheng Xu listened to her energetic appearance with interest. He had a smile on his face. This girl was finally happy after playing for a while.

"How can I?! Do you think you're the same as me!" Pei Zi rolled her eyes.

Uh... Hahaha! Yes, I guess no one is like me and your uncles, standing there obediently letting you practice!" Zheng Xu was stunned for a moment and then laughed again. This girl still has some conscience.

"I didn't wait for him to react before I kicked him down! That kid didn't give up and still wanted to hit him back. Later on, his face was swollen and his face was covered in blood. He was in a sorry state! Hahaha... " Pei Zi could not help but laugh as she spoke...

Shen Pu walked in wearing the humid night air and saw a scene like this. Pei Zi smiled as she spoke. Her comrades were even more so. They had never closed their mouths. The lively atmosphere of such a happy little girl made him stand there for a moment, lost in thought.

It had been five years. The little girl was very obedient and obedient in front of him. Shen Pu could not figure out what kind of character this child had. She said Pei Zi was very quiet. Every time she went home, she would ask if she would answer or not. Even if he took the initiative to ask, it was because the school needed him to sign something. But when he occasionally saw this girl with Zheng Xu and the soldiers in the camp area, he felt that this girl was a fake at all. There were a few times when Zheng Xu got her to the shooting range and taught her how to shoot. This girl had learned a lot. Bao Jun said that this child was a soldier, and he even asked Pei Zi to join the army.

It had been five years. Although he had adopted her, he felt that she did not bring him any trouble at all. She was never mischievous and caused trouble. He was very busy, so busy that he sometimes forgot about her existence. Fortunately, with these comrades, he had arranged for his aunt to take care of him. Otherwise, as an adopted person, he really would not have done anything...

"He's back!" Zheng Xu shouted when he saw Shen Pu standing at the door in a daze.

... "" Pei Zi instantly stopped smiling. She stood up from the sofa with a worried and nervous expression on her face.

"En..." She changed off her military boots and sat on the sofa. Shen Pu unbuttoned his collar. He looked at the quiet girl and frowned. How afraid was this girl? She looked alert.

"Sir is back! Have you eaten? "I'll bring you some tea first. "I will cook whatever you want to eat later." Aunt Wu, who was taking care of Pei Zi, saw Shen Pu and hurriedly went to make tea.

... "" Shen Pu did not say anything and looked at Pei Zi. "Go upstairs and rest."

... "Oh!" Pei Zi did not say good night like she used to. She turned around and left.

"This girl." Zheng Xu looked at the stairs and shook his head. Then he looked at Shen Pu. "Why are you pulling your face all day? " Who owes you? "She scared us Zi like this!"

"Did I pull my face?" Shen Pu looked at the stairs and touched his face.

"No, of course not." Zheng Xu rolled his eyes. You are just a ten-thousand-year-old ice mountain. You don't even know how scary your face is. Only he and Bao Jun could stand this guy.

"The school problem is solved?"

"Yes. It was Fong Xiang's son who asked Zi to be friends with him. He was beaten up by Zi and did not give up. He asked someone to pass a message to the boy and even asked someone to take a video. This kid wanted to slander Zi on the school website. Coincidentally, a teacher passed by and they insisted that Zi was molesting their classmates."

F * ck! How old are these bastards? They're so dirty! "I'm going to find Fong Xiang, how can I raise a son of a b * tch!" Zheng Xu did not dare to shout. He scratched his head in anger. Fong Xiang was from the logistics department of the military. Everyone knew him.

"I've already asked Fong Xiang to go to school." Shen Pu picked up the teacup and took a sip.

"Oh." Zheng Xu nodded and looked upstairs. "Bro, you are talking too much in school. Zi cried pitifully. I finally managed to coax the little girl."

..." "Shen Pu did not say anything. He leaned on the back of the sofa and closed his eyes. When he saw Pei Zi's cold eyes at school, he already regretted it. But when he thought about how that girl was fine just now, he felt inexplicably depressed.

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